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Audio/Video HDTV Jumpers
Marathon Specialty Jumpers have been designed by our customers specifically for the Broadband Market and have been installed in hundreds of thousands of homes. Proven to be a product leader in design, performance, yet competitively priced in today's market, you can count on the quality of Marathon Specialty Jumpers to meet and exceed your HDTV product requirements. All products are in stock and ready to ship - ask your TVC representative today for more information!


2-Audio/1-Video RCA Cables
Marathon Premium 3-Wire Composite RCA Jumpers provide 2-Audio/1-Video connectivity for DVRs, VCRs, and DVD players/recorders. 


5-Wire RCA HDTV Component Video Jumpers
5 wire
Marathon 5-Wire HDTV Component RCA Jumpers are used to connect High-Definition video and audio equipment such as set-top boxes and home theater systems.


DVI to HDMI Jumpers 


Marathon DVI to HDMI Jumpers are used to connect DVD players, cable/satellite set-top boxes and High Definition televisions and projectors


HDMI High Speed Cable Jumpers
Marathon HDMI High Speed Jumpers are user friendly, interconnecting High-Definition video plus multichannel audio in a single cable. 


S-Video Jumpers
Marathon S-Video Jumpers are used to connect Home Theater, DVRs/PVRs, DSS Receivers, VCRs, DVDs and Camcorders. 


USB Jumpers
Marathon USB Jumpers are used to connect Modems, Printers, Keyboard, Mice, Digital Cameras, Web Cameras and External Drives.


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