July 2015

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M O R E   P A R K I N G  !

Our "From the Owner" article at the bottom of this newsletter announces some additional parking for BHC.
BHC - Highest Rated Club
in Puget Sound Area

Last month a very respected consumer advocate organization, Consumer's Checkbook, published their most recent ratings. Of all "Fitness/Athletic Clubs" included in their survey, Ballard Health Club was the highest rated in the category of "Overall Value for Your Money" among clubs that had at least 25 respondents.

When rating Ballard Health Club, 94% of customers rated BHC "superior" for "overall value for your money." In comparison, Olympic Athletic Club received a 56%, LA Fitness Ballard a 24% and Fitness 19 in Ballard was not rated.

Proof positive that BHC members are smart with their money!

Why Not You?

"Why not you?" That is what Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's dad always told him. Russell is 5'10", which is considered too short to play quarterback in the NFL. However, through hard work, he overcame the challenge. 

Have you ever seen someone running on the treadmill or down the road and thought to yourself, "There's no way I could do that!" Why not you? I have seen it before with a group of members who thought themselves too overweight and deconditioned. Another friend challenged them to sign up for a 5Kwith her. They took on the challenge, worked as a team, increased their fitness, conquered the 5K...and signed up for a marathon! If they did it, so can you! 

I'm challenging you to do the same: sign up to run a 5K (3.1 miles)...or more! Committing to a scheduled event is the first step to motivate your training. Several running events are scheduled around Seattle every year, with distances including 5k, 10k, half and full marathons. If this is your first run, I recommend starting with a 5k and working your way up. Check the Event Board near the locker rooms for some ideas. 

When choosing your event, give yourself plenty of time to train. There are many ways to prepare for a running event. For those looking to train with a group, one way to get started is to join the BHC Run Club, which meets Saturday mornings at 8am. The Run Club caters to all running levels and after attending 4 runs, you get a free Run Club t-shirt. Another option is to participate in the upcoming "Pile On The Miles Challenge" starting in mid-July. If a personalized plan is more your speed, schedule with one of our BHC Personal Trainers for just that. Still others may enjoy using the gradual 9-week "Couch to 5K" program. There's even an app for that. Together we can go far! 

Be on the lookout for a 5K program in next month's newsletter!

Matt Anderson
BHC Personal Trainer
BHC Clubs
Looking for a way to stay motivated? Want to find workout buddies? Try our BHC Clubs! There are two to choose from: Run Club and Hoops Club. 

Run Club: 
Meets at 8AM every Saturday in the BHC lobby for a 3-5 mile run. All levels welcome. Walk breaks encouraged! Open to members and non-members. Attend 4 runs and receive a BHC Run Club T-shirt. 

Hoops Club:
Meets at noon every Sunday at the Basketball Court behind Salmon Bay School on 65th and 19th. 

Sign up at the front desk to get more information.
Yoga in the Park and Seafood Fest Zumba
Yoga in the Park:
BHC will be leading a yoga class at Ballard Commons Park from 10:30-11:30am starting Saturday, July 25th and continuing every Saturday through September. This is open to the public, and please bring a yoga mat.

Zumba at Seafood Fest:
We are happy to participate once more in Seafood Fest here in Ballard. We will kick of Saturday morning, July 11th with Zumba on the mainstage. Time TBD.

Member Spotlight:
Alan Presley

How long have you been a member at Ballard Health Club? 
I first joined BHC sometime in 2002. I took a couple years off recently and tried out some other activities like kung fu (kajukenbo), tai chi & chi gong, yoga & TRX. My wife and I rejoined BHC in January of this year. So something like 12 years total.  

What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise to do in the gym?  
Right now I am loving box jumps. Everywhere I go now, I see things I would like to jump on. When I'm at work I want to jump on my desk (but don't). I like doing the "farmer's walk" with kettle bells as well. It's like walking home from the store with 80 pounds of groceries but cheaper. I also love any kind of balance challenge. Treadmills are cool too.  

Why do you workout? 
The reason I keep doing it is that it's fun. But also it wakes me up and lifts my mood, during the workout and after. Also it makes food taste better and improves the quality of my sleep.  

What do you do to workout? 
Lately I've been using the rowing machine at the beginning and end of my workout, doing pull ups, box jumps, medicine ball squat throws, dumbbell chest press on an exercise ball, stability ball squeeze pushups, and farmer's walk. On my non-gym days I like to run long distances on the weekends. Also I am a bicycle commuter. Sometimes I do long bike rides or hikes. I really love riding my bike around Bainbridge Island.  

What in the gym has worked for you in attaining your goals? 
I just try to keep it fun. Beyond that I also shoot for some overarching trend of improvement. When that ceases, it's time to change something. 

Why do you choose to workout at BHC? (instead of another gym) 
BHC is super friendly, conveniently located, well equipped, affordable and has top notch staff. I really appreciate the access to trainers who will put together interesting workouts for you.


BHC's Mighty Muscle Monsters
Our Ballard Health Club Little League team - "the Mighty Muscle Monsters" - stopped by the club for for a workout as seen in this photo and to present us with the Sportsman Award Trophy that is now in our lobby.

This honor was bestowed on our team by winning the majority of votes from the other teams in the division for being the best sportsman during their season.

Great job Muscle Monsters! We're proud of you!
Get Your BHC Shirt
You may have seen a bunch of people wearing our new BHC shirts.

Thanks to all that have bought one (or two!) and are wearing them out and about, supporting the club. 

If you haven't purchased one yet, every shirt and tank is on sale for $20.

New shipment of shirts arrive on July 3rd with some new colors and styles. Check them out at the front desk.

Hiking Focused Workout

With summer in full swing many people are looking to take their workouts outside. But did you know that your gym time could help you enjoying hiking in the great outdoors even more? Here are a few exercises that can aid your summer explorations of the great outdoors. As with every workout it is important to start with a warm up, so hop on your favorite piece of cardio equipment and get moving for about 5-10 minutes. 

Start by lying on your belly with your arms by your side, palms facing down. To begin lift your legs, chest, and arms off the ground, stretching them away from you as far as you can. Hold this arched, crescent position for 30 seconds. Repeat three times. 

Start in a kneeling push up position, then tighten abdominals by rotating your pelvis toward your navel and lifting the body up to form a straight line from your head through your shoulders, hips and knees to your heels. Try to maintain the plank position for about 30 seconds, but stop if hips drop, raise or there is pain in the lower back. Repeat three times. 

Heel Taps 

This exercise works on strengthening the stabilizing muscles of the hip, knee, and ankle. If you've ever experienced the feeling of your knees "giving out" when hiking down a mountain, this exercise is for you. Start by standing on a low platform (2-6 inches high). Place your hands on your hips and keep your shoulders back while slowly lowering your right heel towards the ground. Focus on keeping your hips parallel and knee stable; don't let your left knee wobble or cave in as you perform the exercise. Raise back up, straightening your left leg. Repeat for 12-15 reps on each side, working up to 3 sets. 

Weighted Step Ups 
Stand facing a platform or step that is 6-20 inches high, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Step your right foot onto the platform and squeeze your glutes as you come to a stand on the platform. At the top, transfer your weight to your left left as you lower back down with control, reaching the right leg toward the floor first. Repeat the sequence on the opposite leg; alternating sides for a total of 20 repetitions, or 10 on each leg. Work up to 3 sets. 

Stationary Side Lunges 
The path up the mountain isn't always straight; work on your lateral movements with these side lunges. Stand tall with feet wider than shoulders. Keep your left leg straight as you bend your right knee and push your hips back; only lower as far as you can while keeping your spine neutral. Raise back up to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Alternate sides for a total of 20 repetitions, or 10 on each leg. Work up to 3 sets. For an additional core challenge, raise your arms out straight as you lower down; use lighter weights for this.

Roxy Turner
BHC Personal Trainer

Nutritional Did You Know

Did You Know... 

During exercise we need more water. This is especially important throughout the hot summer months. Water is needed to keep the body cool as well as to remove metabolic waste. When exercising, the muscles are at a higher rate of contraction and need more nutrients and oxygen. Water helps with the delivery of these important constituents. This is why even slight dehydration can cause a decline in performance. Dehydration as little as 1% of body weight is enough to reduce both endurance and strength. Cognitive performance may also decline. 

Symptoms of dehydration include: Thirst, dry skin, fatigue and weakness, increased body temperature, muscle cramping, headaches, nausea, darker-colored urine, dry mucous membranes (mouth, nose, eyes). 

Stay hydrated by drinking at least 16 oz. of water an hour before exercise and taking sips of water during your workout. Remember also that water intake doesn't come only from drinking water. It also comes from tea, coffee, non-dairy milks, milk, and water from solid foods. Hydrating after intense exercise is also important. For every pound of sweat lost during exercise, re-hydrate with 2 cups of fluid. If working out longer than 60 minutes, you have a history of cramping or are a "salty sweater," you may want to try a sports drink. This is will help with any electrolyte imbalance. Furthermore, you can drink any of the beverages mentioned before and eat a nutrient rich meal afterwards as well.
 DIY Electrolyte Drink

Stephanie Gray
BHC Nutrition Coach
Autumn Yoga Rejuvenation Celebration at Suncadia

Ballard Health Club presents the Autumn Yoga Rejuvenation Celebration at Suncadia, November 13-15 2015 with hosts Heather Rudin and Tracy Hodgeman. 

It's time to get together and chillax in the woods! 

Escape with us to the Cascade mountains as we unplug from the many distractions, obligations and stresses modern, urban life presents, and plug-in to what nourishes and restores us. 

Among the fragrant pine trees and sitting by the cozy fireside, we'll kick up our heels and explore the science of down-regulating our nervous systems. We can experience directly how the age-old yoga practices of mindful breathing, moving and stillness improve immune system and brain function, invite ease into the body and leave us with an all-over elevated sense of well-being. 

Simple wholesome food, nourishing yoga, relaxing hot tub time, laughter infused company, walks in nature and quiet reflection all contribute to the rejuvenating ambiance at the Grand Fir Lodge. Feel yourself come back to simply being as the worries of everyday life drop away. 

Pick up a brochure at the front desk for more information. BHC members have a discount of $50 off the pricing. Availability and prices online.

Expansion Update

Light and sound create the atmosphere of a space, and this month's update is all about that.  Last month we laid the atmosphere ground work with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical planning and lighting design.  It is now time to build on that groundwork.

Our lighting plan will provide the instructor with a full spectrum of lighting options.  This is facilitated by two layers of lights, one for full illumination and the other for scaled dimming.  Most of the lighting will be ensconced in "flower box" type structures, which we are constructing now.  These boxes will be 32 feet long and line 3 of the walls.

During June, we also developed a comprehensive plan for the sound in the new studio with the help of a sound engineer.

This plan includes the use of "acoustical treatments" to help reduce the echo effect of a large room. Starting in July we will be installing a acoustical ceiling in the area with the 10 foot ceiling and creating special acoustical panels to be used in the 20 foot ceiling area.

So our list for July includes a variety of things - more electrical, acoustical treatments, lighting, sound system, studio door installation and close up walls as soon as electrical is done.

Moving forward...

Matt Anderson
BHC Facilities Manager
Class Focus

With over 20 combination classes a week at BHC, we have all the opportunities you need! We've built a schedule to work around all different schedules.

Aeron, Elana and I get you started in the early morning boot-camp and sculpt classes. Jose and Galen are known to rock the world of Step Aerobics. Allison and Derek are trained in Crossfit and have reworked their knowledge into the classroom. (Be prepared to sweat a lot!) Jade will kick your butt and gut - in only 30 minutes.. Finally, Jeff will get the best out of you in his INSANITY class. Every day we have the opportunity to take good care of our health, why not start today? 

Check out the class schedule and find what fits your style.

Karen Gamble
BHC Class Director
From the Owner

At Ballard Health Club we want to make your gym experience as convenient as possible, minimizing as many obstacles that we can to help clear the way to your health and fitness goals. Some of the ways we feel we are accomplishing this is by offering our members affordable pricing, a wonderful staff, a great facility and more.

One way to help reduce obstacles is to provide convenient parking to the club. The parking we do provide our members is typically adequate, but on some occasions our main lot may fill up during a weekday morning, often due to a popular class bringing in several people at once. With ongoing construction in our area and some recent parking rule changes, finding overflow street parking may be time consuming and frustrating at times. Because of this, we have had diligent on-going efforts to find new parking options for our members.

I am very happy to announce that our neighbor, AmericanWest Bank (directly across from our main parking lot on NW 56th Street), is coming to our aid! They are allowing our members use of 11 of their parking stalls for overflow parking. This parking arrangement is being provided on a trial basis and will hopefully grow in the future.

Given the nature of this arrangement, it is imperative that we follow these guidelines when parking at AmericanWest:
  • Our main parking lot must be full.
  • Only during the hours of 6am-6pm Mon-Fri
  • Only park in stalls numbered 1-11.
  • You must have a BHC parking permit properly displayed.
  • You must be checked in and at the club.
While working with AmericanWest Bank, I have learned they are not just a bank, but also a business that wants to partipate and help thier local community.

Please consider them in your banking needs and when you visit AmericanWest, be sure to thank them.


Pat Gilbrough
Owner and General Manager
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