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Oct. / 2013     



WMF - Induction Chafers


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There is a movement in catering towards smaller portions and on demand preparation, with the emphasis on freshness and flavour. A trend which - naturally - will encompass the buffet too. WMF, Germany has been involved in the manufacture of products covering the full range of stylish hospitality.  
WMF Chafing Dish Hot & Fresh.
More freshness, more flexibility, more function....inductive! 
The WMF Chafing dish Hot & Fresh  range offers you perceptibly more. The encapsulated Transtherm base, the transparent glass lid and an intelligent condensation recirculating system are its USP.  
Universal-WMF HOT & FRESH chafing dishes not only meet the demand for chafing dishes suitable for induction systems but also perform well with standard heat sources; hotplates and sterno systems.   
Quality- Its consistent high quality ensures that the food remains hot and appetizing throughout.
Smooth Operation - The lid solution makes opening and closing the chafing dish a pleasure.The transparent glass lid provides a clear view of the food, even when closed. Easy to open, it engages at various opening angles. The lid movement is controlled by a long-life brake mechanism developed in Germany and therefore the noise is dampened. 


Brake with New holding plate -


- Better stability and steadiness achieved by a new shape and higher material thickness.


- New brake has a better fit.


- The plastic part is not needed anymore - as a consequence the holding plate only consists of one part (holding plate + spring)


- Easier lifting of the lid, because the earlier additional locking is not integrated anymore .


- Suitable for all existing Hot & Fresh chafing dishes.  

Chafing Dish HOT & FRESH Basic, round  
Basic - 55.0001.6040 
  • Fitting for inserts up to depth 10cm/ 4 in.,
  • Cromargan, inductive, electrically and sterno heating possible
  • Glass lid with brake removable
  • Height 19cm / 7 1/2 in., Diameter 39cm / 15 1/4 in.
  • Diameter bottom 29cm/ 11 1/2 in. 
       Models available:  
Basic - 55.0001.6040                         
         (Bow handle)                                    
Manhattan - 55.0020.6040                  Palast - 55.0026.6210
(Handle profile 4 cornered,                  (Handle gold plated)
satin finished) 
Buffet Stand HOT & FRESH, round    
Height 24cm/9 1/2 in.,Dia 47cm/ 18 1/2 in.
           Basic -  55.0007.6040                   
      (Feet profile round)                
Manhattan - 55.0008.6040            
(Feet profile 4cornered, satin finished)  
Palast - 55.0011.6210  
(Feet gold plated) 



Chafing Dish HOT & FRESH , GN 2/3 
                                          55.0002.6040 Basic -  55.0002.6040
  • Fitting for inserts up to depth 10cm/ 4 in.
  • Cromargn, inductive, electrically and sterno heating possible
  • Glass lid with brake removable, bow handle
  • Width 37 x depth 45 x height 19cm
  • inclusive brake and handle
  • bottom 27 x 27cm 
          Models available:     
          Basic - Bow handle - 55.0002.6040 
          Manhattan - Handle profile 4-cornered,
                                 satin finished- 55.0021.6040          
           Palast- Handle gold plated - 55.0027.6210 
Buffet Stand HOT & FRESH, GN 2/3  
 (without chafing dish) 
  Size: 17 1/4 x 15 3/4 x 9 1/2 in. 
 Models available :                         

 Basic - Feet profile round - 55.0012.6040  


 Manhattan -Feet profile 4-cornered, satin finished- 55.0013.6040 
 Palast - Feet gold plated - 55.0016.6210 
Buffet Stand HOT & FRESH,round
(without chafing dish)   
  • Cromargan
  • height 6 3/4 in., diameter 15 1/4in.
  • Height inclusive chafing dish 30cm/ 11 3/4in.
 Buffet Stand HOT & FRESH, GN 2/3
(without chafing dish)
  • Cromargan
  • 14 1/2 x 15 3/4 x 6 3/4 in.
  • Height inclusive chafing dish 11 3/4 in. 
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Buffet Stand Hot & Fresh, round
Chafing Dish Hot & Fresh Basic, GN 2/3
Buffet Stand Hot & Fresh Basic, GN 2/3
Buffet Stand Hot & Fresh, Round & GN 2/3
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Besides outstanding flexibility and a high level of functionality, WMF Hot & Fresh chafing dishes have product benefits which include heat-resistant handles, catering-grade material and an extensive range of accessories.  

Tray/Cutlery holder
Porcelain white 
Chafing dish Fork 
Chafing dish Spoon
Heating Element
Solid Alcohol
Burner Holder
Insert cromargan, round
Insert Cromargan GN 1/3
Insert Cromargan GN
Porcelain Insert
Round and divided
Porcelain Insert GN 2/3
Porcelain Insert GN 1/3
Innovative and customer-oriented WMF products have been appreciated for their functional and design qualities across the globe.
We would be glad to assist you if you have any queries. Looking forward to your kind response.
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