"All heroes are ordinary people who make themselves EXTRAORDINARY"
e-RPDS                                                                                             05/06/2016
Letter from the Director
Dear Redeemer Community,

Our hallways this week have transported us to Gotham City and our parents have surrounded us with inspiring quotes, kind words and many thoughtful gestures and treats. Taking inspiration from Teacher Appreciation Week, this edition of our electronic newsletter is dedicated to our incredible teachers who through everyday acts inspire us all, most importantly those students that they teach who will forever be impacted by the teacher who "helped them sound out words", gave them the tools to cope with a sad moment and become resilient, taught them to think of others, took the time to do puzzles and read stories to them, or simply made them feel loved and valued. There is certainly no question about the complexities of teaching and educating our youngest students, but it is also through the simplest of acts that many of life's greatest lessons are taught. Our teachers are our heroes. Just ask their students. 
Best regards,

What's going on at Redeemer?

Meet Our Superheroes:

From around the world to around Charles Street; from an abundance of patience to tons of creativity; from downstairs to upstairs, these are the heroes of Redeemer Parish Day School!


Melanie Baker (Pre-k)
She's a bird, she's a plane, no she's "Superman" because "that's what she acts like outside." Because "she's awesome and a great teacher", she quickly and seamlessly moved up the ranks into superhero status. When she is not selflessly promoting good, "maybe liking tadpoles", and finding the positive in everyone, she is suspected of "going on vacations and enjoying Craisins." (Stuart Fenton, age 4)

Terri Ball (5/3s, Lunch Bunch)
Terri Ball, a prototype of "Batman", for her ability to "know the right words" and "help kids when they're sad," is best known for her "silly dances and for snacking on goldfish and graham crackers." When she is not saving the world, giving bathroom reminders, running scooter tag in the hallways or making sure that everyone is laughing, "she probably sits on her couch at her house." (Colt Taylor, age 4)

Jen Barta (Pre-first)
A "Saving the School Superhero", Jen Barta has developed extraordinary strength in "teaching kids math and making them sound out words." Well known for her love of "Redeemer pretzels and the colors pink and purple (She is a girl!)", she is also famous for her mathematical prowess. When this valiant superhero isn't saving the world with her great kindness, taking great care to provide individualized attention to each of her students, and collecting post cards from around the country with her class, she is likely "at home working on math because she's really smart with it." (Daniel Kropf, age 7)

Annette Bednez (Music)
Better known as our "Superhero of Music", Miss B. "does fun things with us by playing music on the piano and singing." When she is not donning her musical hat, sharing her amazing talents with our students, saving the world and serving our school, she is likely enjoying "pizza, the color blue or playing her piano at home." (Thomas Bloomer, age 6)

Karen Blair (Art)
Being compared to the notorious "Batman", Mrs. Blair is described as "a good guy who is smart and strong." Her superpowers include, "Being cool, making art and using paper." When she is taking a break from fighting for all that is good, working really hard and creating an amazing child-driven art curriculum, it is believed that she is at home, "watching TV and eating popcorn." (Jeremiah Durham, age 6)

Wendy Craig (Science, Gym)
Defined as model for Wonder Woman for simply "being Mrs. Craig", this real life superhero is known for "helping kids love science, thinking of cool things to do, and getting kids better at running and getting more strength." When she isn't working to create a positive force field, offering an extra hand to everyone, and sharing her incredible creativity with our school, she is probably at home "planning good projects and eating ice cream and apples." (Ryan Keffer, age 6)

Lisa Doherty (2/2s, Lunch Bunch)
Lisa Doherty, also known as the "Superhero of Puzzles", has become super strong at "doing puzzles because she's really good at puzzles." Showing an abundance of care for each of her students, giving out smiles and saving the world are commonplace for this superhero. When she is not out there preserving all the good in the world, it is suspected that in her free time she is enjoying "the color blue, mac n' cheese and fish sticks." (Quinn Maesar, age 3)

Ruth Faint (Pre-k)
When you are compared to "Wonder Woman" because you are "brave" and "teach kids how to work with numbers", you have instantly reached superhero status. When this mighty teacher is not bringing tadpoles to school, making all of her students feel valued, teaching her class all about the letters or doing everything possible for the greater good of our world, she is likely "eating cereal bars and working on her computer at home." (Emily Rodgers, age 4)

Kate Grieves (3/3s)
This everyday hero has been described as "Wonder Woman" because "she picks up heavy things." She has extraordinary strength in "reading books, making projects with lambs and eating goldfish crackers." She is loved because "her is a good teacher." When she is not with us saving the world, preparing for projects, and enjoying the company of her students and colleagues, she is probably at home "working on emails." (Lana Miller, age 4)

Kennon Hanna (2/2s)
This "Superhero of Flowers" is known for "helping with clean up, playdough and painting." When she is not saving the world, planning engaging activities, or giving hugs to her students, this superhero is probably partaking in her favorite pastimes, "doing school and liking the kids." (Wallis Miller, age 3)

Margy Hooper (3/3s)
Described as a Redeemer "Super Girl" because "she has a superhero brain inside", this valiant heroine is known for "being really good with letters, sitting down and reading and doing things right." When she isn't fighting for justice, positively reinforcing her class, and looking for the best in each of her students, she is likely "at her house probably playing with Barbies and eating long fruit snacks". (Andrew Masom, age 4)

Katie Libby (5/3s, Lunch Bunch)
"Because she makes good decisions", there is nothing this "Volleyball Superhero" works harder on than preserving all that is good in our world, teaching our three year olds and effectively running our Lunch Bunch program - and always with a smile on her face and a kind heart. When she is not fearlessly saving the world or singing "Days of the Week", she is most likely "playing volleyball with her family, eating chocolate and getting married with a Mr. Schroeder." (Colbie Ruhl, age 3)

Eileen Loeb (Pre-k)
A modern day, "Bat Girl" who is "so nice" and has a "good smile" Mrs. Loeb has earned her superhero status by "making good projects" and "cooking waffles at school". When she is not working hard to really know each of her students, developing curriculum or inventing recipes, she is likely at home "eating yogurt." (Ella Harrison, age 5)

Mother P. (Day School Chaplain)
Often confused with "Super Girl" because she is so "super", we "love her because she helps us learn about Jesus, and she has a pretty white dress". When she isn't working towards all that is good and smiling at the world, she probably "goes home and relaxes on the couch to eat some cheese." (Wren Smith, age 5)

Katie Poe (Administrative Coordinator)
Mrs. Poe, also known as, "The Superhero of Good" brings many superpowers to our community, from "helping kids be nice" to "giving out Band-Aids", from taking attendance to sampling her favorite Redeemer snack of "goldfish", she rightly has earned her superhero cape. When she is not busy keeping the school operating well, showing sensitivity to everyone and smiling, she is most likely at home "teaching people how to help people." (Elsa DiMucci, age 4)

Tracy Pohlhaus (Kindergarten)
This "Superhero of Social Studies and Stuff" is best known for "basically teaching really good things" and letting "kids go to the playroom at the end of the day." When she is at home she is likely, "getting papers ready and teaching her 19 year old sons to be good listeners." With her hard work, organization and love of learning, she truly is a superhero by day, superhero by night. (Max Spahn-Lechmanik, age 6)

Kara Sciuto (Pre-k, Lunch Bunch)
This "Superhero of Bumblebees" has an elevated status in the superhero world because her students, "love going outside with her" and feel great that she "smiles when they say silly things." When she is not "doing a good job helping Mrs. Loeb", showing care towards others, sharing her positive attitude or flying faster than a bird or plane, she is likely "eating waffles to have fun." (Joseph Shankman, age 5)

Judi Smith (Kindergarten, Values)
Judi Smith has earned her super powers by "being a nice, good teacher who is really funny." Her students think of her as the "Superhero for a Clean Earth" When she is not teaching the importance of values, creating something new and different for our kindergarten, being an advocate for our school or saving the world, she is likely "eating her favorite Redeemer snack of "graham crackers" and teaching everyone about "taking care of our earth". (Luca Cronin, age 5)

Catherine Wyatt (2s)
Often compared to "Spiderman" for being so "nice", this modern day superhero is loved for "taking kids outside" and "reading books".  Her superhero skills include "teaching about school", demonstrating flexibility and kindness, and creating fun projects and activities for her students. Though "it's upsetting" when she is not in school, she is likely at home "cooking things like meatballs and sour things for dessert." (Catie Dew, age 3)

Caroline Zuidema (2s, Spanish, Lunch Bunch)
This "Superhero of Princesses" earned her title because of her acute abilities to "play Ring around the Rosie and snack on goldfish." When she isn't playing with her students, giving out smiles or making learning Spanish so much fun, she is likely, "loving the colors purple and red." (Peyton Leber, age 2)

Office Notes
Play & Grow Summer Camp at Redeemer 
is a special place for children ages 2 - 6 to meet new friends, explore new concepts, 
build social skills, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

Click here for more information.

We are collecting  plastic bottle caps of all colors and sizes for a school project.

Click here for more information about this family event. Parent Council is looking for a few volunteers to assist with set-up and break-down.  Please click here to sign-up.  We hope to see everyone there! 

Thursday, May 12- 5:30 pm- End of Year Family Picnic.

Friday, May 20- 9:15 am- K/P-1 Publishing Party

Friday, May 27- 11am- Pre-k City Project
                           11:45 All school dismissal

Monday, May 30- No school- Memorial Day

Wednesday, June 1 11:45 All school dismissal

Thursday, June 2- 9:15 am- June Jamboree!
*Last day of school-Summer Break begins after program.

Program Highlights:
Teacher Appreciation Week 
We were treated like super heroes this week! Thank you Parent Council the many generous volunteers for the lunch, decorations, plants, muffins, popcorn, desserts, coffee, flowers, and breakfast.  Most importantly, thank you students for our special cards and notes. We are very fortunate to be surrounded by such a supportive community!

In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on the link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!

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Max Masear
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Charlie Welsh
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Brielle Nace
Carter Cummings
Catie Rakes
Ella Lohse
Giulia Oleson
Ryan Keffer
Max Spahn-Lechmanik
Will Mason
Madison Sevier
Community News

Interfaith Power & Light
A Religious Response to Global Warming

Right in time for the first week of spring, Interfaith Power & Light is pleased to offer you organic, heirloom, non-GMO seed kits. You could grow a Salsa Garden with all the tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, and herbs you need to make your own salsa for a delicious Mexican-style meal. Or, you can plant an Urban Garden, with varieties of lettuce, carrots, beets, spinach, and squash, ideal for those living in urban settings or have small gardens, containers or small raised beds.

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