So many of our smiles start with you. Thanks for all you do for RPDS!
e-RPDS                                                                                             04/8/2016
Letter from the Director
Dear Parents,
So many of our smiles start with you. Thanks for all you do for RPDS!
Over the past week we were thrilled to host "car line coffee drive-throughs" to show a small token of our appreciation for all that our parents do for Redeemer. The benefits of having strong parent involvement in our school are obvious from the help and support you give us to the time and creativity you offer to the funds you raise to build our educational program and improve are facilities. We would like to especially thank Natalie Bissonette and Ruth Keffer, our Parent Council co-chairs, for their dedication and incredible leadership this year. We are a better school because of you.
Most of all, we are grateful for the gift of your children. Research and studies prove that family engagement in early learning profoundly impacts future success for students. While appreciative of the research, we don't need scientists, doctors and text books to tell us this. As we all know, our students don't miss a beat. They never stop watching. We are thrilled they are watching you. You inspire us all!
Best regards,
RPDS students spontaneously create a donut shop and bakery alongside our coffee drive-through.

What's going on at Redeemer?

Classroom Updates:
Redeemer students and teachers celebrate an outdoor chapel.

Mrs. Hanna's & Mrs. Doherty's 2s:
The Twos continue to learn about Spring and have begun to study farm animals, the color purple, and the oval. The children learned that hens lay eggs, cows make milk, and that we can buy eggs and milk from the grocery store. We made homemade butter in class, and every single child tasted it. Several asked for more! We've all been enjoying the fragrant hyacinths in our room, and each child created a fingerprint interpretation of a purple hyacinth. Look for that and other purple projects to come home. Monday, April 11th is Irvin Simon picture day for the Twos! Please send in your picture order on Monday, if you have not already done so. Happy Spring!

Mrs. Wyatt's and Mrs. Zuidema's 2s: 
While March may have come in like a lion and gone out like a lamb, April has no idea what to do.  Even though we may see a few more snowflakes, the bulbs we planted in the fall are blooming beautifully just outside of our playroom window.  During the month of April, we will be focusing on the color purple, ovals, farm animals, and spring.  One of our most popular projects was painting mud on pigs.  We also enjoyed painting raindrops with bubble bath and glitter for our classroom bulletin board.  We are looking forward to celebrate Earth week with the rest of the school as we learn how to protect our planet.  With the change of seasons, please check your children's cubbies for an appropriate change of clothing.  Each one of them appears to have grown a foot over Spring Break!

Mrs. Hooper's and Mrs. Grieves' 3s:
More happy and busy days in the 3 Day 3's!   We have "Sprung into Spring" by making many pretty flowers....violets, daffodils and forsythia! The children created treats for their Dad's and  we so enjoyed having them with us this morning!  Next week, our homemade caterpillars will be hanging in their cocoons in our classroom.....waiting for them to turn into colorful butterflies!  Our final nursery rhyme for the year is" Humpty Dumpty" and WHITE  OVALS are our color and shape of the month.  Letter recognition (CAPITALS) is definately improving; be sure to reinforce this at home.  The children continue to enjoy working their small motor skills with scissors and play dough while outside fun abounds with the warmer weather. Have a wonderful Weekend! 

Miss Libby's and Miss Ball's 3s:
They 5 day 3s had a fabulous trip to Florida to wrap up the transportation unit. Thank you for the hard work assisting them on their suitcases. We are gearing up for spring by making spring flowers and talking about the changing weather. Our bears came out of hibernation while we were gone on spring break. We are starting our community helpers unit, working on our new poem, color and shape. (Humpty Dumpty, white, and oval). We will also be talking about bike safety as we prepare for the upcoming trike-a-thon. We will also be participating in a school wide celebration of earth day.

Mrs. Loeb's and Ms. Sciuto's Pre-k: 
Mrs. Loeb's pre-k class is all confused! One of the girls said that Spring must have gone to Florida! So true. We've had too many "Lion" days and not enough "lamb" days! We are ALL ready for spring!  However, the bulbs we planted last fall are beautiful. They survived the squirrels and the winter! We are so looking forward to our Dads coming in! It's the talk of the week, but we are just as proud if granddads, uncles, or brothers (or even Moms) come instead! We have been busy finishing up 'V', matching upper case and lower case letters, and making a volcano! Paper mache is messy, but we prevailed and it's drying as we speak. It should be ready to erupt by Friday.  We also had vegetables for snack, and made a ranch dip from scratch. You should be so proud of your little cooks! Please remember to dress your children in layers. These changeable days of spring wreak havoc with the temperature and your children's comfort outside. 

Mrs. Faint's and Mrs. Baker's Pre-k:
What happened to Spring? Thanks for checking the weather and dressing your child appropriately for outside play. We have walked around the campus to check out the seasonal changes - please do the same in your neighborhood as the children have interesting observations and conclusions about what is happening!  
We have been very busy with letter V, drawing diagonal lines, using papier-mâché to make a volcano, playing rhyming games and  preparing for dads to visit. Next week will be a great deal of talk about wind and weather as we move on to W. During free play, we are working on walking the line between being a leader and being too bossy as well as using the correct tone of voice when talking to friends as well as adults. Thanks for all your support at home!

Mrs. Pohlhaus's and Mrs. Smith's Kindergartens:
We hope you all had a wonderful break. The children were very excited to return and see their friends and jump back into learning. Kindergarten will be learning about the rainforest in the next few weeks. We will be reading and listening to many wonderful books, reaching and writing about rainforest animals, and creating our own rainforest trees. Please look for your child's research packet to be completed at home and returned so we can teach others about the wonders of these animals. This is an exciting spring unit.

Mrs. Barta's Pre-first:
has been great to be back at school! The children were so excited to 
get back to their routines in the classroom and see all their friends. 
We finished up our unit on Space. We are now going to switch gears and 
begin learning about the country that we live in and what exactly "Me on 
the Map" means. We will be using maps, studying U.S symbols, landmarks 
and learning about different cities, capitals and states.

The Pre-first children wrote a book together called "If You Give a Dad a 
Donut." They were very proud of this book and have enjoyed reading it 
to several different classes throughout the school. Their writing has 
improved tremendously throughout the year. Each child is moving at 
their own pace and they continue to build on their phonics skills, 
comprehension skills and expressive language.

We spent a lot of time counting the money that was donated for Boots for 
Baltimore. This was part of our Money unit in math. The children did 
such an amazing job. We just found out that our total was off by only 
21 cents. WOW!! Way to go Pre-first

Lunch Bunch:
Lunch Bunch has had a great begging of spring! We are excited to welcome the 3 Day 2s to our Wednesdays and Fridays! It has been fun having them as an addition to our program. Towards the end of the year we have begun to have more self directed projects, it is wonderful to see what the children come up with. We have many spring projects of the horizon and are looking forward to the continuing change in weather.
We are celebrating Earth Day in Lunch Bunch! On Friday April 22, please pack your child a trash free lunch, using reusable containers. We talk about trying not to waste food and resources in Lunch Bunch and we feel this would be a good lesson for the children to experience. Thank you! 

Office Notes

We are collecting the following items for school projects:  plastic bottle caps of all colors and sizes, cardboard egg cartons, paper towel tubes. 

Boots for Baltimore  brought in over $330, which is enough for 11 pairs of sturdy boots and warm socks! Special thanks to everyone who donated, and to Mrs. Barta's Pre-first class for counting all that change!


Tuesday, April 11- Irvin Simon Picture Day 2/2s

Thursday, April 14- 6:30 pm  Girls' Night Bingo 

April 18- April 22- Earth Week at Redeemer

Friday, April 22- 9 am- Trike Ride Charity Fundraiser

Friday, April 29- All school dismissal 11:45- Faculty Meeting 
Program Highlights:

Dads and Donuts  









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