SCHOENWALD  PORCELAIN                  Vol.2 January 2014 




Schoenwald from Germany has been developing and manufacturing high quality professional porcelain for over 130 years. Schoenwald's collections translate the diverse faces of modern dining culture into porcelain. 


From traditional banquet to informal finger food they create a suitable setting for entirely different dining options. With a choice of more than 40 attractive porcelain collections with over 1700 individual items Schoenwald provides a diverse range of shapes and styles.


Schoenwald is exclusively manufactured in Germany where the most stringent environmental requirements in the world apply. 


Unique Features: 

  • Design - Versatile porcelain collection  
  • Eco-friendly - Use of modern fast-firing technology has significantly  reduced the use of raw materials, energy, and CO2 emissions. 
  • Quality - Certified under ISO 14001 and 50001 
  • EXCEPTIONAL HARDNESS- Thanks to the extremely high firing temperature of over 1400 degree C. 
  • HIGH CHIPPING RESISTANCE - Because of the optimised interaction of body design and material composition. 
  • RESILIENT GLAZE -Offers high scratch resistance. 
  • High functionality - is a fundamental design principle, e.g. precise stackability. 
  • DISHWASHER-SAFE IN-GLAZE DECORS- During the additional decor firing at very high temperatures, the decor colours sink into the glaze that spreads over them like a protective film. 
  • Optimum heat retention 
  • GLAZE RESISTANT TO ABRASION AND SCRATCHING and glazed or polished rims and feet.
  •  Large shards instead of dangerous splinters, if a dish gets broken. 
This distinctive collection creates a flexible connection between different culinary profiles. With a wide range of items, it meets both the pragmatic and aesthetic demands of the grand banquet and the need for appealing presentation in the restaurant. The formal language is restricted to two cones as the geometric building blocks of all plates, platters and holloware items.      

Connect's enables a wide range of different decors. The clean lines of the collection with its generous  spaces permits numerous forms of decorative design - from ornate, floral elements to modern, geometric patterns and personalised logo designs.                  
 Modern Mosaic - 62975, 62979
                                      Criss Cross -62977 
A delicate cream-coloured porcelain which is also hard enough to withstand the tough day-to-day requirements of the food service industry. As a result of the newly developed Duracream body, which, like any hard porcelain, is fired at 1,400 degree C, Generation is also extremely scratch resistant and, particularly chip resistant.    
A hint of retro and lots of modernism.Generation distinguishes itself by the purity of its shape which charmingly combines the hint of a retro-look with a clear and soft design.      
       Light 62854  
          Living 62852   






Using only two basic geometric shapes, EVENT unfolds a diversity of shapes that offers infinite scope for combination at the buffet and dining table. Whether serving sushi, tapas or other specialities from elsewhere in the world, with its countless arrangement options, EVENT can be used to present every culinary delight in an original way. 






Events's various decors are as stylish and puristic as its design. Choose from delicate line and relief decors that effectively emphasise the plate rims, thus underlining the extraordinary square shape of the eating surface. 




 White 62841/ Yellow 62845  





Happening 62839 

The charming combination of strictly geometric plates and delicately curving hollow parts.The unique range opens up countless possibilities for combination.
       Golden Coast  62799 



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