"You really don't understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back." - William D. Tammeus
e-RPDS                                                                                         5/15/2015
Letter from the Director

Dear Parents,


Last week you thanked us; now it's our turn to do the same. Where do we even begin? From organizing the class parties to volunteering your time, from chaperoning field trips to fund-raising, you make our school such a special place. You read in the library, attend meetings, organize events, and support us in countless ways. The list is simply endless. Most importantly, you entrust us with the care of your wonderful children and for that we are truly grateful. You are raising the children who are the hope and promise of our future. Thank you for letting us join you on that journey and for sharing your most precious gifts with us. We would not be the school that we are without you.


Last night's picnic was a testament to the wonderful sense of community at Redeemer. It was heartwarming to see SO MANY of our families and teachers together. We are truly blessed!

Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, May 27 for our Volunteer Appreciation Happy Hour from 6:00-8:00 PM at RPDS. If you did not receive a Paperless Post invitation, please contact the office. We look forward to hosting this event to show the Redeemer parents our gratitude.

Best regards,


Classroom Updates
Messages to Our Parents:

Hanna 2s:  

Thank you to all of our parents for making us feel so special during Teacher Appreciation Week, and throughout the school year. Mrs. Link and I appreciate YOU! Thank you for allowing us to be with your little ones two mornings a week. We enjoy our time with them and will be sad to see them, and you, move on. But we couldn't be prouder. Mrs. Link and I have said so many times that we have a wonderful group of children and parents. Thank you for your notes, texts and Emails of support throughout the year. Thank you for subbing on short notice when I was too sick to come to school. Thank you for the homemade play dough, special snacks and treats. And thank you for keeping the lines of communication open. It has been a wonderful year! 


Longaker 2s: 

As I reviewed all my photos of the girls recently, I was struck by how young they were when they started out in our class in September. Now that nearly all of them are 3, a dramatic transformation has occurred! It has been a privilege to teach your daughters this year, so thank you for entrusting them to Lisa and me. They are truly a joy! Also, thank you, to each and everyone of you, for being such great parents and for being so supportive of our classroom and school. We couldn't do any of this without you!

Hooper 3s:  

Thank You to our WONDERFUL 3 Day 3 Parents!  Last week was full of fabulous surprises....The handmade cards decorating our classroom doors were so very special. The flowers filled our rooms with fragrance and color ALL week. Breakfast and the "day of desserts" were a delicious morning treat!  Thank you all- we feel very appreciated and are most grateful. Today we completed page 6 of our 10 page Ocean Book.  The children are enthralled with the many fun facts they have learned about dolphins, sea turtles, scallops and starfish... with more to come!  We have watched dolphins jumping , sea turtles hatching, scallops swimming and starfish eating.  As well, we have read many stories about these underwater friends.  It is such fun to watch the children's faces " light up" as they create, watch, listen and learn about many sea creatures!  Today, we sent home a list of food assignments for our CLASS breakfast picnic which is June 3rd (rain date June 4th) at Emma and  Cole Cumming's house (4221 Greenway, Baltimore 21218).  We are looking forward to an enjoyable and tasty morning of celebration!  Thank you again to our FABULOUS 3 Day 3 parents...this has been an amazing year with your sweet children and we thank you for your magnificent support!!! 

Libby 3s: 
The 5 day 3s are very grateful for our wonderful parents and families. We asked the children what their parents do for our school that makes them happy. Their answers are as follows: Aggie: driving us to school; Grace: reading in Library; Ella: giving me toys; Patrick: getting me clothes for school; Stuart: reading books; Jack: getting Easter eggs; Dominic: playing with me at school; Ellie: taking me to school and picking me up; William: coming to Dads and Donuts; Joseph: coming to the pizza party; Charlie: packing my lunch; Maxine: walking me to school; Hadley: picking me up early; Nicholas: packing me a cookie and a cupcake; Guilia: driving me to school; Emily: taking pictures at school for videos; Davis: letting me play at school! Thank you 5 Day 3's Families! We love you!


Faint 4s: 

What a tremendous year of growing and changing for our fours!  Please know that we truly appreciate the trust and support that you have shown for us as we helped your child move from preschooler to a student ready for kindergarten. Knowing that you, at home, were backing us up as we helped the children with life skills they will use as they move forward, made our job easier.  Thanks, too, for the more concrete support such as making play dough, reading in library, organizing parties, baking treats, working at the winter carnival, providing lunch, sending in flowers, cheering on bike riders, attending programs and the numerous other ways that you help make Redeemer a loving, joyful, thriving environment! We seriously could not have done our job without your help!


Loeb 4s: 

It's May. We are almost at the end, and we want to take this opportunity to say "Thank You"!  We have had a great year with your children, and certainly, by extension, all of you.  Your enthusiasm, caring, the time you've given - all of this has meant that teaching at Redeemer is truly a wonderful experience. All the reading in the library, the thoughtful comments, your contributions to fairs, box tops, and lunches, not to mention teacher appreciation week are all efforts that we do not take for granted. This is a terrific community and one that we are proud to be part of.                                             


Grateful is what we feel...We are grateful for your help with class parties, chaperoning field trips, your quick responses to emails and calls, your coverage of our classes, sending in supplies for projects, your attendance at meetings and conferences, your love for your children, your invested interest in your child's education, your smiles, your conversation and most importantly your trust and support. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with your precious children each and every day...grateful is what we are!!!


We asked your children to describe you. The wordle below shows what they had to say.






WOW, what a year!  The Pre-first boys have grown so much, learned a lot, worked hard and had a lot of fun while doing so!  Each boy is unique in his own way and I feel honored to have been their teacher.  Pre-first is truly a gift:


a gift of time,

a gift of independence,

a gift of hope,

a gift of friendships,

a gift of knowledge, &

a gift of confidence.


Thank you all for your support throughout the year.  It takes a team to help these boys grow and develop and they are well on their way!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your team this year!

Office Notes

Library Books
Thanks to all of you who are assisting in reading and categorizing library books. Your help is invaluable to the reorganization process of our library, making it more user friendly and utilized. I am looking forward to reading and categorizing a selection of books with our students; there is nothing more enjoyable than sharing a book with a child! Many thanks to Dana Christo, Zab Bickley Negin and Natalie Bissonnette for the countless hours they have put into this project.

Fall Festival Volunteers
We are excited to switch our Winter Carnival to a Fall Family Festival (Saturday, October 17 from 10:30-1:00) and are looking for names of volunteers who can be contacted in the early fall. Volunteering at the Fall Festival is a wonderful way for older children to receive service hours. Sign-up sheets are located on the Parent Council Bulletin Board. 

Redeemer Parish Day School is excited to get new cubbies, with more efficient classroom storage, for next year. We will be selling the cubbies outside of our 4s classrooms and would be happy to donate the older downstairs cubbies or box style cubbies used by the kindergarten and pre-first. Please contact Mary Knott for more information.

Save the Date
We will be hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Happy Hour for all of our wonderful parents who work so hard to support our school. The festivities will be from 6:00-8:00 on Wednesday, May 27 at RPDS. More details to come.

Enrollment Update:
We have a few remaining spots in some of our classes for next year. If you know of anyone interested in visiting and touring the school, please have them contact the office.



Friday, May 22

9:15 K/P1 Publishing Party - Parish Hall

11:00 4s/Pre-K City Project - Hale Auditorium

11:45 All school dismissal - no afternoon programs      

Monday, May 25- No school- Memorial Day

Wednesday, May 27- Volunteer Appreciation Happy Hour 6-8 pm at RPDS

Wednesday,June 3- 11:45 All School Dismissal

Thursday, June 411:45 All School Dismissal

Friday, June 5-  9:15 End of Year Program
  *Summer break begins after program

Program Highlights:

Kindergarten and 
Three Year Old Authors
Our kindergarten and three year old classes both just finished units on the Ocean. Our kindergarten authors wrote interactive touch books to share with their three year old friends who were also very proud to recite and share their nursery rhyme books with the older children. There truly is no better way to learn than to teach!

Bee Keeper Visits Redeemer
Our kindergarten and pre-first students welcomed a bee keeper who taught them all about honey bee colonies and how we can help protect their population. Not only did they get too see a bee keeper suit, explore with his tools, and touch the wax honeycomb; they were able to sample some honey from his local hives. It was the perfect culmination to our kindergarten insect unit.

Teachers Attend 
Gardens for Learning Workshop
Wendy Craig, Mary Knott and Judi Smith recently attended a wonderful workshop on "Gardens for Learning" in preparation for the upcoming Rain Garden Project. After visiting gardens at both Roland Park Country School and Friends School, they returned with some wonderful ideas to implement into the project as well as a few new ideas for future projects. 

In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on the link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!

"With Gratitude to RPDS Parents"

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Community News

U.S Post Card Project

As part of a unit on the United States, our pre-first class is trying to collect post cards from all 50 states and needs help reaching this goal. If you travel or know someone from another state who would be willing to participate in this project, we would appreciate it. Please mail all post cards to the attention of the pre-first:

5603 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21210

Play and Grow Summer Camp

Please visit the website for enrollment information or to learn more.

Kids Yoga at Bikram Yoga 
in Hampden

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