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Mideast Du Sprint Championship

Dri-Shark Du



Mideast Special Qualifier 

Leon's Tri



Mideast Regional Triathlon and Aquabike Championship 

Epic Races



Mideast Du Olympic Championship 

Sylvania Duathlon



Mideast Paratri Championship

Chicago Triathlon



Mideast Race Director Consortium

Chicago, IL

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2013 Mideast Regional Events

The USA Triathlon Mideast Council is pleased to announce our 2013 Regional Events! New this year is the Regional Duathlon Championship in the Sprint and Olympic distances at separate venues, a Regional Aquabike Championship, and a Regional Paratriathlon Championship.  See below for dates, locations, and registration information.


South Beach SQAthletes who finish in the top 33% of their age group at our 2013 Special Qualifier or our Regional Championship receive an Age Group National Qualifier T-shirt!


We look forward to seeing you at the Races. Visit our website for more information.





Leon's Triathlon

June 2nd, 2013

Hammond, IN




  SPRINT Du Championship

Dri-Shark Duathlon 

June 1st, 2013

Hudson, IL

REGISTER by contacting Trimomevents@frontier.com


OLYMPIC Du Championship

Sylvania Duathlon 

August 11, 2013

Sylvania, OH




Epic Races - Triathlon and Aquabike Championship

June 30th, 2013

Grass Lake, MI





Chicago Triathlon

August 25, 2013

Chicago, IL




USAT Sanctioned Races


Why should Athletes care about whether a race is sanctioned?


Athletes want a worry-free race experience; to show up on race day and be able to focus on their own race with minimal distractions. Sanctioned Events provide that positive experience by: 

  1. Benefitting from the collective wisdom of over 35,000 sanctioned races completed over the last 30 years.
  2. Delivering athlete peace-of-mind by ensuring industry-wide safety standards.
  3. Sanctioned races ensure a fair race; governed under industry standard competitive rules.
  4. Sanctioned races provide the Gold Standard of insurance protection for the event, athlete, and venue.
  5. Sanctioned races provide ranking points for regional and national rankings, including annual designations of USAT All-American status.
  6. Only sanctioned races provide the opportunity to qualify for National Championships and then qualify for World Championships as a member of Team USA.
  7. Results are available for all sanctioned races.
  8. Supporting the National Governing Body and enabling it to develop new programming, grow the sport, and fund initiatives including youth participation, the Olympic program and paratriathlon. USA Triathlon's mission is "to grow and inspire the triathlon community"-a virtuous cycle that directly benefits each race director and all athletes at all sanctioned events.

 Remember to verify if a race is USAT sanctioned when registering!


USAT Sanctioned Event Calendar

Club Racing Series


Team ATP



Our long-running Mideast Regional Club Racing Series (MERCRS) has started with a bang for 2013. The Series runs April 1st through October 31st. Several USAT Mideast Regional Clubs from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana are joining this friendly competition that fosters camaraderie within and among USAT registered Clubs.  This year we are distributing incentive prize money to top performers. Clubs can register to participate at any time during the Series.  The earlier you register, the more chances to score points for your club!  For more information on the scoring guidelines or to register, go to our website.



Check out the MERCRS CLUBS currently competing in our 2013 Series!

Inaugural Mideast Paratriathlon Championship


The excitement is building as the USAT Mideast Council kicks off the inaugural Mideast Regional Paratriathlon Championships, August 25, 2013, at the Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon. The Chicago Triathlon is the perfect venue to host our Sprint Distance Paratriathlon Championship. It is the largest race in the country in the heart of downtown Chicago, has a flat course, and the race organizers are experienced and strong supporters of the growing paratriathlon population. Awards will be presented to the top males and females (1st-3rd) in all six paratriathlon classifications.


Our Regional Paratriathlon Championships is not a qualifier for any particular race this year. However, being an inaugural event, it is our objective to pioneer the framework for all 10 USAT regions in the country to host similar events that will eventually serve as qualifiers. Mideast Council Paratriathlon Committee members, Keri Schindler and Melissa Stockwell, are leading the way with clear goals in mind:


1) To raise awareness of paratriathlon in the community.

2) To have all 10 USAT regions hosting a Paratri Regional Championships.

3) To give local paratriathletes more opportunities to compete.


More information about our Regional Paratriathlon Championships can be found on our website www.usatriathlon.org