June 2016
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Welcome to the Ballard Health Club Newsletter. We value your membership at BHC and want to keep you informed of what's going on at the club.

We look forward to staying in touch! 

-The BHC Team

Tips to Workout When Traveling

While studying abroad this past year in London, I have learned how difficult it can be to attempt to stay in shape while traveling. Some elements that aid in a healthy lifestyle at home, such as having access to a gym or to fresh and nutritious food, are not as easy to come by as I previously had planned. Therefore, through my experience I have come up with a few tips that helped me and will hopefully help you stay in shape while traveling this summer:
  1. Walk as much as possible: I cannot stress this enough. While it is an easy way to exercise on a day-to-day basis, it is also a great way to see the sights and get to know your surroundings.
  2. Take the stairs: This is another no-hassle way to get in a workout while traveling without taking extra time out of your busy day. You can take it a step further by performing some jumps or sprints up and down a series of stairs if you want to feel an extra burn.  
  3. Don't have access to a gym? Create your own: If you would like to workout while traveling but don't have access to a gym, I recommend finding exercises you can do without using weights or machines at your accommodation (such as push-ups, crunches, lunges, etc.). If you are having trouble coming up with exercises, the trainers at BHC can help you set up a routine that is both feasible and functional for your time away.
  4. Pack healthy snacks: Before setting out for the day, make sure you have a couple of healthy snacks on-hand to combat hunger in-between meals. By packing a simple snack such as a piece of fruit or granola bar beforehand, you won't be caught experiencing inconvenient hungriness and as a result be tempted into buying a less-than-healthy meal from the nearest food vender.
It's easy to fall out of shape while traveling, but by keeping in mind a few healthy tips and tricks you can worry less about your beach body and more about finding the next place to explore.

Clara Gilbrough
BHC Staff

Class Changes and Additions

Mon/Wed/Fri 9:30-10:30am
Sweat Hard Barre
New classes and instructor

Mon/Fri 4:15-5:15pm
Sweat Technique Barre
Additional classes

Mon/Wed/Fri 5:30-6:30pm
Sweat Hard Barre (Mon/Fri) Barre (Wed)
Time extended

Monday 6:15-7:15pm
Class change from Rebel Yoga

Tuesday 6:15-7:15pm
Zumba Toning
New class

Friday 8:30-9:30am
Rebel Yoga
New Instructor: Kirsten

Friday 5:30-6:30pm
Class change

Saturday 11:00am-12:00pm
Oula Movement
New class
*Starting June 25th

Sunday 6:30-7:30pm
African Dance
New class

24 Hour Access began TODAY !
(June 1st) 

RFID Key Fobs are available at the front desk.  Accessing the club after hours requires the use of the key fob.
4th of July Hours
The front desk at BHC will be closed July 4th. With our 24-hour access, however, anyone with a key fob may now come in anytime - including July 4th. 

The staff wishes you a safe and happy holiday!
Outdoor Boot Camps at BHC
Outdoor Bootcamp has taken over Ballard Health Club!


BHC now offers Fresh Air Boot Camp - an outdoor, year round boot camp class which is run by one of our own personal trainers, Ivonne DePauli.

Fresh Air Boot Camp classes are full body cardio and strength training workouts that incorporate elements found at the parks such as stairs, benches, logs, sand and trails. Mixing workouts with nature can be an exhilarating way to enjoy the beauty of the Northwest!

Fresh Air Boot Camp Schedule and Location:
Golden Gardens Mon & Wed at 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. and Saturday at 8:00-9:00 a.m.
Green Lake Tue/Thr/Fri at 6:00 -7:00 am.

Email FAB@BallardHealthClub.com or pick up an information sheet with a FREE 1st CLASS card at the front desk.
Upgrading to PLUS Membership

As you are aware by now, BHC requires a PLUS membership to attend any of the 80+ classes BHC offers weekly (other than Silver Sneakers and Chair Yoga).

For a monthly renewing member a PLUS membership is $10 more a month than a regular membership and a PLUS Yearly membership is $100 more than a regular yearly membership.

If you were a monthly renewing member before March 1st, you have been grandfathered in to your regular rate with a PLUS status for classes until September. If you have a yearly membership established before March 1st, your membership is PLUS for the remainder of that membership.

As a monthly renewing member, you may let us know now that you want to have your membership automatically upgraded to a PLUS membership in September. To do this, download the BHC Membership Upgrade form by clicking HERE or pick up a form at the Club. Once you have filled out the form, please drop it off or scan and email to memberaccounts@ballardhealthclub.com.

Member Spotlight:
Willy Hampton

How long have you been a member at Ballard Health Club?
I believe I have been a member for 7-8 years now. When I first moved to Seattle I worked out at a gym over on Westlake called Pure Fitness. Then that gym became an LA Fitness and now it's a giant West Marine boating store. The Starbucks upstairs was an Italian restaurant, the Sunset bowl was still around, and you could go to the awesome Viking longhouse Denny's on the corner of Market and 15th......and now I feel old....damn!

What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise to do in the gym?
None of them. In fact I hate all of the pieces of equipment and exercises equally. Granted I dislike the Smith Rack the most because I feel it takes away from the excitement and danger of lifting free weights! I'm in a battle against these workouts and I must conquer them lest they conquer me! My ally in all of this is Jade who comes up with new challenges for me to overcome and increase my glory!

Why do you work out?
I mostly work out to create a positive sense of accomplishment in myself. There is no competition at the gym between anyone but yourself. The trials and tribulations you face at the gym while working out are entirely internal and all your own. I like the honesty of that. It's all on you. You accomplished something difficult and now you got the drive to accomplish more things! THE BATTLE OF LIFE!  

What do you do to work out?
I work pretty closely with trainer, Jade, on what I'm looking to do. Usually it starts with a something I'm trying to do like an obstacle run or a river rafting trip and then we tailor the routine to that. Sometimes I'll come up with something crazy because, well, I'm a crazy person. So I've had whole work outs centered around throwing boulders at mine enemies or fighting off zombie hordes. Hey man you don't know the future! Also Ab Lab is an awesome core work out for anyone who needs help in that area.

What in the gym has worked for you in attaining your goals?
Eh, this is a tough because I can't talk up the trainers and the support staff at the gym enough but you have to put in the work. You can have the clearest trail up the mountain but you still have to walk up it.

Why do you choose to work out at BHC? (instead of another gym)
Gyms I've attended in the past were more of headphones/don't talk to me type deals with bro'd out dudes and dudettes trying to sell me expensive personal training. The people who work for the BHC are just incredible. Friendly, give you awesome training, and never really make you feel uncomfortable about talking to them about what's going on with you and your work outs.  I've had massive knee surgeries I had to come back from and Jade even held the ice pack on while the fireman got me on gurney after I tore most of my right pectoral off while doing bench press (you haven't really lived till you've been carted out of the BHC on a packed Monday night by medics!). The staff helped me come back from these injuries. I got in a bike accident and my Ab Lab class sends me a get well card. Hec, Even a member stopped and helped me call an ambulance right after it happened. If you're unsure of what you want to accomplish they'll help you figure it all out. It's a gym full of good people and I'm happy to be a member.
Anything else you want to add?
Yes. If you don't wipe down the bench/machine/mat etc after you're done using it I won't like you...no matter what. That's just nasty!

Bring Your Dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday, June 15th! Bring your dad in on Father's Day for a free workout with you - just have them bring a picture ID. Dad must be accompanied by a member and we will waive the drop-in fee.

And as always, Fridays after 6pm are FRIENDLY FRIDAYS so bring a friend in to workout with you!

BHC Hoops Club

Join the BHC Hoops Club at 3pm every Saturday with trainer Matt Bruner.

Add your name to the signup sheet at the front desk for more information.

Several of our Hoops Club members will be competing this month at Hoopfest in Spokane.  Good luck!

Zoom In On Health: Diabetes

This month in our new "Zoom in on Health" series we'll be talking about diabetes, a chronic metabolic disorder which impairs the body's ability to either produce or use insulin effectively. Why care about diabetes? It is currently the 7th leading cause of death in the US, and is also associated with greater risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, and adult-onset blindness.
There are two types of diabetes, and it is important to understand the difference. Type 1 diabetes (insulin-dependant) is typically found in younger individuals. If individuals with type 1 diabetes do not control their blood glucose levels (via insulin injections or dietary carbohydrates) before, during, and after exercise, their blood sugar levels can rise (hyperglycemia) or fall (hypoglycemia) rapidly. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is non-insulin-dependant and often a result of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. It is usually associated with obesity, particularly for those with excess abdominal fat.

Research has shown that exercise is helpful in managing diabetes as it improves a variety of blood glucose measures. These include increased tissue sensitivity, improved glucose tolerance, and even a decrease in insulin requirements, since exercise has a similar action to insulin by enhancing the uptake of circulating glucose by exercising skeletal muscle. Because of this, daily movement and exercise is recommended to keep blood glucose levels stable and to increase caloric expenditure.

Those looking to manage their diabetes by exercising should take caution when starting out with weight-bearing exercises, such as walking or running, as care must be taken to prevent blisters and foot micro trauma that could result in an infection. Make sure to wear appropriate footwear and check the feet after exercise. Starting with lower-impact exercises can reduce the risk of injury, but it is also important to gradually add resistance training to your overall exercise plan. Something like a stationary recumbent bike may be a more appropriate selection in the beginning.

Need help knowing where to start? Try booking a complimentary Fitness Training appointments with one of BHC's amazing trainers and have them put together a personalized routine to suit your needs.

Roxy Turner
BHC Personal Trainer 
Breezeway Door to be Installed

Building management will be installing a door to our breezeway on 22nd Ave in the next month. Please be aware that there will be light construction during this installation. The door is being built to give our members working out overnight more security.

This security door will be open during front desk hours and secured during our overnight hours. Members with after-hours access key fobs will be given a door access code. 

Stay tuned for more information as we hope to have the install date shortly.

Unilateral Strength Workout from Allison

A unilateral workout is one that uses one side or limb of your body and then the other. The greatest thing unilateral workouts can provide is to target muscle imbalances between your left and right side. Unilateral exercises will stress your muscles in a whole new way to help you even out those imbalances, build strength and help you with stabilizing and balancing.

Complete 8-12 repetitions on each side, 3 times. Try to increase weight with each round. Visit our new YouTube Channel to see the following exercises and learn how to do them properly. As always, ask a trainer for more help!

> Bulgarian Split Squat

> TRX Power Pull

> Single Leg Deadlift

> 1-Arm Glider Pushups

Allison Raines
BHC Trainer

Nutritional 'Did You Know'?

Did you know that we often eat for reasons unrelated to hunger? If you think about it, it makes sense. We eat when we're bored, stressed, happy, sad, or just because. Picture this; you're at a birthday party feeling stuffed from a buffet line of food but still find a way to eat birthday cake. Why? Because it's delicious- and how can you celebrate without cake? Food is amazing and we eat for social, cultural, religious, and other reasons outside of hunger. If tasty food is in our environment, we'll eventually eat it. This doesn't mean we're all weak and have poor willpower. We are human and we want to feel good.
In the book Mindless Eating, Cornell University consumer behavior professor Brian Wansink sheds light on how we often eat based on external cues. One of my favorite studies he presents is the "movie theater popcorn study." The goal was to find out how much people will eat if they are given an inexhaustible supply of food.  Half of the viewers were given a large sized popcorn bucket while the other half was given an extra-large bucket. What was found was people ate more if the container was larger. As a result the people who had a large bucket ate a lot while the people with the extra-large bucket ate even more. The kicker was the popcorn was a few days old. It was so stale that it squeaked when it was chewed causing people to compare it to packing Styrofoam. One couple was so upset they forgot it was free and asked for their money back (after eating over half of it of course). The bottom line is: if you give yourself a lot of food you will eat a lot of food, even if it doesn't taste good.
Take some time today to notice the reasons why you eat.  You aren't using judgement, just observe and gather information about yourself. Next month we'll learn some strategies to help you to determine better reasons to eat and to become overall more mindful. This will empower you to take control of your eating habits and to help you eat for sustainable nutrition goals. 

Stephanie Gray
BHC Nutritional Coach

BHC Parking

With all of the BHC parking areas, it can be confusing to know when each one is open and available for BHC members working out at the club or going to a class. To help with this, we have prepared a printable BHC Parking Map at



Please be considerate of your fellow BHC members and do not use a parking spot unless you are at the club. Using BHC parking for other purposes before or after being at the club is inconsiderate. Violators may be ticketed, towed and/or lose parking privileges at BHC parking areas.

Karen Class Focus
Usually during this time of year we thin out our schedule to reflect the waning attendance in classes due to the sunny weather. It turns out that our classes are just that good, and so popular that we've had to add more. We have added more Barre classes to accommodate the popularity. If you haven't tried Barre yet you now have got five more opportunities to do so.

Katie and Missy have put a new twist to their Barre classes, adding a cardio kick. They will teach Sweat Technique which follows the classic Barre structure, and Sweat Hard Barre that will give you a bit more cardio and make you, you guessed it, sweat hard. Lisa, Jana and Martha have their own unique styles teaching Barre.

Here is an example of what it might look like in any given Barre class: You will start with a mat-based warm-up full of planks and push-ups, do a series of arm exercises, and continue at the bar with a lower-body section to work your thighs and glutes.  Typically class will finish with a series of core-focused moves at the bar or a short session on the mat. The exercises are typically body weight only, but you can use light hand weights or resistance bands during arm exercises. For lower-body work, a soft exercise ball can be used to help engage leg muscles.

Now that you know what to expect, try out a class or two! It's going to be a great summer, see you in class!

Karen Gamble
BHC Class Director

From the Owner
This month, I would like to devote my article to the staff at BHC. These are the people that really make BHC what it is.

So thank you:

Allison for all the energy you pump into every minute you are here.

Matt (that we spell M@) for just knowing EVERYBODY that comes in the door each weekday morning.

Jade for keeping us all on track with how things operate around here.

Matt (Bruner) for the energy you bring to the night shift and with the Hoops Club.

Chad for being reliable and jumping in to help fill-in for people when needed.

Ivonne for stepping up to the plate with your many hats at BHC.

Steph for the great care you devote to the members you serve at BHC.

Clara for spending summer break working with Dad.

Karen for your attention and care in dealing with a job that doubled in scope.

Aimee for spending your precious Sunday mornings here.

Roxy for your contagious enthusiasm and positive spirit.

Harvey for showing us how someone can be happy all the time.

To our overnight crew of Ryan, Ace and Vanessa. Every time I interact with any of you, I feel fortunate to have you as part of BHC.

TJ and Andrew for putting up with me when I get all excited about completing a tech project.

To our fantastic class instructors, who, through their classes create a bond with each one of thier students. You are very much part of the reason for the positive vibe BHC gets credit for.

With about 500 member visits a day and all the effort it takes to make everyone's visit here special at the Club, I really want to acknowledge the efforts of my day-in and day-out co-workers in keeping the magic alive at your Ballard Health Club.


Pat Gilbrough
Owner and General Manager
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