Spring 2014

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Captioning News
Three Tips for Successful Real-Time Transcription and Captioning
The Philanthropy Side of TTE
With the addition of closed captioning to TTE's suite of services in December 2013 (click on the link to view the press release), we've highlighted the topic of captioning in our newsletters and blog posts over the past several months. Our Fall 2013 newsletter reviewed captioning laws and included links to those laws. In our December 2013 blog posts, we discussed foundational captioning and subtitling distinctives, project ideas, and more. And FCC closed captioning rule changes and related links are in our Winter 2014 newsletter, February 2014 blog post, and April 2014 blog post. All of these newsletters and blog posts can be found on our website; follow the links to read more.

With the increasing public focus and awareness on media accessibility for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and the new FCC requirements for closed captioning in TV and video, real-time (also known as live) transcription and captioning is being used more and more frequently. So, how can you make those transcripts and captions most effective? Here are three tips:
  • pay attention to body movement you may be unconsciously doing in order to eliminate competing audio (for example, shifting weight when sitting on surfaces that may creak as you move or adjusting clothing) 
  • resist the urge to add unnecessary sounds, noises, or words as filler (for example, lip smacking, finger clicking, "ums," and "ahs")    
  • talk at a pace that allows you to think about what you are saying in order to speak clearly and accurately and at a pace that allows a typist to keep up  

Giving back to the community has always been a priority for TTE CEO Terry Thompson and today TTE continues to contribute to a variety of charities on a regular basis. A few years ago Thompson took the philanthropy side of TTE to a new level with the establishment of an "Adopt a Family" ministry, administered through her local church, for people struggling financially to meet their basic needs. Thompson's vision for this project was direct contact between clergy, staff, and individuals in a way that might be more comfortable for the person requesting assistance. TTE donates on a monthly basis to this fund and Thompson is looking for more companies in the Chicago area (especially the northwest suburbs) to donate to this fund. A 501(c)(3) organization, donations are tax deductible. For questions, additional information, or help getting started with your donation, contact Thompson at TTE.  


Love the variety of projects we get! Whether it is transcription, captioning, or translation, we love our clients! Thanks to all of you for your business, including:

Ascension Press
Chorus Call, Inc.
Innovation Management
Schlumberger Carbon Services 


Metia's clients depend on us for the very best in digital marketing. For several years now, we have relied on TTE for transcripts of hundreds of audio files from interviews with global clients, customers, and partners. TTE consistently handles technical vocabulary, comprehends various speaker accents, and overcomes recording imperfections to produce exceptionally accurate transcripts on deadline. Highly recommended. 

Jack Kirshbaum, 

Senior Editor, Metia


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