"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." 
- Doug Larson
e-RPDS                                                                                             4/02/2015
Letter from the Director

Dear Redeemer Community,


There were days when I thought spring might not ever come. It has been such a treat to watch our children and teachers relish in the warmer temperatures and signs of spring. I think we may have finally turned the corner!


This past year, I have had the opportunity to take a course and review and update our Emergency Response Plan. It is an important step in preparing for and ensuring the safety of our students and staff in the unlikely event of an emergency.


The primary purpose of the plan is to provide for the well-being of our students and employees during an emergency and to communicate appropriate messages to parents. In the event of an emergency or potential threat, information and instructions for parents will be posted on the school website (www.redeemerpds.org). Depending on the nature of the threat, a phone chain may also go into effect. If the Director gives permission for students to leave Redeemer in an emergency, students may only leave with a parent, guardian or driver who has been previously designated.


Please know that the safety and welfare of our students is our highest priority. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Enjoy what seems to finally be spring. Happy Easter!


Best regards,


Classroom Updates:

Hanna 2s: 

The Hanna Twos have been celebrating the onset of Spring by getting in lots of outdoor play in the beautiful, warm sunshine. The Twos have been busy decorating an Easter egg shape in a pattern with tape and chalk.

They have been learning about elements of Spring and Easter, and enjoying the wonderful scent of purple hyacinth in the room.


Longaker 2s: How refreshing it's been to have our full mornings together after a long winter, full of snow days and delays. Tuesday, our Easter Egg Hunt and party was a welcome reminder of Spring , with our class joining Mrs.

Hanna's class for the hunt itself, OUTSIDE! The girls have finished their 1 to 5 Winter counting book, just in time! Look for the final edition in the next week or so. The class has enjoyed learning about farm animals, especially matching the babies to their parents in a favorite game.

Hooper 3s: 

SPRING is finally here and we are so excited to be outside riding bikes and playing in the sand!  WHITE OVALS are the color and shape of the month and Humpty Dumpty is our April nursery rhyme. In the coming weeks, we will start our Community Helpers Unit as well as incorporating some Spring-themed art projects!  Following our circle time stories, we are asking more detailed content questions.  The children's responses show that they are such good listeners! Be sure to send in your Hopkins Trike Ride permission slips! Thank you to our Easter party Moms....such fun!  HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF OUR WONDERFUL FAMILIES!!!


Libby 3s: The Five Day Threes are hopping into spring and April. This month we are working on the color white, ovals, letters XYZ and Numbers 123. Our nursery rhyme this month is Humpty Dumpty. We are excited for the warm spring weather and all the running that we will be able to do outside! We hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Easter! 

Faint 4s: 

Faint 4's have moved from towers, tents and tulips to underground animals and underwater creatures. It has been great to be outside to give the children time to really move those muscles. We have been working on how to tell friends clearly that you don't like being chased, don't want to swing, etc. Sometimes it is hard to understand that your friends like you even if they are choosing not to play what you want to play. So, outside recess has presented opportunities to navigate social situations the children have not experienced in months! Enjoy your Easter break with your family.


Loeb 4s: It finally feels like spring!  Easter is coming up, a little break, and then we all hit the home stretch. We always get a little nostalgic this time of year, looking at all the different ways 'our' children have grown. They are writing their names, dictating sentences about their art, and learning the fine art of friendship. We have completed the letter "U", amid great laughter for 'underwear'.  We will finish our alphabet book and then work on our wonderful "City" project, but not before exploring volcanos, worms, and zoo life. We will have our Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday, compliments of Mike Spotte and Don McIntosh. We wish you all a lovely and warm Easter! 




There is no place like space! What a jam packed two weeks we have had. We made space shuttles, control panels and astronauts. The kindergarteners learned about each planet and created a book about the solar system. We are looking forward to our space walk with the three year olds on Thursday! In language arts, we have started discussing "the magic e." The students have been building magic e words. We have also been reading emergent books with many magic e words in them. In math, the kindergarteners are working on solving addition and subtraction word problems. We hope you have a very happy Easter!!!




5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!  The Pre-first boys have been busy learning about our solar system: the sun, our moon, the planets, stars and constellations.  We have been researching the planets and writing our own factual books about the solar system.  Next week, we will focus on what life is like as an astronaut, how they travel in space, what they eat and what important jobs they perform while there.  In phonics, we have been learning about syllables, blends, suffixes and vowel consonant e words such as bone, vase, and smile.  Our Math skills continue to develop as we work on place value, word problems, whole numbers, time, money, addition and subtraction.  Have a wonderful long weekend.


Lunch Bunch:

Lunch Bunch is ready for April showers  and May flowers. This week we have been working on Easter crafts including making scratch art crosses, eggs and Easter cards. Over the next few weeks we will be working hard on our new spring bulletin board. As always if you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, please feel free to email! We have many exciting things happening in Lunch Bunch and love to hear from you!




Office Notes
We have a few remaining spots in some of our classes. If you know of someone who might be interested in visiting and touring the school, please have them contact the office to set up an appointment. Our parents at Redeemer are our best marketing tool - we appreciate all you do to support our school.

Trike Ride
All permission forms are due no later than Friday, April 10.

RPDS has current part time employment opportunities for 2015-2016. Redeemer seeks creative and talented individuals who have a passion for teaching young children, an outstanding work ethic and a commitment to teamwork. Please contact the school office for additional information.

Summer Play & Grow Camp
Registration has begun for Play & Grow Camp. Please visit our website to learn more or email our camp directors at playgrow@redeemerpds.org to learn more.


Friday, April 3- NO SCHOOL- Easter Break

Monday, April 6-NO SCHOOL- Easter Break

Monday, April 13- Picture Day for M/T 2s

Wednesday, April 15 - 9 am- Hopkins Trike Ride
                                       (NO morning carpool)

Thursday, April 16- Picture Day for W/TH 2s and make-up pictures

Friday, April 24-All school dismissal 11:45 - Faculty Meeting


Program Highlights:
Kindergarten Treats our Three Year Old Classes to a Space Walk!


There is no better way to learn than to teach! Both of our three year old classes ventured into outer space this week! They were hosted by our kindergarten classes where together they did things like build rocket ships on the interactive whiteboard, send messages from the Command Center, make space ship repairs using astronaut gloves, and explore the constellations. Our three year olds loved the adventure and our kindergarten scientists shared their expertise with their younger friends with such pride!

In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on the link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!

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Community News

Please join us in welcoming Maisie Marigold Purser! On March 24, Raffi Purser in our 2s program, became a big brother. We are thrilled to have Maisie join the Redeemer family.

Parent Book Club
Please join Redeemer Parish Day School and Parenting Consultant, Beth Vincent, in our first Parent Book Club to discuss The Whole-Brain Child.

Fridays 4/17, 4/24, 5/1
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$20 per session or $50 series

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