"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." -Paul Ryan
e-RPDS                                                                                             10/24/2014
Letter from the Director

Dear Redeemer Community,


Talented and dedicated teachers, a curriculum that fosters strong social and cognitive growth, and facilities that promote interactive and hands-on learning are fundamental to any successful educational environment. Redeemer is very fortunate. Our creative and diverse faculty members have collectively over 232 years of experience in the field of education, our curriculum provides an outstanding foundation for life after Redeemer, and we are blessed with plentiful classroom and outdoor space.


It is the less tangible quality of the tremendous sense of community at Redeemer that takes our educational environment one step further. We are very privileged to have a vibrant and active community at the heart of our program - families, teachers, administration and Church who are able to contribute in varied and unique ways.


A few weeks ago I arrived at a Parent Council meeting already in progress. I was struck by the abundance - an abundance of people, energy, enthusiasm, and dedication. Here was yet another piece of the Redeemer community working together to make our school a better place. While suggestions and ideas were formed, I couldn't help but reminisce back to a time when I was a young parent attending those meetings and knowing now, that while far less transparent, these wonderful volunteers were also forming bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime.


Two weeks from today we will all gather to celebrate the RPDS community at the Fall Fete. I look forward to a fun and festive night and to seeing you all there. I want to take this moment to express my sincere gratitude to the Fall Fete co-chairs, Suzanne Fowble, Lexie Mills, Kate Taylor and Katie Weiss and their many dedicated volunteers who are working tirelessly to ensure a successful and fun evening. Hopefully before, but if not, see you on the evening of November 7!


Best regards,

Mary Knott

Classroom Updates:
Hanna 2s:

The Twos are busy learning through hands-on exploration and discovery activities. They are manipulating playdough, stringing wooden beads, and pinching plastic tweezers to pick up and transfer orange pom poms. They are washing pumpkins, matching one pumpkin to one corresponding circle, and examining leaves, acorns, pine cones, gourds and tree bark. The Twos also are enjoying scooping, filling, pouring, and sifting rice at the sensory table, working with glue and glitter for a sparkly Halloween, and eating orange cheese.

Longaker 2s: 

Our class has been busy exploring the color orange and everything pumpkin. We've been washing pumpkins, planting pumpkin seeds, painting pumpkins and even doing a taste survey on roasted pumpkin seeds. The sugar and pumpkin spice  seeds won out! Next week we will finish our pumpkin unit and move onto Fall.

Hooper 3s:

Our colorful counting book is on it's way home today..... Be sure to have your little ones share all of the poems with you; they have been working hard.  Letter and number recognition is improving daily as we count the "days" on the calendar, find our named placemats at snack time and use the whiteboard for lots of visual and writing practice! We look forward to seeing you all at Halloween Parade  and the Adult Social on November 7th!!


Libby 3s: 

The 5 Day 3's are feeling spooky and spunky. We have been making Halloween decorations and have continued to work on our counting book. We are enjoying singing Halloween songs and working on our letter sounds. Please remember that as we begin to bring in our coats/hats/mittens please remember to label EVERYTHING!  Thanks!


Faint 4s:

The Faint 4's continue to prepare for Halloween with many ghosts, even green glitter ghosts with googly eyes since we are on letter G this week. While focusing on a letter a week, we also spend time on numbers at calendar time and with activities that include daily stacking 100 blocks in 10 towers of ten, guessing the number of objects in a jar, matching numbers to find a seat at snack time, counting down days til Halloween,  and even writing numbers on small old fashioned chalkboards. You can have fun at home or in the car with your child by playing some rhyming games, even with nonsense words eg., put the letter G in front of each family member's name to make silly rhymes which helps the child hear both beginning and ending sounds.


Loeb 4s:

Hello from the Loeb fours!  

We are busy getting ready for Halloween, as well as working on the letter "G". Fortunately there are lots of G words, and ghost is one of them!  Take a peek in our classroom and you will see ghosts and pumpkins and scary lights!  We are having grilled cheese for our alphabet snack this week, courtesy of Ryan. They were delicious.  The weather was very changeable this week, and Zeke did a good job of keeping up with it!  Mckenzie was our calendar girl and had lots of fun with it. Jesse Bear is going home with someone this Friday, but it is a mystery. I hope he has as much fun with his new friend as he did with Zeke! 

Next week is Halloween!  We are looking forward to lots of spooky fun!  Coincidently, it is our "H" week.  Perfect!  Please remember the Halloween parade on Friday, Oct. 30th at 9:15.  It is always fun!   


The Kindergarten was sad to miss our farm field trip this week due to weather,but  we will try again Wednesday. We have been exploring all the beautiful fall changes around us through writing,painting,cutting and reading. In our small groups we are reading fall books and adding to our sight word rings.



The Pre-first boys have been learning all about spiders and will begin writing their very own spider adventures book after reading Diary of a Spider by Doreen Cronin. They have been working on consonant digraphs and sentence structure/procedures: capitalization and punctuation. In math, they have been comparing numbers, representing sums of 10, counting "up" and "down" on a number grid, making tally marks, and graphing.  Next week, we will learn about cardinal directions as we create maps of the farm.


Lunch Bunch:

Lunch Bunch has been enjoying our time outside in the mild fall weather! We have been painting, making necklaces, and using chalk and glitter glue. We have many fun activities planned for the rest of October and can not wait to do them all. Just a reminder if you put halloween candy in your child's lunch as a desert please remember to check for nuts. And NO LUNCH BUNCH Friday October, 31st. 



Office Notes
Early Drop-off
Please remember that regular drop-off does not begin until 8:30. If you need to drop off your child between 8:00 and 8:30, please contact Katie Poe to be added to the early morning drop-off list. The drop in fee is $5 a day.

Friday Folders
A friendly reminder to check your child's backpack for their Friday Folder. Please empty and return on the following school day. 


Friday, October 31 9:15 am-  Halloween Parade (more information to come). All school dismissal at 11:45.

Monday, November 3- NO SCHOOL- Professional Day.

Friday, November 7-Fall Fete - Adult Social & Auction! 

We have almost 100 parents, teachers, and alum already signed up for this incredible event! You don't want to miss out on:

*Catering by Corner Pantry
*Parties with your child's teacher
*Gift certificates to the hottest restaurants and hotels including the Ritz Residences Inner Harbor
*Club Level Ravens tickets (4)
*Beach vacations in Fenwick & Bethany
*Custom art work from each class
*Meeting new friends

Click here to RSVP! 

Program Highlights:
What's Going on in Science?

The Prefirst class concluded its first unit, "Engineers and Inventors" by reviewing the scientists, structures, and inventions we have covered so far and coming up with cool inventions of their own! We began our next unit "Chemists" making super bouncy balls to explore chemical reactions.


The Kindergarten classes had fun with chemical reactions as well. We blew up a balloon using vinegar and baking soda, and also demonstrated how vinegar and salt combined can make dull old pennies shiny again!


The Fours classes continued their science alphabet with the letter "F" for floating. We talked about reasons why some things float and others sink. The children guessed which objects would float or sink and had a splashy good time testing their hypotheses!


Coming up next week- fizzy, slimy, bubbly Halloween potions! 

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Outreach Opportunity
Here's one for the whole family!  For more than 25 years, The Church of the Redeemer has participated in Loaves & Fishes, a program in which area churches rotate the responsibility for food preparation for one Saturday each month throughout the winter.  Volunteers make seven gallons of soup, seminarians at St. Mary's provide the coffee and students from Friends School prepare the sandwiches for 250 people.  The organization then delivers the food by van to the homeless at designated drop-off points.  Many families through the years have taken a "soup day", and found it a wonderful way to include children in community outreach--with the added benefit of family time!  The open dates for which Redeemer is responsible are:  November 1; December 13; January 3; February 14; and April 4.  To volunteer for a
date, or for more information, contact: Lynn Place at

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