"It is a happy talent to know how to play." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
e-RPDS                                                                                             02/20/2015
Letter from the Director

Dear Redeemer Community, 

Our values and chapel programs at Redeemer cover all types of important traits in character development from cooperation to determination from sharing to developing independence. Among those important traits, is recognizing the role that fun plays in our children's development. At Redeemer, we pride ourselves on making learning fun and creating an environment for our students that allows for time to play. Play is essential to their development.


Having said that, you won't want to miss this year's Winter Carnival tomorrow from 10:30am - 1:00pm. There will be games, crafts, nail painting, tattoos, a photo booth, local vendors, cupcake decorating and food and beverages. Please be sure to invite friends, family and neighbors to this fun-filled event! Thank you to the Winter Carnival Committee - Ruth Keffer, Amber Elburn, Heidi Harrison, Lisa McIntyre,  Anna Mattia, Jennifer Balzano, and Ashlea Brown. Their hard work and dedication to the Day School is so appreciated!


See you tomorrow!

Best regards,






Classroom Updates

Longaker 2s: 

Our Valentine's Party was great fun on February 10, with heart cookies to decorate and delicious treats to eat, Valentines to deliver and Valentine books to read. Thanks to all the parents who helped us make it a wonderful occasion.  Since Lisa and I haven't seen our girls since(!), we're really looking forward to next week, when we have them all back in class. Hope to see you at Winter Carnival on Saturday!


Hanna 2s: 

As part of this month's friendship theme, Mrs. Barta and her Pre-Firsters visited our W/Th class. The Pre-Firsters buddied up with the Twos to demonstrate what it means to be a good friend. Both classes enjoyed the visit, and it was a great opportunity to reinforce the key ingredients of friendship: communication, cooperation, problem solving, and shared fun. We look forward to future visits from the leaders of our school.

Next week, we will continue to Think Pink in the Twos. The children will begin compiling their Winter 1-5 counting books. And they will learn how to take care of our bird friends when food is scarce.

Hooper 3 Day 3s:

What fun we are having learning about our "5 SENSES".  On Thursday, we decorated and filled music sticks for our sense of "HEARING" ....a real favorite.  Friday was all about our sense of TOUCH; as we made a plate with different textures!! Next week will explore  SEEING, SMELLING and TASTING....yummy!  Letter recognition is improving for ALL and we have begun to sort and count many different objects!  Stay warm and keep reading to sweet "little ones".


Libby 5 Day 3s:

 The 5 day 3s have had a lovely February. We made hearts in many ways and have been working on the color pink and the rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock." We have had the stomach bug go through our room but hopefully we are all better now! We have been reinforcing hand washing, covering your cough and talking about the many ways germs can spread. Please help us reinforce these ideas by having discussions of your own about germs at home. Stay warm!


Loeb 4s:

We are working our way through R - the snow days have slowed us down a bit - but not too much! We made rice krispie treats, counted out the letters in our names and made rocket ships, and even have a new life-size friend named Ronnie the Robot. We continue to reinforce all the wonderful character traits we learn about in Values and appreciate all the work you do at home to support what we do in school. Hope to see you tomorrow!


Faint 4s:

The cold weather and holidays have slowed us down a bit, so we are still on letter R this week, inventing red robots, painting with red and rhyming. Our emphasis continues to be on school behavior especially as the children interact with each other. So much time indoors has led to new friendships and it is encouraging to watch the children negotiate social situations. Joining an imaginary game already in progress, asking others to share the big blocks (or agreeing to let someone else use some of the blocks you grabbed!) and finagling your way into getting your hands on the current playmobile figure that is in hot demand are all useful skills in our room!  I'm happy to reschedule conferences for anyone who has trouble making it next Friday.



Wednesday was the 100th day of school in kindergarten.It was the perfect time to have fun   
with the number 100. We did may activities and lessons to practice math,writing,and sharpen our
observational skills. We are  100 days smarter.

PDS students celebrated the 100th day of school with a visit from a very special 100 year old.


The Pre-first boys enjoyed our trip to the Arctic to learn about the large mammal called a polar bear.  We had the opportunity to do several experiments and a favorite was making our own blubber.  We observed it, asked questions, made predictions, made a plan and followed through, recorded our results and drew conclusions.  We tested our hands in ice cold water vs. our hands in the blubber in ice cold water.  We discovered that polar bears can keep warm with their layer of fat called blubber.

Have you heard the news...the Pre-first boys are 100 days smarter.  We enjoyed our celebration with Kindergarten on Wednesday, doing all things related to 100!  Hip, hip, hooray...what a fun day!!


Lunch Bunch:
Lunch Bunch loves February. We have marble painted, made Marti gras masks, painted the snow, made necklaces, created Valentines Cards and made frozen paint popsicles (for painting not eating!) We love going outside in the snow, but sometimes it is even too cold for Lunch Bunch. Please send in warm clothes/ coats on cold days and we try our best to get outside! Thanks!
Program Highlights:
Learning doesn't end with our students!

On Friday, February 13 our teachers were treated to a two part workshop series centered around the impact that motor development has on learning. Darlene Nasuta and Ellen Robison, both certified occupational therapists from the Therapy and Learning Center presented on typical motor milestones as well as ways to implement strategies and activities to improve fine and visual motor activities. After conducting an abbreviated yoga class, certified children's yoga coach, Josh Kaminkow, presented on ways teachers can integrate yoga into the classroom, improving student calm and focus.

In the past year, in addition to all becoming certified in CPR and First Aid, members of our faculty and staff have had the opportunity to attend workshops, conferences and seminars with the following titles:
  • Everyday Mathematics 4 Summer Institute
  • Conference for Maryland Kindergarten Teachers
  • Schedules, Routines, and Transitions
  • Preschool Yogashop: How Teachers Can Integrate Yoga into the Classroom
  • Ages and Stages, Occupational Therapy Classroom Stepping Stones
  • What's New in Children's Literature: 2015
  • Conference for Maryland Pre-K Teachers
  • Managing Disruptive Classroom Behavior
  • Dr. Jean's Rock, Rhyme, Write & Read
  • Medication Administration Training
  • Emergency Preparedness and Planning
  • Growth and Development 45 Hour Course
  • Jumping Off the Page!

Office Notes:
Cell Phone Policy:
Please remember that cell/car phone use is strictly prohibited in our car line. We appreciate your cooperation as the safety of our children is our number one priority.

Enrollment Contracts:
Contracts for 3s,Pre-k, Kindergarten and Pre-first are due on Friday, March 6.

If you do not plan on returning to RPDS next year, please inform the office as we maintain waiting lists in many of our classes.

Thank you for your support! Children should wear their boots to chapel on Wednesday, February 25th for the blessing of the boots.  

Upcoming Calendar Events:

Saturday, February 21st- WINTER CARNIVAL 10:30-1

Friday, February 27th- Parent Conferences for 5/3s, 4s, Kindergarten and Pre-first - School not in session for those students
(The 3 Day 3s will have school that day)

Friday, March 6th- All school dismissal 11:45,no afternoon programs.  Faculty Meeting

Friday, March 13th-All school dismissal 11:45, no afternoon programs. Spring break begins!

Tuesday, March 24th- School Resumes
In preschool we recognize the privilege, responsibility and joy of educating our youngest students. Alongside their parents, we work diligently at building the foundation for their ongoing and lifelong learning. Be sure to click on theYouTube link below found in every issue to see our wonderful students in action. Enjoy!

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