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Vi Neighbors
Meeting Neighbors, Making Friends 
CHC hosts a luncheon bringing neighbors and generations together. 
CHC recently hosted a first-ever open house and visit for residents of The Vi, our senior community neighbors on Sand Hill Road to the east. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet our neighbors and welcome them to CHC so they could learn a little more about what we do and we could learn a little more about them. We hosted close to 30 visitors who were greeted by several of our students and Annie -- one of CHC's furry companions that provide therapy for reluctant readers, settling stressful situations, building confidence and more. Guests enjoyed school tours, a luncheon with student artwork on display, goodie bags and story sharing. 

The Center and Castilleja School: Raising Resilient Girls
Castilleja School

As part of our ongoing relationship with Castilleja School, Director of The Center at CHC Dr. Ramsey Khasho and Head of the Middle School at Castilleja Anne Cameron spoke to dads about raising resilient girls. Dr. Khasho focused on social emotional issues and Anne Cameron addressed academic pressures and concerns faced by  7th and 8th gradersThe session covered how to understand their daughters better, how to let them lead and how to better connect.   


The next event in the Castilleja series will be in March for Castilleja's dads of upper school students. Dr. Khasho will co-present with Jim Pickett, Head of Upper School at Castilleja. 

Girl and boy reading together
Learn more about executive functioning.
Free Parent Ed Classes:  Animal Assisted Therapy, Reading Help and Talking About Depression
Several informative parent education classes are coming up. One explores reading problems (February 21), one is about our wonderful animal-assisted therapy program (February 26), and one is about warning signs of teen depression (March 5). See our list of classes at chconline.orgRemember, these classes are offered for FREE and are loaded with great information and practical tips.

Pay it forward and share with your friends!


Ask the Experts: What is Executive Function?

Executive functioning is a major area of commitment at CHC. More and more research is pointing out its significance to student success. According to one study, about 15% of all children have some problems with executive functioning, but about 30% of children and adults with ADHD have executive functioning problems. How does executive functioning play into the lives of students with learning disabilities? Watch this five-minute video from the National Center for Learning Disabilities with Dr. Sheldon Horowitz to find out.


Why Social Emotional Learning Is Critical

Social emotional learning involves self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making.  It also contributes enormously to overall resiliency. Here's what the National Center for Learning Disabilities says about social emotional learning:


"Healthy social and emotional skills are among the most consistent indicators of success for people with learning disabilities, even more so than academic factors. Your child's ability to develop self-awareness, self-esteem, and coping skills and to build meaningful friendships will have a positive impact now and throughout his or her life."

By The Numbers
Take a look at these figures recently reported by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the National Center for Learning Disabilities and the National Institute of Mental Health. They dramatically underscore the need for CHC's continuing commitment to helping children and families facing LD, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression and Autism become more successful and thrive.
  • Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US.
  • There are 2.4 million students diagnosed with learning disabilities.
  • One in every 110 children of eight years of age is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
  • About 11% of adolescents have a depressive disorder by age 18.
  • Approximately 8% of teens have an anxiety disorder with symptoms commonly emerging around age 6.
  • Anxiety disorders are highly treatable and large-scale studies are underway to determine better treatments for these potentially debilitating conditions. 

Supporter Spotlight
The Amazing $27 Donation
Thank you for supporting CHC, Valentine!

We received a donation this month that warmed our hearts and reminded us that the care we give to children as a community has a lifetime impact. Here's glimpse at the note that accompanied a $27 donation from a CHC supporter now living outside California.

"My son was born a preemie at Stanford in 1986. I am grateful for the classes and advice given by CHC during that challenging time. He is now 27, 6'5" and a husband and father and has a wonderful career in business. I always give $1 for every year of his life and have done so since year one."


A big thank you to all of our supporters for every dollar you entrust in CHC to help every child reach their promise and potential. Interested in supporting CHC? Visit our site at to find out how you can make a difference.

More Good News
Sports Day Large
Children's Health Council
CHC's First All Sports Day
February brought CHC's very first All Sports Day.  Staff and students were encouraged to wear their favorite sport team clothing and multiple sporting events were offered. There was something for everyone: ping pong, football toss, a texting challenge and a baseball piņata.  One of our therapy dogs, Tavish, even got into the act playing ball and socializing.

Our New Look

Check out our new masthead! This design gives you a peek at the overall new look that is being developed at Children's Health Council where we serve children with Learning Differences, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression and Autism. You will continue to see these new colors appear in eNews, on our website and any other places where CHC is mentioned. More good things to come! 


Bargain Box: Volunteers Make the Difference
Bargain Box store front Bargain Box, CHC's resale shop, was established in 1956 and has since been operated and supported by CHC Auxiliary volunteers. All proceeds from the store directly benefit CHC programs and services. Our volunteers at Bargain Box work tirelessly for the agency. Thanks to their efforts, Bargain Box raises close to $100,000 for CHC -- an enormous achievement. Kudos to store manager Chrissy Holmes, her outstanding team of volunteers, and to all those who donate items.
Every donation helps support CHC and the many families we serve each year. If you would like to donate items to help CHC, stop by the Bargain Box with your donation at 341 South California Avenue in Palo Alto during store hours:
  • 10 am-4 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
  • 10 am-5 pm on Wednesday and Friday
  • 12 pm-4 pm on Saturday

See the Bargain Box wish list for ideas on what the store could use the mostHave a knack for retail? CHC welcomes volunteers at Bargain Box! Please contact Sydnee Brooks at 650.617.3818 or

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