September 2015
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Welcome to the Ballard Health Club Newsletter. We value your membership at BHC and want to keep you informed of what's going on at the club.

We look forward to staying in touch! 

-The BHC Team

Transition into Autumn

It may be hard to imagine after the hot summer we've been having, but soon the days will be getting shorter and the temperatures will begin to drop. As much as we love the summer months here in the Pacific Northwest, this is when we are most likely to fall off the fitness bandwagon. We go on vacations, stay up later at night, and allow ourselves to indulge a bit more than usual. 

 The change in seasons presents us with the opportunity to revamp our routines and try something new - to turn over a new leaf, if you will! When it comes to making lasting changes in our life, failing to plan is planning to fail. Here are a number of ideas to help you implement your fall plan! 

If you need a little extra motivation to hold yourself accountable, try starting a friendly competition with a workout buddy to see who can get the most check-ins at the gym during the month of September. 

 To make working out a regular habit, try picking a class that you can commit to on a weekly basis. If you already have it penciled into your schedule, you're far less likely to skip it! With more than 50 classes a week to choose from currently (and more on the way), there are plenty of opportunities to join in on the fun. 

 If cardio is your thing, the holiday season brings with it a wide variety of races to sign up for. Pre-registering for a future event will also provide you with the incentive you need to keep up with your training as we move forward into the blustery fall and winter months. 

If you've been making the most of the nice summer weather and have been doing lots of outdoor cardio, now is a great time to start supplementing with a new indoor strength training program. Not sure where to start? Try making a Fitness Training appointment with one of our certified personal trainers, and we'll work with you to create a new plan for fall fitness.

Roxy Turner
BHC Trainer

New Trainer Alert!
Lese Kobernuss

When Lese met weights it was love at first lift, and her passion has never waned. She loves the discipline, control, and focus that are paramount to the successful execution of the beautiful movements of exercise.

Lese is equally passionate about achieving balance in workouts and is an advocate for "innovention" (innovation + invention).

Is the gym a place to be rigorous? Absolutely! Is the gym a place to be creative? Absolutely! Lese believes to her core: That all people benefit from exercise; that they are improved physically, metaphysically, and cerebrally by exercise; that achieving fitness should never have to be tedious or painful; that a sustainable path to fitness can be integrated into any and every lifestyle.

Lese is an NASM certified trainer who is delighted to be a member of the BHC team.

BHC Clubs
Looking for a way to stay motivated? Want to find workout buddies? Try our BHC Clubs! There are two to choose from: Run Club and Hoops Club.

Run Club: Meets at 8AM every Saturday in the BHC lobby for a 3-5 mile run. All levels welcome. Walk breaks encouraged! Open to members and non-members. Attend 4 runs and receive a BHC Run Club T-shirt.

Hoops Club: Meets at noon every Sunday at the basketball court on the playground at Loyal Heights Elementary on 25th and 80th unless otherwise notified. Sign up at the front desk to get more information. Attend 4 times and receive a BHC Hoops Club T-shirt
Workout in the Park
Yoga in the Park:
BHC is leading a yoga class at Ballard Commons Park from 10:30-11:30am every Saturday through September. This is open to the public, and please bring a yoga mat!

Zumba Gold in the Park:
BHC will also lead Zumba Gold, a modified Zumba class done at a lower-intensity level appropriate for everyone,  in the Ballard Commons Park Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-11am. Classes will begin August 4th and continue through October 1st.

Member Spotlight
Michael List 

Editor's Note: Ballard Health Club member, Michael List, recently took on the challenge of taking every class BHC offers in one week. He participated in everything from Insanity to Gentle Yoga and Zumba. Big congrats to Michael, you will forever be a BHC legend! (see Michael's final answer below)

How long have you been a member at Ballard Health Club?
Answer: Forever. (Editor's note: Michael has been a member for at least 12 years!)

What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise to do in the gym?
I've moved away from equipment in favor of classes offered at BHC. The dedicated instructors and energy of the other members motivates me to push myself harder than just working out on my own. There are so many good classes to challenge any level of fitness.

Why do you work out?
I experience the benefits of working out every day in helping me create a positive attitude as I focus on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness in my life. As an aging athlete, I understand the importance of moving my body to remain healthy and the importance of bringing oxygen to my aging brain to promote improved cognitive functioning. My goal is to live every day in mindfulness and gratitude. Focusing on health and fitness helps me achieve that goal. I believe it is available to anyone regardless of your current fitness level.

What do you do to work out?
I have been focusing on the functional strength training classes such as Boot Camp, Body Circuit, Max-Fit, and Insanity classes. I balance those with yoga classes to help me with balance, flexibility, and being present in my life. I am also an avid cyclist and open water swimmer. I just completed a 2.5 mile fundraising swim across Lake Washington for Puget Sound Blood Center.

What in the gym has worked for you in attaining your goals?
I really appreciate the extended hours and range of options of classes.

Why do you choose to work out at BHC? (instead of another gym)
I recently took on a personal fitness challenge of taking every class offered at BHC in one week. While this one week challenge was born on a whim, the challenge ("you could never do that"), support, and encouragement of Allison Raines was critical to my completing this challenge. What I gained was the opportunity to interact with so many great members and instructors who are also focused on health and fitness in classes I do not regularly attend. I also was personally humbled by the step and Zumba classes and the members who welcomed me regardless of my lack of rhythm and two left feet. There is something here for everyone. I love this community. Stay active, keep moving, and enjoy your life.
Shower Floor Remodel
We announced in the August newsletter of our intent to upgrade the shower floors at the beginning of September and we will now be pushing our start date out a few months. The added time is needed to allow us to prepare a more elaborate remodel than we originally planned.  This new plan will involve completely removing and then rebuilding the entire shower facilities in both the men's and women's locker rooms instead of just replacing the flooring.  

We will keep you posted on this project and will give you as much lead time as possible with any plans on closing locker rooms.

Men's Locker Room Expansion

In addition to the plans for the shower area remodel, there is another project afoot for the men's locker room. This plan involves expanding the locker/changing area into what is currently the hallway to the women's locker room. That hallway will then be moved into part of the jump rope area near the stairs to the Market Street entrance.

The Men's locker room expansion effort is planned to start later this month and the use of the locker rooms will not be interrupted while this work is going on. 
Adding Flexibility Training to Your Workout

Last month I wrote about the importance of adding some static and dynamic stretching to your workout. This month, I want to share some common stretches to do at the beginning and the end of your workout, which will help you maintain your current level of flexibility.

Warm Up
Dynamic leg swings - Stand on one foot and gently swing the other leg forward and backward as far as you can comfortably go. Try to keep the knee straight in both directions, and only go as far as you can while maintaining your balance. If necessary, hold on to the wall or something else until your balance has improved. Gradually try to increase the range of motion and alternate legs after 8-12 reps. This exercise stretches the glutes, psoas, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Dynamic side leg swings - Brace yourself against the wall with both hands and gently swing one leg from side to side in front of the other leg. Keep the toes flexed toward the wall, and gradually try to increase the range of motion. Alternate legs after 8-12 reps. This exercise stretches the adductors and the abductors of the legs.

Standing hip rotations - Stand with your feet about hip width apart, feet straight forward, and hands on hips. Imagine that you have a hula hoop, and rotate hips in as big a circle as you comfortably can. Do 8-12 reps in each direction. This exercise stretches the psoas, the tensor fasciae latae (TFL), and the gluteus medius & minimus.

Standing arm circles - Stand with your arms at your sides. Either individually or both at the same time, gently move your arms backward and then up and forward in a circle. Stay within a comfortable range of motion and change direction after 8-12 reps. This exercise stretches the deltoids, the rotator cuff muscles, and the triceps & biceps muscles.

Standing arm crosses - Stand with your arms horizontal out to the sides. Gently cross your arms in front of your chest, and then un-cross. Do this 8-12 reps to stretch the deltoids, the biceps & triceps, the pectoral muscles and the trapezius muscles.

Cool down
Hold all of these for at least 30 seconds.

Legs up the wall - Lay on your back with your bottom against the wall and your legs straight up the wall. This exercise is great for relaxing your back and focuses on stretching your glutes, hamstrings, gastrocnemius, and soleus muscles.

Cobra or sphinx stretch - Lay on your stomach with your hands down on the mat as if you are going to do a push up. Keep your hips on the mat and press your head, chest, and shoulders up. If you are unable to do this, try it on your forearms rather than the hands. This exercise stretches the rectus abdominus, the psoas, and the quadriceps muscles.

Standing pec stretch - Stand with your chest against the wall. Reach one hand/arm out to the side and place your palm against the wall, slightly higher than your head. Without moving away from the wall, turn your body away from your hand. This exercise stretches the front deltoid, the pectoral muscles, and the biceps.

Mid back and shoulder stretch - Stand tall with your feet about hip width apart. Position one arm horizontally across your chest. Take the other hand and place it on the outside of elbow on the horizontal arm, and gently pull/push until you feel the stretch in your mid back and shoulder. This exercise stretches the trapezius, the rear deltoid, and the triceps muscles.

In addition to maintaining flexibility, stretching can be used to increase your range of motion. If you want to know more, ask me about proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching!

Stuart Hamilton
BHC Trainer
Nutritional 'Did You Know'?

Did you know...

Cauliflower is related to broccoli, cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts and collard greens? This group of vegetables is called the Brassicaceae family and they provide numerous health benefits. Two powerful anti-oxidants, vitamin C and manganese, are very prevalent in cauliflower. In addition, cauliflower contains numerous phytonutrients and sulfur-containing nutrients, providing a broad spectrum of nutrition, helping to support our body's detoxification system as well as reduce oxidative stress within our cells.

As an excellent source of vitamin K, cauliflower is also a great anti-inflammatory. The vitamin K pathway of reducing inflammation is especially helpful in fighting against cardiovascular diseases. Another great health benefit of cauliflower is that it's a great source of fiber, which helps support digestive health. Furthermore, cauliflower contains properties that may also help protect the lining of the stomach wall.

Right now is a great time to add cauliflower to your diet as it's in season September through November. Adding 1-2 fists sized portions 2-3 times a week will allow you to enjoy all the wonderful health benefits cauliflower provides! See below for fun and delicious grain free recipes using cauliflower.

Cauliflower pizza crust

Stephanie Gray
BHC Nutritional Coach

Thrill the World at BHC

Did you ever want to dress up as a zombie and dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller"?

Join us for Thrill The World!

Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 1pm @ Ballard Commons Park

Thrill The World is friends, families and neighbors who join together each year with thousands of people around the globe to celebrate Michael Jackson's talent by dancing simultaneously to "Thriller"!

More than just dancing to a 6 minute song, TTW is a global community project that is inspiring others to break down barriers, connect with people of all religions, race, political and economic persuasions, contribute to helping humanity, encourage environmental stewardship and encourage people to step up as leaders, visionaries, and creators.

Ballard Health Club is going to host the event at Ballard Commons Park on Saturday October 24th from 12-3pm. We will have a DJ so there will be a dance party. The Thriller Dance will be performed at 1pm to join with the worldwide event.

We will be offering dance classes starting in September on Saturdays from 4pm-5pm and will add more classes as October approaches. These classes will be $10 for both members and non-members (bring your friends, we're waiving the normal drop-in fee for this) with proceeds going to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Ballard Health Club is doing this because we care about our community, we want to help find a cure for cancer and because this will be a lot of fun.

Please join us!
New eCard Enhancement

For a while now, you have had the ability to get your BHC membership card on your phone. Now, we have released a new, updated version of the ecard with an added feature.

The new ecard will now verify your membership account status each time you trigger the display. When your membership is active and in good standing, you will see "VERK OUT!" against a green banner. If your membership is inactive or there is some other issue, a red banner will appear with more information.

The ecard is actually a little webpage. To use it on your phone - click here: 
Class Change

Friday morning "Body Sculpt"
will now be "Rise and Shine Bootcamp"

Fall Yoga Celebration at Suncadia

Ballard Health Club presents the Autumn Yoga Rejuvenation Celebration at Suncadia, November 13-15 2015 with hosts Heather Rudin and Tracy Hodgeman.

Escape with us to the Cascade mountains as we unplug from the many distractions, obligations and stresses that modern, urban life presents, and plug in to what nourishes and restores us. Simple, wholesome food, nourishing yoga, relaxing hot tub time, laughter infused company, walks in nature and quiet reflection all contribute to the rejuvenating ambiance at the Grand Fir Lodge. Feel yourself come back to simply being, as the worries of everyday life drop away.

About 1/2 of the available slots have been taken for the retreat thus far.

Pick up a brochure at the front desk for more information. BHC members have a discount of $50 off the pricing. Availability and prices online.

Pile on the Miles

BHC's Pile on the Miles challenge ended on August 9th, with Ballard Health Club members accruing over 2,483 miles altogether! That is about the distance from Seattle to Cleveland, Ohio!

Our top three winners identified themselves as Yetti with 278 miles, Cecil Campbell with 220.49 miles and Katie with 207.9 miles.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and stuck with it through four weeks!

Studio Expansion Update

We are now in the final phase of creating the new studio!

Last month, we discussed flooring. After much debate on the specific style of flooring, we finally decided to match the flooring that's in our current studio. Above the "sprung" floor layer, will now be an MDF top layer treated and finished with the same method as bowling alleys.

American Music of Fremont helped us build our new sound system with all the best components. That system is now installed and ready for action!

Proceeding forward, we are now focusing on more "finishing elements" including:
  • Ventilation System: enhancing the fresh air feed and circulation
  • Wood Trim: preparation and installation, including the ballet barre
  • Acoustic Elements: installing additional elements to further improve sound quality
  • Props Area: design and build the area where mats, blocks, straps, etc. will be store
  • Stairway: completing the flooring for the landings and the stairs themselves
Getting closer!

Class Focus on Classroom Karma

We do our best to make your class experience a positive one. I thought, with the new studio in mind, that I could share common gym class etiquette. You know, it takes a village...

> Show Up On Time: you're worth the extra few minutes it takes to get you there on time. If you do come in late, please do so swiftly and quietly!

> Be Clean and Odorless: At least as odorless as possible. We all sweat, that's a given, but please don't mask yourself in cologne or perfume. Save that for after the shower. Heavy scents can be distracting and/or cause allergic reactions for some.

> Speak Your Truth: If you have injuries, let the instructor know. Knowledge is power and this could save you from incurring greater injury.

> Be Here Now: Check your cell phone at the door. Curb your chatting when the instructor begins so everyone has a chance to hear her/him.

> Be Kind: This may be the first class for the person next to you. Smile and say hello. We all could use encouragement from time to time.

Like I said, it takes a village. We're all at the gym to be happy and healthy people. To do that, we need to work together. I hope this helps. See you in class!

Karen Gamble
BHC Class Director

From the Owner

Since announcing our plans for 24 access to the club last month, several thoughtful members have come by my office and asked me a bunch of questions about it. Below are some of the questions and answers to help explain more details of our planned foray into being open all night.

Do you really think people will be working out in the middle of the night?
I don't think we will have much of a crowd at 3am in the morning, but I do think we will have people working out past midnight and others that will want to get started as early as 4am. The 24 hour plan also solves the limitation of our rather late 8am opening times on the weekend, and the early closing time of 8pm. 

How do you plan on staffing for 24 hours?
Cleaning the facility 7 nights a week has been going on since the club started by an outside company. Our 24 hour plan includes hiring and training our own night crew that will do the double duty of cleaning the facility and being a BHC staff presence to be on hand for emergencies. The night crew will not be dealing with any membership services, account questions or training - that will still be the job of our day crew, just as it is now.

Why do 24 hours?
To allow all members more flexibility with their workouts, removing limitations on when someone may come in and how long they can stay. With our current hours, there are members who may skip their workout for fear they will be rushed or won't have enough time for an effective workout. No more skipped workouts because of time! This added flexibility will also help to reduce the concentration of busier times. The "rush" in the morning will be spread out and people may now come after dinner with plenty of time to get a quality workout in.

We still have several details to accomplish before implementing the 24 hour plan, but do see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project and look forward to starting this new benefit for our members as soon as possible.


Pat Gilbrough
Owner and General Manager

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