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December 2013

Holiday Ideas for the Home
Build A Home Sensory Gym for Your Child's Holiday Present with These 3 Southpaw Products
 Written by Alexander Lopiccolo, COTA   




1. Walrus Air Mat - May help improve body-spatial awareness and postural stability/control/strength.   

2. Southpaw Economy Mats - For safety and protection.

3. Textured Bean Bags (weighted) - Provides tactile and proprioceptive input.  




  1. Inflate the Walrus Air Mat with a Air Compressor. 
  2. Place the center of a room away from walls, poles or other unsafe objects.
  3. Surround all 4 sides with the Walrus with Southpaw Economy Mats.

5 EASY THERAPEUTIC GAMES TO PLAY WITH YOUR CHILD (Supervision by an adult at all times)  

  1. Place a Bean Bag on each side of the mat. Call out the type of Bean Bag have your child crawl towards it and slide down feet first to grab it and toss into a large target (hula hoop, tote, trash can).
  2. Have your child in a tall kneel in center of Walrus with hands ready to catch a Bean Bag you toss to them. Your child will then overhand throw it into a target.
  3. Give a clue or color of a Bean Bag and have the child crawl across the Walrus long wise to retrieve 1 of 5 bean bags to feed their favorite stuffed animal "food".
  4. Your child will be on their hands and knees in center of the Walrus and you will have them lean to reach a Bean Bag and toss into a large target in front of them.
  5. Your child will sit in a short kneel with feet under them or in a tailor/cross-legged sit and use trunk rotation to reach behind them overhead to grab a Bean Bag or ask them to reach with Left/Right hand to cross the midline of their body then throw into 1 of 2 targets on sides of Walrus.  

Article written by Alexander Lopiccolo, COTA  

NEW - Togo!! 

The Togo is a new and innovative seating adaptation. It can go where ever you go. When Occupational Therapists are working in a variety of settings they are often limited to how many seating adaptations and types of sensory equipment they can bring with them on the go. That was until the standard T-stool was revolutionized. The Togo is a practical, economical and portable solution to combine both the sensory and strengthening components of a therapy ball and a standard T-stool.

The Togo provides the gentle vestibular, vertical up and down motion of a therapy ball while maintaining the posture, focus and trunk control required to sustain the position of sitting on a
standard T-stool. The Togo can be utilized for increasing core strength, maintaining focus and decreasing joint discomfort while promoting increased overall wellness for the user. The Togo is recommended for preschool aged children through geriatrics with proper supervision for balance. Adults and children with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder and those that demonstrate low tone or lack of focus can benefit from the sensory stimulation that the Togo provides.

In addition, the Togo can be used during everyday tasks in the home, office, school and clinic. Dynamic and static activities such as writing, reading, keyboarding, exercising and listening can be enhanced due to the elevated focus, the improvement of posture and the increased trunk control that the Togo provides. The Togo is very versatile in size and appearance. The Togo can be ordered in 2 different heights which are 13 " and 19 ". The seats colors are a vibrant blue and red and the stool tops can be ordered in the shape of a circle or a rectangle to meet the seating comfort of the user.

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Southpaw Platform Swing
The Platform Swing offers the therapist the ability to create a wide range of tilting movements with the four control lines attached to our unique top disc. This excellent tool challenges balance and postural adjustments and can be used with clients in a variety of developmental positions from prone to standing. Comes with removable carpet.

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Weighted Teddy Bear Blankets
We've designed new teddy bear shaped weighted blankets for calming and over-all sensory input. These plush brown bears are soft and comforting to the touch and make therapy fun.

The large Teddy Bear Blanket has a 16 lb. inner liner, while the smaller version has an 8 lb. inner liner. The inner liners are made using our proprietary laminating process to provide even weight distribution. Each outer cover is only compatible with the same animal inner liner. The inner liner may be surface washed.            
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Mini Marble Panel

Our Marvelous Marble Panel has been such a hit with kids and teachers alike, we've made a smaller one that can be held on the lap or on a desk. The new version measures 14" x 14" x 1-1/4" wide. It also includes a 12-1/2" x 11" base that will hold it upright on the desk. Great for fine motor stimulation and sensory input.

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