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Thank you to all who participated in the webinar "Senior Night: Preparing for the Next Chapter of Your Life Story."

The DVD recording is now available here. My hope is that this recording is helpful to you as you prepare students for life after high school.

We are already receiving speaking requests for the fall. I welcome the opportunity to share with your students, parents and youth workers. I am available to speak at high schools, college and university chapels, churches, camps and conferences. Target audiences include youth, parents and youth workers. You can see a list of topics here.

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.    

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Invite Derek Melleby to speak to your students and parents this fall. Topics include college transition and identity formation.
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A 40 minute presentation to help students be more spiritually prepared for life after high school. Consider inviting students for a meal or dessert or simply play at a youth group gathering. The presentation concludes with questions for discussion.


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by Derek Melleby
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Featured Media Post: Why 30 Is Not the New 20


There are 15 million 20-somethings in the United States. That's 15% of the US population! According to clinical psychologist Meg Jay, the 20s are not a developmental downtime, but a developmental "sweet spot." The "benign neglect" of this formative phase in life, by some, is a real problem with real consequences. In this engaging TEDtalk, Dr. Jay explains why the 20s is the "defining decade" and what steps young adults can take to "claim their adulthood."


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J. Mark Bertrand Interview

Help Students Transition to College by Hosting a Panel Discussion


This past weekend I presented the College Transition Seminar for the Black Rock Church in Fairfield, CT. Over lunch, the seminar featured a panel discussion with current college students. The conversation was rich. It got me thinking... a college student panel is a simple thing to do and it can make a big difference in the lives of soon-to-be college students...


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