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CalHyPAC Newsletter                          May 2014


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CalHyPAC is the Political Action Committee created by the California Dental Hygienists' Association. 


CalHyPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, political advocacy committee. 


CalHyPAC is an essential part of CDHA's  

relations program 



CalHyPAC supports legislators who share the interest, concerns and goals of the

dental hygiene profession.






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Dear Colleague,


         CalHyPAC, the Political Action Committee of the California Dental Hygienists' Association is sending  this newsletter because we want to continue to provide you with the latest information about legislation affecting dental hygiene in California and let you know how you can help. We hope that you will enjoy this newsletter and will forward it to your friends. 

          Please join us in our efforts to have a strong voice in Sacramento.To find out more about CalHyPAC, please visit our new website:


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Sunset Review of the Dental Hygiene Committee of California


     An informational overview hearing was held on Monday March 17, 2014 by the Joint Legislative Sunset Review Committee

(JLSRC) for public comment on their draft report regarding the continuance of DHCC and recommendations brought forward.

     In the Sunset Review process this year, the DHCC and CDHA  advocated to have statutory language removed that states the DHCC is within the jurisdiction of the Dental Board and to have some duties changed from Direct Supervision to General Supervision.
    The JLSRC Committee Report has recommended that the DHCC continue by introducing SB 1245 which extends the sunset of the committee for four years. The JLSRC report also recommended DHCC seek legislation in the future if it would like to change duties from direct supervision to general,  as well as remove some restrictions to AP practice. 

Current California Legislation
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AB 1174 (Bocanegra/Logue)
would codify aspects of the Virtual Dental Home pilot project run by Dr. Paul Glassman, University of Pacific. CDHA is concerned with the language in the bill that restricts scope of practice already in place for RDHAPs and dental hygienists working in public health settings. The CDA has opposed some of the changes we have requested. CDHA has offered amendments to the bill to address our concerns. Additionally, the bill has several hurdles to pass in order to make it through the legislative process. CDHA opposes unless amended.
SB 1245 Dental Hygiene Committee of CA Sunset Review would continue the DHCC for another four years. The bill will have to go through several committees in each House of the legislature before the end of the Session (August 31st). CDHA supports SB 1245.
 SB 850 (Block, Anderson and Hill)
would allow for baccalaureate degree pilot programs in community college districts. CDHA has two existing policies supporting the goal of  
baccalaureate degrees for dental hygienists. A baccalaureate pilot program for dental  
hygiene would be considered if this bill passes. CDHA supports SB 850. 
To follow a bill in the legislature, go to www.leginfo.ca.gov 

us capitol
ADHA also has a political action committee called HYPAC. It is like our CalHyPAC but it builds relationships with members of the United States Congress.
This year, 33 of the 100 seats in the Senate are being contested. ADHA needs your support to help maximize ADHA's impact on Capitol Hill. Click here to see the Capital Hill update


To donate and find out more information about the national issues that affect dental hygiene, go to  www.adha.org/hypac. You can also donate to the national HYPAC with your membership renewal.

For more information about legislation in other states and other timely information regarding national issues affecting dental hygienists, go to www.adha.org/advocacy 

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 CalHyPAC  News
CalHyPAC  initiated a fundraising campaign Pass the Hat for
CalHyPAC: We've Got Your Back which involves all of the CDHA components. Component leaders will be sharing information about current legislation and asking for donations for CalHyPAC at their CE classes. So far the components who have participated have raised over $1,000.
        Why do we keep fundraising? We always need to continue to build relationships with legislators in California. Many legislators still do not understand the services that can be provided by dental hygienists. All regulatory changes in how we practice dental hygiene in this state have to be introduced and passed by both the Assembly and Senate and then signed by the Governor to become law.
        CalHyPAC has recently launched a website www.calhypac.org which gives information about us and also allows for contributions via PayPal or credit card. 
cahypac committee
CalHyPAC committee with CDHA president Lavell and GRC liaison Okamoto at the Jan PAC meeting.

Aaron Read and Associates 
    The California Dental Hygienists' Association has retained the legislative advocacy  firm of Aaron Read and Associates since 1984 to help us work with legislative leaders, state agencies, the Dental Hygiene Committee of California
Aaron Read
Aaron Read, legislative advocate for CDHA
(DHCC) and other associations.
     Together we promote state policies encouraging increased availability of oral health care, to improve laws and regulations that protect the public's oral health and enhance the practice of dental hygiene.     
CDHA's executive officers, the Government Relations Council (GRC) and the CalHyPAC committee work closely with legislative advocates  Aaron Read, Terry McHale and Jennifer Tannehill.
**************************************************                            ADVOCACY   
      Advocacy is an important component in any organization and for its members to make legislators aware of their positions on policy issues.  
     As a licensed profession governed
by state practice acts and rules, dental hygiene is directly impacted by many policy issues that shape day-to-day dental hygiene practice and the delivery of oral health care services.  

     Issues requiring advocacy in California are: scope of practice, access to care, continuing education and reimbursement under Denti-Cal. 

    Your involvement as a dental hygiene professional is critical to the success of any advocacy effort !




Want to help CDHA be successful in having a strong voice in Sacramento about the issues we care about?

  • You can donate money to CalHyPAC  We welcome donations from members, friends, potential members, and non-members.
  • You can write letters to your legislators about legislation affecting dental hygiene.
  • Join your professional organization. Numbers count when CDHA and our legislative advocacy firm represent dental hygienists in Sacramento.




By Credit card or PayPAL 

visit our website:  www.calhypac.org  


Fair Political Practice Act requires that you include your name, address, occupation and name of employer on your check or with your credit card information. Your contributions are not deductible for state or federal income tax purposes.