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Bronson Children's Hospital and Southpaw Rovers in the News

Bronson Children's Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, recently purchased a Southpaw Sensory Rover and is in the process of adding two more to its facility to help calm children before and after their procedures. Learn more about how they are being used in the articles and video below.

Bronson Hospital to Receive Two New 'Bubble Rovers'

Bronson Hospital - Children's Hospital Fund

Deanna Maciole
How the Tired School Therapist Can Provide Summer Programming
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

School therapists put in a lot of time throughout the school year, however the fall and spring months tend to be the busiest--especially with all the extra paperwork required for IEPs (Individual Education Plans) and end of the year Progress Reports. Oftentimes, therapists may become overwhelmed and burned out as they look forward to a break. They may feel as if more time is being spent on paperwork versus actually treating the child. So, with all this extra work and all the deadlines, it may seem nearly impossible to really think about summer programming for the students on their caseloads. However, after a year of working toward goals, it would be a shame to have to start from scratch again at the beginning of the school year.

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A-Swing Frame and Platform Swing 
A-Swing Frame and Platform Swing  

The A-Swing Frame has been designed to facilitate sensory integration therapy for pediatric clients that are served within their home or in community settings. It is easy to carry and stow in most vehicles. A-Swing Frame and the Platform Swing are sold separately.

A-Swing Frame and Platform Swing

Does My Child Have a Sensory Issue?

Watch this video from Pathways.org to learn about possible signs of sensory integration issues. This video shows an expert panel of health professionals - Susanne Smith Roley, Clare Giuffrida, Stefanie Bodison and Shay McAtee - discussing how sensory integration or sensory processing affects children and the real-life stories of parents of children with sensory issues.

The Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Children
Alexander Lopicollo, COTA/L, CPT, NC, and Anthony Lopicollo

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) teaches children much more than just self defense. Enrolling your child in a BJJ class will positively benefit them physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. The beginner classes are all about learning respect for your peers, impulse control and taking turns. Children develop social skills and an understanding of their own strength while following adult-directed activities that involve gymnastic tumbling, obstacle courses and basics of the martial art. As children improve these skill sets, they are also improving their motor planning skills, self-esteem, emotional regulation and overall quality of life. They receive a gi (uniform) that they are expected to bring to and from classes, teaching responsibility and accountability. The classes take place on the mat (grounding), which integrates strength, endurance, primitive reflexes in flexion and extension postures to improve muscle coordination. By working against gravity in various positions, children increase proximal core/shoulder stability to improve fine motor control, strength and endurance for tabletop academics, and activities of daily living (ADLs). Intense heavy work from resistive pushing and pulling will help calm and organize the central nervous system to decrease the fight/flight/freeze response. Most children's class instructors are very flexible, calm, fun and can easily motivate children to thrive with movement. If you are interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for your child, stop by your local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy to discuss scheduling, class sizes and if they can accommodate your child's needs.
Flying Purple People Eater

Weighted Blanket Fidgets

Lumiglow Panel with Pen Light

Flying Purple People Eater
Weighted Blanket Fidgets
Lumiglow Panel with Pen Light

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