Bette Germany has changed the way the material steel/ enamel is  viewed. With its latest product innovations of BETTEART and BETTE LUX freestanding baths and countertop washbasins, Bette moves the boundaries in steel/ enamel production.


The design of the new baths and washbasins instantly reveals Bette's manufacturing skills. 


NEW Freestanding Baths & Counter Top Washbasins :






Shower and bath









BETTEART is the beautifully shaped confirmation of the highest level of skill in steel/enamel art (skill). Looking as if they were made from a single piece of material with an extremely narrow rim, the freestanding bath and counter top washbasins have a sculptural character, create a light impression, and are spacious and space-forming in equal measure.


Like all Silhouette baths,the BETTEART panelling and the bath body are joined together seamlessly with skilled craftsmanship, and then finished with BETTEGLAZE®.

Dimensions (length x width x depth / lying dimension):

180 x 75 x 42 cm / 1564 mm

apron height: 56 cm





Pop-up waste


Bette in collaboration with Viega has developed BETTEART pop-up waste. It works perfectly with the slender sides of the luxurious bath, and thanks to the elegant brass trim - available in white or chrome - harmonises beautifully with the design of the free standing bath. If desired, the pop-up waste can also be used for filling the bath. The waste is operated intuitively using a push valve.




The washbasin gives the bathroom a strong character. The consistency of the design is particularly clear in the interplay with the freestanding bath BETTEART.


The washbasin in the guest WC can be placed either on a base or item of furniture, making it individual with a strong character.





Dimensions (length x width x height)

30 x 40 x 9 cm

60 x 40 x 11 cm

80 x 40 x 11 cm


BETTELUX - pleasure for all the senses. The extremely narrow bath rim, made from smooth, soft steel/enamel that looks like it is flowing. A natural design that integrates discreetly with the bathroom design.


Thanks to the extremely narrow rim, the BETTELUX bath really can be installed absolutely flush - for example sunk into a milled natural stone slab - rather than having to be placed under the slab, as is normally the case. The bath becomes a vessel for the bather to submerge themselves in and be supported by.  


Dimensions (length x width x depth / lying dimension):

170 x 75 x 45 cm / 1270 mm

180 x 80 x 45 cm / 1345 mm

190 x 90 x 45 cm / 1420 mm 






The aesthetic appeal of BETTELUX washbasins is the result of their interior shapes, which have no corners or edges, contrasting with the linear nature of the exterior. When the washbasin - builtin or sitting on a wooden support - is placed on an elegant base, then the result is pure elegance.


The BETTELUX counter top washbasin plays with the contrast between the high rim and deep curve of the bowl with the edge contour and flowing interior. 



Dimensions: (length x width x trough depth)


60  x 47.5 x 12cm

80  x 47.5 x 12cm

100 x 47.5 x 12cm



    Rim height 6 cm         Rim height 1 cm      Rim height 14cm 


BETTE BICOLOUR highlights the characteristics of the Silhouette baths, the outer panel and interior of which are smoothly created as a single piece. The change in colour of the bicoloured Bette Bicolour enamelling - placed right on the top edge of the rim hints at a seam, only to then convince the observer of the opposite. The new brightly-coloured appearance of Bette Bicolour enriches the palette of discerning bathroom design.



White on the inside - strong colours on the outside.

Smooth elegance - bicoloured masterpiece. All SILHOUETTE baths can be exclusively finished in this, the highest form of the art of enamelling, as well as in the more traditional white.


 Bettestarlet Oval Silhouette
 Colours: Glossy black / matt black / violet
              Bettecubo Silhouette
              Colours: Glossy black
             Betteone Highline
            Colours: Glossy black
Shower today, bathe tomorrow - BETTETWIST II, the 'shower for bathing', provides freedom of choice. Creating a feeling of wellbeing and of security that comes from well thought-out technology. 


Dimensions (length x width x depth / lying dimension):

160 x 90/70 x 42 cm / 1310 mm

170 x 90/70 x 42 cm / 1410 mm

180 x 90/70 x 42 cm / 1510 mm





The highlight of BETTETWIST II is the entry door that creates a

completely reliable seal while bathing. Bette has now improved

further the design and sealing technology of the ESG door. The

larger glass element now offers even better protection against

splashes when showering.






The new handle on the shower partition makes it even easier to open the door, or the standard overflow on the BETTETWIST II that offers even more design freedom.



 June 2013




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