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March 24, 2014
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Learning for the Love of God: A Student's Guide to Academic Faithfulness
by Derek Melleby & Don Opitz
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10+ copies --> $9/each
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Featured Article
Media Post: Jubilee Conference Highlights!
Featured Blog Posts

Jubilee: A Vision of the Kingdom


The Jubilee Conference is, hands down, my favorite event of the year. It has been since 2001! Every February in Pittsburgh, the CCO gathers 2,500+ college students to think more deeply about their place in God's world. It is a conference like no other, a time of deep engagement with the Biblical story; a time of personal commitment to follow Jesus; and a time of reflection for college students to consider their present and future callings in life...


Read the rest of Derek's post here.


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A FREE sample of Learning for the Love of God: A Student's Guide to Academic Faithfulness is now available!

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