Pawprint - April 2015
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We've redesigned our entire website!  Along with a much more user-friendly interface and online catalog, you'll also find new resources for both therapists and parents just a few clicks away.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Product Spotlight
Bubble Tube with Platform

Bubble Tube with Platform Our Bubble Tubes are available with Interactive or Relaxation functionality, and the padded platform that surrounds the tube offers your clients a soft comfortable seat. Both Interactive and Relaxation models allow clients to enjoy the vibratory input offered by the movement of the bubbles/beads and the visual sensory input provided by the gradual changing color of the LEDs. And... our Bubble Tubes use the Simple Drain™ system, making water changes stress free.

The platform fits comfortably into a corner of your MSE room without intruding on the other sensory integration models.
Each Bubble Tube Platform comes with a Bubble Tube Security Bracket. This Security Bracket makes it safe for any person to get the gentle tactile effects the Tubes offer. The lights for the Bubble Tube are LED and never have to be changed. Same price: Small, Medium or Large Bubble Tube! You make the decision based on what is best for your clients.

Our Interactive Bubble Tube with platform offers wireless capabilities when used with the Interactive Super Switch or Interactive Power Cube (sold separately).

Therapist directed. Client controlled.

Therapist's Corner
Deanna Maciole
PromOTing and Reconnecting  With OT
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

"What do you do?"  A very common question heard by Occupational Therapists  (OT) in any practice field.  It appears that for decades OTs have had to work hard to describe what they do and their importance to the field.  And it goes without saying that their treatment activities have changed from the early years of "crafts", however the foundation is the same.  Occupational therapy "helps people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations)". (AOTA - What is Occupational Therapy?) Regardless of if they work with adults or children, or the arena in which they practice, OTs strive to put people first, treating the whole person to restore or perform his or her daily activities.  Whether it be dressing, eating, playing, schoolwork, job duties, or leisure activities, OTs are there to help achieve this!

April is Occupational Therapy Month, a time when OTs can celebrate, educate, and promote their profession. The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA), is an organization at the forefront for promotion. The AOTA website offers some great suggestions to take your promotion online such as use hashtags, post pictures to social media sites of the what you do, using Pinterst, and doing a blog post, to name a few.

In addition, it is a good time to find ways to talk about what you do in everyday conversation.  Talk with your patients, parents of children you treat, teachers, and co-workers about what it is you do, and how you can help them and improve some of their daily difficulties.  And it is always good to first ask them what they know and move the conversation on from there.  It is not uncommon for these people to interact with therapists on a regular basis and still not understand what their role is.   

Take the time to re-connect and educate yourself with the changing face of the profession.  Often we get wrapped up in our day to day, that we do not keep up to date on the happenings in our profession.  Visit the AOTA website, read up on the changes to your state's licensing board, and if you are not a member, connect with your state association.  In addition, make an effort to take some extra time to do additional reading or learning.  Spend a half hour reading blogs that pertain to your practice area, find an article to read, or re-familiarize yourself with a favorite topic. As new graduates, it is easy to always seek out the knowledge, but as the years pass, it gets harder to find the time to do this, so now is a good time.

Have some fun.  At work, use products with the OT logo, have contests or tours of your facility, and even have day where you offer a treat to visitors.  In addition, take the time to thank your fellow OT.

So, as the end of the month is approaching there is still time to get out, promote, educate and have some fun with your profession.  Occupational Therapy is vital in the lives of many from the beginning to the end of the lifespan an in all areas of life!
Southpaw Products
Puzzle Panel
Puzzle Panel

The all new Puzzle Panel features soft, textured fabric that is compatible with most hook fasteners. Children can create their own designs from the (120) wooden geometric shapes, or use the included pattern boards as a guide.

Weighted Blanket Covers
Weighted Blanket Covers

These soft slipcovers are perfect for tactile input. The zippered side allows for easy access to weighted blanket. Machine washable. Designs and colors may vary.