Pawprint, December 2014
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Therapist's Corner
Deanna Maciole

Filling in Your Sensory Wish List with Southpaw

Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L

It seems whether we look around our house, classroom, or clinic we find that there is always something to be added to our "wish list".  Those items to make things easier or more fun and exciting when performing sensory activities with our children, students, or clients.  Throughout the holiday season, it seems as if we are often asked what are some good ideas for a child, especially those with Special Needs or even ourselves, as parents, therapists, and teachers.  So, why not have that ultimate Sensory Wish List?  Here are some of our favorite Southpaw Enterprise gifts!

For those on the move, any type of suspended equipment is great to provide vestibular input.  Whether in the school or clinic environment, having some of the basic swings available is great!  

The Net Swing allows you to move in all directions with great rotational movement.  It is ideal for being used in the prone position which allows children to strengthen head and neck stability, work on weight bearing by using hands to complete an activity, and improve bilateral coordination.

Another excellent swing choice is the Bolster Swing.  This swing is great at addressing core stability, bilateral coordination and balance.  It is an ideal way to throw in some hand-eye coordination activities, such as beanbag tossing during activities, all while providing vestibular input.

Moving away from suspended equipment, the Spin Disc allows children, especially older ones, to get some awesome spinning while working on balance and coordination. It can easily fit in all environments and will bring lots of fun while providing great vestibular input.

If you are looking for a little extra bounce in your step to providing proprioceptive input, then either the Bounce Pad or Bounce Disc is an excellent option.  They can fit into any space and provide input similar to a mini trampoline, but addresses more balance and stability needs.  Because of their unique designs, these items can easily be added to activities, such as coordination to obtain beanbags off the floor to throw at a target.

If you are just in need of some good proprioceptive and vestibular input the Fold & Go Trampoline is functional, affordable and will provide many benefits for your child's sensory needs.  The bar helps provide extra stability and balance, and who does not like something that can be tucked away?

Scooter Boards of any shape or size are always a sure ticket to fun.  Sitting upright, on your belly, back or knees, these little guys are always very therapeutic.  These also make transitions from space to space fun and beneficial, and help to enhance motor planning skills.

With the decreased amount of outdoor play these days, more and more we are seeing children lacking in overall core and trunk stability. Strengthening and improving these skills will help with overall tolerance to movement, coordination and balance.  A strong core lends way to improved fine motor skills, and due to the decreased 'work' demand of the muscles on the overall body, it also helps improve focus and attention. The Togo and T-Stools are fun and unique ways to sit for activities, in class or during circle time.  They also can increase the challenge of any activity, especially target throwing and catching tasks.
Children with well-regulated proprioceptive systems tend to demonstrate improved body awareness, better focus and ability to sit and attend, and more self-regulation. The Resistance Tunnel and the Steamroller are both excellent ways to achieve deep proprioceptive input.  They easily fit in any obstacle course or activity.

Weighted items are another great way to achieve deep proprioceptive input.  From the Weighted Lap Belt to the Weighted Blanket these items are a great to give direct input to aid with calming and attention.

And finally, everyone needs some type of building toy on their list.  The Monster Blocks are no ordinary blocks.  They add crashing fun to any activity.  The Weighted Blocks are another way to increase the sensory input in your child's everyday play.  Use them to transport in shopping carts, strollers, or scooter boards.  The possibilities to building fun are endless.
So this year, as you are looking for something for that special someone in your life, take the time to find something that is fun and therapeutically beneficial to their overall sensory health.  Happy holidays!
Ayres Sensory Integration 2020 Vision Update
ASI 2020 Vision - Dr Zoe Mailloux
ASI 2020 Vision - Dr Zoe Mailloux

Are you interested in finding out more about ASI 2020 Vision?  Watch this presentation by Dr. Zoe Mallioux at the SI Network's 2014 Annual Conference to learn more about the movement and it's plans for the future. 

You can also learn more on their website at and sign up to receive their newsletter or volunteer here.
Southpaw Gift Cards

Great Last Minute Idea!

Having a hard time decided what to give someone?  Are you not sure what product would benefit someone the most?  Let them decide!
A Southpaw Gift Card is the perfect gift for all special occasions. We are proud to offer them in $25 denominations. All Gift Cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Get yours now! 
Southpaw MSE in the News
Below are a couple of different articles featuring Multi-Sensory Environments designed by Southpaw and how they are working in positive ways for those they are created for.

See a video clip about how a Multi-Sensory Environment from Southpaw is used to help Alzheimer's patients at the Inn at Olentangy Trails in Delaware, Ohio .

A Journey Through Alzheimer's

Here is an article about the use of Multi-Sensory Rooms at the Felician School for Exceptional Children and their ability to help transform the demeanor of children so they may focus better.

Sensory rooms help students with disabilities learn to control behavior, focus better

Southpaw Products
Advantage Line Scooter Board

Advantage Line Scooter Board
Our top-quality scooter board is now available in a single size. Our Advantage Line scooter board offers a lower cost alternative to our standard board which is adjustable in length.

No developmental therapy program is complete without a scooter board. Use it for obstacle courses, games, and races to help boost posture and coordination skills.

Ball Pit Jr.

Ball Pit Jr.
In response to customer requests for a smaller, lower cost ball pool that will endure the punishment of an S.I. clinic, we present our new Ball Pit Jr. Built to the same industrial-strength standards as all Southpaw equipment, the Ball Pit Jr. will provide years of service.

The Ball Pit Jr. consists of a heavy vinyl cover over tractor inner tube that is big enough to hold two smaller clients.

Sensory Snakes

Sensory Snakes
The Sensory Snake offers your clients and children pressure touch and proprioceptive input while it molds to their body. It can be easily used in a classroom, worn around the neck of across the lap.

Comes in two sizes:  The Small is 3"wide, 26-28" long, and weighs 2 pounds.  The large is 5" wide, 30-32" long, and weighs 4 pounds.

Clinic Management Made Easy
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