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July 2013 Blog Post
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In face-to-face conversation we use facial expressions, gestures, and body language to provide context and make our points. In an audio file for transcription, our voices say it all. Poor vocal quality in an audio file can negatively impact a project timeline and cost. Good vocal quality in an audio file has positive impact and value. The way we use our voice - how we speak, when we talk, and what we do - gives context and clarity to the information being recorded and the transcription document being typed. Read the seven speaking tips below to learn how.

  1. Enunciate, pronunciate, and articulate. Clear consonants and distinct words increase understandability and clarity. Don't mumble. Avoid blurring sounds, syllables, words, and sentences together.   
  2. Be speed savvy and volume vigilant. Pay attention to the rate of your speech and modulate it - not too fast, not too slow. Resist soft, low, or breathy speech; shouting; and whispering.   
  3. Incorporate pauses. Brief, contextual pauses between sentences and paragraphs helps the transcriptionist effectively and efficiently type in tandem with your rate of speech. 
July 2013 Blog Post
Conference Call

Preparing and planning ahead for a conference call is just as important as what happens on the call itself. And the same can be true for the transcription process of a conference call. As a client, taking the time to plan ahead for terminology, names, and formatting can save costs and increase the overall efficiency of the process, as well as result in a more professional and complete document. Here are three simple steps you can take before the conference call to help start the transcription job right.


1. Give the transcription vendor a written list of any unique, unusual, or industry specific
terminology you anticipate might be used in the call. While many terms are easily
searchable online or in other reference documents, others may not be searchable at all.


2. Provide a speaker list to the transcription vendor (with the names spelled correctly of
course). Having the list before the conference call starts can make it easier to match
voices with names, especially if the speaker has a strong accent.


3. Discuss any special document formatting needs with the transcription vendor as soon as
possible and before the call is scheduled to take place. It's easier and more cost-effective
to do things right the first time. 


This summer TTE was a sponsor for Turning Point's Ladies Night fundraising event. A domestic violence agency and shelter in McHenry County, Illinois, Turning Point provided services to more than 1,700 people in 2012, including 212 children. Donations, grants, and fundraisers support the organization. The June Ladies Night event featured shopping with local vendors, bingo, refreshments, and of course lots of fun conversation! Approximately 40 people attended the fundraising event, and over $600.00 was raised.  

Work office spaces have changed over the years - virtual offices, offsite work, remote work, coffee shops, and libraries have joined the ranks of brick and mortar office buildings. With space changes have come changes in meeting venues and tools. And for one executive, walking has become integral to his meeting routines. In his thought-provoking article "Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation," Nilofer Merchant tells his journey from sit-down coffee meetings to walking meetings with colleagues. Opening with a personal and relatable anecdote, the article continues on with some health statistics and the rest of Merchant's journey. As Merchant's story unfolds, he weaves together the reasons for changing his meeting venue, his experience with walking meetings, the logistics of walking meetings, and the benefits he has reaped.
     At TTE we're always looking for tips and insights that would help our customers, and this was an interesting article that would be applicable to the diverse audience this newsletter reaches.  One of the advantages Merchant mentions of walking meetings is that mobile devices stay closed, which can help facilitate listening, concentration, and focus. "The simple act of moving also means the mobile device stays mostly put away. Undivided attention is perhaps today's scarcest resource, and hiking meetings allow me to invest that resource very differently," he writes.
     Yet, we titled this section of the newsletter "Walking Meetings and IdeaScribe
." Since IdeaScribe is TTE's app for an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, how would that work with Merchant's successful endeavor to change his meeting habits and the putting away of mobile devices? It would seem counter-intuitive and counter-productive to what he is describing. And it could be - if you are using the app while you are hiking. And Merchant certainly isn't promoting a product or TTE with his article.     
     However, using the IdeaScribe app after walking could be a quick and convenient way to capture key thoughts from the walk or new ideas that are sparked from the conversation on the walk. And for others, knowing they have a resource for mobile capture and transcription upload at their fingertips right after the meeting may make it easier for them to focus on the walk and on what is before them - a valuable relationship, the creative process of engagement, and the invigorating stimulation of brain power from embracing physical exercise.
     Take a look at Merchant's article, "Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation." A walking meeting may be just what you need as a business owner, executive, or manager to energize your daily routine and jumpstart the creative process.  

TTE CEO Terry Thompson has joined her local Chamber of Commerce's Economic and Development Committee. Thompson also continues to serve on the advisory board of the online Parish Webstore, as well as volunteer in several church and community areas.  


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We appreciate TTE's impressive accuracy and customer service. Transcripts off interviews with medical professionals have accuratley reflected industry terms and acronyms. When I asked for a customized transcript format to help save us time, TTE staff graciously worked with me to revise the format and make sure it met our needs. 

Matthew Scholl, 

Senior User Experience Specialist, Centralis  


Metia's clients depend on us for the very best in digital marketing. For several years now, we have relied on TTE for transcripts of hundreds of audio files from interviews with global clients, customers, and partners. TTE consistently handles technical vocabulary, comprehends various speaker accents, and overcomes recording imperfections to produce exceptionally accurate transcripts on deadline. Highly recommended. 

Jack Kirshbaum, 

Senior Editor, Metia

We used TTE to transcribe a company meeting and found the transcript to be very helpful. I would definitely use TTE again. They accomplished in a short time what would have taken me much longer to do. Happy with the results, I also recommended TTE and its transcription services to a colleague.

Moira Fahey-Ullrich 

Chief Solutions Officer, Strategic Wealth Partners LLC


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