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CalHyPAC Newsletter                November 2012 


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CalHyPAC is the Political Action Committee created by the California Dental Hygienists' Association. 


CalHyPAC is a voluntary, non-profit, political advocacy committee. 


CalHyPAC is an essential part of CDHA's  

relations program 



CalHyPAC supports legislators who share the interest, concerns and goals of the

dental hygiene profession.






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Dear Colleague,


    You are receiving this newsletter from CDHA's CalHyPAC, the Political Action Committee of the California Dental Hygienists' Association because we want to continue to provide you with the latest information about legislation affecting dental hygiene in California and let you know how you can help. We hope that you will enjoy this newsletter and will forward it to your friends. 


    Please join us in our efforts to continue to have a strong voice in Sacramento.  To find out more about CalHyPAC, please visit the CDHA website.



New Dental Hygiene program applications must include feasibility study to Dental Hygiene Committee of California (DHCC) capitol- sacramento


This new provision is found in Senate Bill (SB) 1202 and  was signed into law  by  Governor Brown on  August 23. The new law goes into effect on January 1, 2013. CDHA  sponsored Senate Bill SB 1202 authored by Senators Mark Leno (Dem, SF) and Mark Wyland (Rep, San Diego).   This bill also says that RDHAP's can now establish mobile clinics. To see the revised list of the key features of the new law click here.  To see the entire bill SB1202 click here


Governor Brown Appoints four new members to the DHCC   


On August 23, 2012, Governor Brown appointed dental hygienists Michelle Hurlbutt (on DHCC since 2009), Noel Kelsch and Nicolette Moultrie  to the DHCC. He appointed one dentist, Timothy Martinez. For more information about the appointees, click here


California gets ready to implement the National Health Reform Bill



The coming Legislative session is going to be fraught with controversy and difficulty. California is in the process of  implementating the National Health Reform Bill, aka Obama Care. California has established a health exchange and the issues of how auxiliaries will be treated and what kind of care will be offered is going to be debated. CDHA  plans to be a major part of those discussions. 

us capitol
National Health Reform Bill
provides  dental coverage for children under 21 years of age
     The pediatric dental benefits under HR 3590 includes oral health care as part of the minimum services provided as part of the essential benefits package for children under age 21.
     Another provision under HR 3590 is the Alternative Dental Health Care Provider Demonstration Project Grants. The government will award grants up to $60 million to educate and test new oral health workforce models. To read about the new provisions   click here  


Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner   


  Since ADHA's House of Delegates passed a resolution in 2004 calling for the establishment of a mid-level practitioner, the Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner, (ADHP) , ADHA has been working to engage policy makers at all levels to generate support for the new provider. To learn more about the ADHP, click here.    


  ADHA is a wonderful resource for tracking state and federal legislation. For the latest information, go to ADHA's Governmental Affairs Division.   

 Pending Legislation bills we are watching clip art


SB 694 ( Padilla) is sponsored by The Children's Partnership funded by the

       Senate Bill 694 was held in committee at the close of the legislative session and will be resubmitted during a special session of the legislature in December 2012. This bill would create a study of a variety of avenues for creating new categories of dental auxiliaries to enhance workforce providing oral health care to children and specifically includes hygienists in the study.


    The bill also establishes a State Dental Director. The job description requires the dental director to be a dentist ( amended to include public health experience). CDHA wanted further amendments so that a dental hygienist could hold this position. We testified before the committee that approximately fifty percent of the nation's state and territorial dental health director's are non-dentists (i.e. dental hygienists and public health officers also hold these postions.)   The current bill does not include a dental hygienist to be considered for the State Dental Director. 


Aaron Read and Associates help CDHA with new legislation

Jennifer Tannehill (color photo)          Jennifer Tannehill, a legislative advocate from Aaron Read & Associates, is the newest associate to be working with the CDHA executive officers,  Governmant Relations Committee and CalHyPAC. She has worked diligently with CDHA to move forward legislation that CDHA sponsored.
     The California Dental Hygienists' Association has retained the legislative advocacy  firm of Aaron Read and Associates since 1984 to help us work with legislative leaders, state agencies, the Dental Hygiene Committee of California ( DHCC ) and other associations.    
            Together we promote state policies encouraging increased availability of oral health care, to improve laws and regulations that protect the public's oral health and enhance the  practice of dental hygiene.  CDHA's executive officers, the Government Relations Council (GRC) and the
CalHyPAC commttee work closely with
legislative advocates  Aaron Read, Terry McHale and Jennifer Tannehill. 
What is Advocacy ? 


     Advocacy is an important component in any organization and for its members to make legislators aware of their positions on policy issues.  As a licensed profession governed by state practice acts and rules, dental hygiene is directly impacted by many policy issues that shape day-to-day dental hygiene practice and the delivery of oral health care services.  

     Issues requiring advocacy in California are: scope of practice, access to care, continuing education and reimbursement under Dent-Cal. Your involvement as a dental hygiene professional is critical to the success of any advocacy effort! 




Want to help CDHA be successful in having a strong voice in Sacramento about the issues we care about?

  • You can make financial contributions to CalHyPAC  We welcome donations from members, friends, potential members, and non-members.
  • You can write letters to your legislators about legislation affecting dental hygiene.
  • Join your professional organization. Numbers count when CDHA and our legislative advocacy firm represent dental hygienists in Sacramento.



Send checks payable to CalHyPAC

c/o Elena Gimpel, RDH, Treasurer

44279 Cabo Street

Temecula, Ca 92592


Fair Political Practice Act requires that you include your name, address, occupation and name of employer on your check. Your contributions are not deductible for state or federal income tax purposes.