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Launched in Bunbury yesterday before it rolls out across 9 other regions around WA, meet INFOGO.

It's a new mobile platform designed to revolutionise the way people find news and information in the South West. 


Designed by West Australian Regional Newspapers, Infogo includes a sales-based directory, opening a new world of opportunity for advertisers. 


To find out more about INFOGO EMAIL US and we'll send you the press release.


But if you want to talk strategy, phone Dousty or Ash on 9792 4944. 


And we haven't forgotten! 

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For this month's featured TVC we're back to our favourite topic of beer...well almost! 


It's a series of ads for a place that sells beer - Bottlemart. 


The series offers purchasing solutions to perceived problems as seen through the eyes of the optimist versus the pessimist. 


As you will see, there's use of good talent that target audiences will easily relate to on a number of levels. 


Combine this with the elements of story-telling and humour and you have, in our view, a great advertising strategy that's been really well executed.



Until next month!


Glenn Doust & Ashley Pearce

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