Pawprint - September 2016
Deanna Maciole
Taking a Team Approach: The School-Based Therapist and Outpatient Therapist
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

A therapist is often defined by the arena or population s/he works in or with. For example, a person who works in a skilled nursing setting may be seen differently from the therapist who works in pediatrics or home health. Although their frameworks for treatment may be different, their foundational knowledge is the same, and they are a therapist, nonetheless. Whether physical, occupational, or speech specialists, they all hold the same title.

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Visual Perception - What Do We See Through the Mind's Eyeİ
Zoe Mailloux, OTD, OTR/L. FAOTA

Of the sensory systems that we discuss when we talk about sensory integration, visual perception (along with auditory perception) is one of the most familiar and  commonly understood. Visual perception refers to the meaning that our brains give to the information that we see. For example, if you look at the following design it may appear only as a series of lines with no real meaning:
The lines spell the word "Ivy" upside down. Now the lines have a meaning when you look at
them. An optometrist checks our eyes to ensure they are working well to see the world around

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Treatment Interventions Using the Dual Swing

Last week, Alex Lopiccolo from Sensory Digest took over our Facebook page and did a Live Sensory Swinging Intervention Session using Southpaw's Dual Swing.  We'll have some more live videos coming up soon.  Like us on Facebook to stay in touch.

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Weighted Wheelbarrows
Weighted Wheelbarrows

Using creative play, increase the challenge to your therapeutic activities with our Weighted Wheelbarrows (weights sold separately). Just like our Weighted Shopping Carts, the Weighted Wheelbarrows are a great way to provide heavy work and address bilateral skills and motor planning. The Weighted Wheelbarrows can be ordered with a single front wheel, ideal for addressing balance and coordination skills, or two front wheels, providing more stability and support.

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Southpaw is sponsoring an MSE Basic Training course at our facility in Moraine, OH, on October 7-8. Training is designed to give the participant "Core Concepts," leading to the understanding and practice of a Multi-Sensory Dynamic Systems Approach.  For more information on the training as well as how to sign up, please visit us here.
Large Marvelous Marble Panel

Zuma Rocker

Crash Pit Cubbie

Large Marvelous Marble Panel
Zuma Rocker
Crash Pit Cubbie

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