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February 2013
Therapist's Corner
Hunting for the Perfect Therapeutic Activity
Deanna Macioce, MS, OTR/L
Deanna Maciole

Many times we find that we are looking for activities that give us the "biggest bang for our buck" so to say.  Well, scavenger hunts or treasure hunts can offer you just that.  Whether you need to address gross or fine motor skills, sequencing and direction following, coordination, peer interaction or problem solving, you can basically cover all your therapy goals and deliver sensory input in a variety of ways with a hunt. They can take on almost any theme, and can be adapted for various ages and skills levels.  

There are a variety of ways to put together scavenger hunt activities.  A basic approach for younger and lower functioning children that does not require reading is to list the activities numerically, draw a map with picture descriptions or even have them find items by color, shape, or pictured icon.  So, for example, you may have a picture of crab walking to find something that is the color red, followed by a picture of riding the scooter board to find something that is in the shape of a circle, etc. For older children with reading skills, having a clue at different pieces of equipment that will tell them what to do or give them a riddle to find out what comes next.

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The Multi-Sensory Experience
Why Use Vibro-Acoustics as Part of Your MSE Treatment?
Linda Messbauer, OTR/L
First, Vibro-acoustics is a process using two sensory systems in the body; the auditory and the touch system.  The response to the music through the auditory system is pleasurable based on the individual's tastes and preferences in music or that which is meaningful to them.  But it is the touch system that plays a major role in response to the vibration and the one that will be discussed here.  Think about it, the skin is really the largest organ in the body with more receptors than any other sensory system.  Skin is the boundary between "Me" and "Not Me" and the "container" for all function, whether that be our organs or skeletal system. It provides our physical connection to the world and serves to keep us comfortable and safe.

One postage stamp size piece of skin contains:  9' of blood vessels, 30 hairs, 300 sweat glands, 4 oil glands, 13 yards of nerves,  9,000 nerve endings, 6 cold sensors, 36 heat sensors, 75 pressure sensors and 600 pain sensors...WOW

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Southpaw Employee Spotlight

Southpaw's featured employee this month is Linda Allen.  Linda is in charge of purchasing and will be celebrating her 24th year with the company this May.  Linda's favorite thing about her job is the people that she works with, as well as the flexibility that is offered to allow employees to balance their work life and their home life.  Her favorite Southpaw product is the bolster swing "because it has been around longer than me!  An oldie but a goodie."
Outside of Southpaw, she enjoys working out at the gym with her husband and doing "girl stuff" with her two daughters. In Linda's time at Southpaw, her most memorable moment was when she turned 40 and her co-workers filled her office with black balloons and decorated it will all kinds of jokes about turning 40. She said she was feeling the love that day!
Did You Know?
We understand that budgets are cut, and many times getting that new piece of equipment you want is very difficult.  Maybe you have an old swing that needs repaired to get it in safe working condition again?  Or it might just need a new cover to repair a tear in the vinyl?  Did you know Southpaw can repair your old swings to get them like new?  For more information on this, please contact our Customer Service department at 800-228-1698 or


Quick Links
Southpaw Bounce Disc

Bounce Disc
  Similar to the Bounce Pad, our Bounce Disc is a clever alternative to a trampoline with added stability. The base is made of Baltic Birch and it has 6 durable springs covered in vinyl.
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Southpaw Vibro Rocker

Southpaw Vibro Rocker
We've adapted our Adult Sensory Rocker, by adding two bass shaking speakers that offer vibratory input to your clients. The Rocker has a built-in connector that uses banana plugs that are easily disconnected from the stereo.    
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Southpaw Teeter Swing

Southpaw Teeter Swing

This Teeter Swing will offer strong vestibular input to your clients, as it combines swinging and rocking movements.
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