May 2015
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Yoga Basics Sundays
Walk in the Ballard Parade with BHC

Volunteers are needed to walk in the Syttende Mai (Ballard Parade) on Sunday, May 17th! 

Ballard Health Club is participating in this year's Ballard Parade celebration!

We welcome you to join in all the fun with us. It's a family event that drew a crowd of over 20,000 last year.

Come join in to make this a memorable event for everyone! 

Volunteer opportunities range from: >Dancers
>Flag wavers
>Muscle man/woman

One of a kind parade T-shirts or tank tops are provided for all volunteers!

The parade begins at 4pm and volunteers are needed an hour beforehand.

Children are welcome to walk along with us. All participants will have to sign waivers by the parade organization.

Sign up at the front desk to take part in this fun, Ballard tradition!

Click here to learn more about the Syttende Mai Parade 

May 2nd starts our second year of offering Run Club! 

Every Saturday at 8am you can meet Allison and Karen at the front desk and we'll take off for a 5-10k run.

Running in a group is a great way to build your running stamina and work on pacing. It's also a great way to start the weekend.

No experience is necessary, just a healthy attitude and good running shoes. We'll have two runners to help you pace yourself. Allison is going to lead the experienced runners at a brisk pace and I'll be in back catching their wind at a more 'moderate' pace. No one will be left behind.

If you've wanted to try running but lacked the motivation, here it is. And to entice you more, bring a friend. This year we've decided to open Run Club to the public (anyone over 15). Just bring them along, have them sign a waiver and off we go!!!!

Attend 4 runs and get a special BHC Run Club t-shirt!
Karen Gamble
Class Director 
Get Tanked at BHC

The body composition testing truck will again make an appearance at Ballard Health Club on Sunday, May 17th from 8am-noon.

You have a choice of two tests, hydro-static body composition and/or bone mineral density test. Each test is $49, or get both for $88. If you've been 'tanked' before, remember that re-tests are only $35.

Don't forget to bring a swimsuit and towel.

Sign up for a time and/or get more information at the front desk.
Facebook Challenge

Congrats to our April Challenge Winner, Joanna Luporini! 

What will be the total attendance count for all BHC classes during the first week (4/1-4/7) in April? The correct answer is 828. Joanna's guess was very close with 825.

May Facebook challenge for a $25 gift card:

How many people will participate with Ballard Health Club in the Syttende Mai Parade on May 17th?

Post your guess by May 15th for a chance to win! Find more information on our Facebook page.
Expansion Update
The focus of the expansion work this month is all about walls!

The largest project right now is construction of the wall - standing 20 feet high - to separate our space from the new Market Street retail space.

This wall has been started using very rigid 6" x 20' metal studs, creating a 6" wall cavity that will be filled with sound deadening insulation.

Covering the studs and insulation, will be 2 layers of special soundproofing sheet rock (called "QuietRock") and then another 2 layers of regular sheet rock.

There are 2 other existing walls where extensive soundproofing will also be needed.

Since these walls have current businesses on the other side, the method will need to be different to do the soundproofing.

Once the walls and soundproofing are well underway, we will be able to get started on electrical wiring and the ever-important sound system.

We will keep you posted as we keep moving forward!

Matt Anderson
BHC Facilities Manager
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-The BHC Team
BHC Celebrates 17th Anniversary

May 1st is Ballard Health Club's anniversary!  

With myself (Jade) being here since the very beginning in 1998 and Matt being with BHC for the last 14 years, we have not only witnessed many changes in fitness trends, but we have also grown and adapted as trainers and as a club, along with all of you.

BHC opened in 1998, at a time when fitness and strength training was shifting from being "body-building centric" to something that was encouraged for everyone, BHC was born of that spirit. A club that is different than the rest where every person feels comfortable and supported in their health and fitness by a well-educated staff, friends and neighbors.

Over the years, exercise has become less about just looking good, and more about general health and functional strength for everyday life. This opens fitness to a much wider population and resonates with our philosophy. We have gradually made adjustments to our equipment and layout to better accommodate the vast range of needs and goals of the entire BHC community. Our class schedule has grown with this broad spectrum of interests including strength and conditioning classes, as well as Pilates and a variety of yoga.

Most recently, we have seen development in two ends of the health and fitness field. On one end is the popularity of "high intensity" training for those with a functional base, looking to push themselves. Then, on the other end, is a growing population of seniors looking to stay strong and healthy in their golden years. To better serve this awesome diversification, our classes have again expanded to include more high intensity classes like Max-Fit and Insanity, as well as senior focused classes like Silver Sneakers and Chair Yoga. Our training staff has also been actively obtaining continuing education that includes considerations and techniques for both.

At Ballard Health Club, we strive to stay true to our simple, supportive and accepting philosophy while providing our members with up to date information, equipment and classes. We are always listening to your input and look forward to evolving with you along the next 17 years of our fitness journey - and beyond!

Matt Anderson
BHC Personal Trainer
at BHC for 14 years 

Jade Dahle
BHC Personal Trainer
at BHC for 17 years 
Member Spotlight:
Mark Colombino

How long have you been a member at Ballard Health Club?
I have been a member since December of 2012.

What is your favorite piece of equipment or exercise to do in the gym?
I don't have one particular piece of equipment that is a favorite, but it seems like I a spend a lot of time on the elliptical ( the machines by monitor 7 whatever they are called). I enjoy the aerobic workout and those machines are much easier on my knees and ankles.

Why do you workout?
I work out mostly because I do a fair amount of hiking in the summer months and this keeps me active. I also just want to keep my weight down.

What do you do to workout?
My workouts used to be mostly aerobic with lots of elliptical work and sit down bicycle. Now, I find myself doing lots more with free weights, just to build muscle strength.

What in the gym has worked for you in attaining your goals?
I feel my time at the gym has been great. My endurance and overall body strength have both increased considerably and while my weight was never a problem I have managed to keep it down to where I am much happier with it. I feel lucky about this as I have many friends who dread going to "the gym", but I have gotten to the point that I enjoy it.

Why do you choose to workout at BHC? (instead of another gym)
I choose Ballard gym because of the ambiance, availability of trainers, and number of classes that are offered as part of the membership. There are gyms that are cheaper but don't have the classes or the advice that is readily available. Plus, Ballard does not have the "hard sell" that is so common in the industry.
Upper Body Workout

When a client comes to me with the goal of seeing definition in the arms or looking better in a tank top, I get excited. The upper body is the fastest place that we can see visible results. Many people would like to focus on the back of the upper arm, and just work the tricep. However, when you increase the size of the bicep, the upper arm will look more defined. 

Nice Arms Workout:
Complete 12-15 repetitions of each exercise, 3 times through.

Stabilization Bicep Curls: On the Dual Cable Cross machine make sure the handles are placed near the ground. Balance on one leg that is slightly bent, while holding the other leg just a few inches off the ground. Start with your arms fully extended downward in front of you with your elbows close to your side. Begin curling both arms at the same time, contracting the biceps until your hands are at shoulder level. Hold the contracted position for a second as you squeeze the biceps. Then slowly return your arms to the starting position while still balancing on your leg and keeping your entire body as stable as possible.

Close Grip Push Ups: Get into a push-up position, on the toes or on the knees, with your index fingers and thumbs touching each other. Perform a pushup by allowing the elbows to bend outward at a 45 angle. As you descend, keep your body straight from your head to your toes, or knees. Try to get within a few inches off the ground or just get as low as you can if you are a beginner. Follow the same line up and repeat for recommended repetitions. 

Front Dumbbell Raise:
Stand with dumbbells at your side, feet shoulder width apart. Grab the dumbbells with your palms facing your torso. Keep your back straight with your elbows close to your torso. Keep your elbows bent at a slight angle to protect the bicep tendon and to isolate the shoulder throughout. At the same time, begin to lift your arms straight out in front of you while keeping your upper body stationary and making the shoulder joint the pivot point. Lift the arms until both arms are straight out in front of you with the dumbbells just above your shoulders, and your palms facing the floor. Then follow the same line coming back in a controlled fashion.

Aimee Miller
BHC Personal Trainer
Nutritional 'Did You Know'

Now that we are in the midst of spring and all the bounty it brings, it's time to take advantage of what we have around us.

Right here in Ballard we have a lovely Farmers Market full of fresh fruits and veggies all grown locally and in season. The fresher your food is, the more benefits and nutrients you'll get from it. When food has added ingredients and preservatives, the calories we get from it have a harder time being utilized strategically to the best of their ability.

To best take advantage of seasonal food, try making something where you are in control of the ingredients that will be satisfying.

Asparagus and garlic are two delicious veggies coming into season right now. Try the recipe below or come up with your own!

Makes 4 servings
     1 bunch asparagus spears, trimmed
     3 tbsp olive oil
     1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese (optional)
     1 clove garlic, minced
     1 tsp sea salt
      tsp ground black pepper
     1 tbsp lemon juice (optional)

Directions: Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Place the asparagus into a mixing bowl or on baking sheet and toss with olive oil. Then sprinkle with parmesan cheese, garlic, salt, and pepper. Arrange the asparagus on baking sheet in single layer. Bake in the preheated oven until tender (12-15 minutes). Sprinkle with lemon juice just before serving.

Amy Howard
BHC Nutrition Coach


Introduction to Yoga
with Jamie Carroll
6 week course:
Saturdays, April 18th - May 23rd 2:30-3:45pm

This six week course will teach basic yoga poses, sequences, breath exercises and touch upon the philosophy of yoga. Suitable for all levels, this class will help build a foundation for a health yoga routine.

This 6-week course will be $60 for members. Individual sessions are $12. Sign up online at our website or at the front desk.
Mayor visits BHC

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray made the Ballard Health Club one of his few stops while touring Ballard on April 25th.

Our lobby was quite bustling with everyone who joined the mayor, including City of Seattle department heads and members of the Chamber of Commerce, as well as a number of others.

During his visit we had a delightful conversation about Ballard's past and future. We reminisced about the Backstage Nightclub and music that used to fill the space that is now filled with treadmills, kettlebells and yoga mats. He was also excited to hear how BHC is working with the Ballard Chamber of Commerce to help make the Commons Park a more positive and inviting place for our Ballard community this summer and in the future, including a "Yoga in the Park" series.

Overall it was a nice flurry of a visit, leaving us proud of our roots and looking forward to growing within our community in the future!

Read more about the Mayor's tour of Ballard here
From the Owner

In our February newsletter, I first mentioned that we jumped at the chance to secure more space for our club. We did not know exactly what we would do with additional space at the time, but did know that any additional space could be put to good use for our members.

In the past several weeks, the new area has taken shape to the point where we are able to visualize and feel what its best use would be for our members.

With lots of discussions among staff, visits by several class instructors and a great deal of experimenting with different scenarios we have come to the conclusion this new area should be a "quiet" studio. With this plan, we can make this area more yoga / mind-body centric and improve the experience
of attending these types of classes at BHC.

By moving yoga-type classes to the new studio along with the related items of mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets, our existing studio will have additional space and can be tailored to focus on Group X classes and activities. We can also make changes to this room to make it more open, accessible and inviting between classes for general use of our members.

With two studios, we needed to name them. With this in mind, the upstairs studio will be "Studio Y" and the studio off the gym floor will be "Studio X".

We are making steady progress on evolving the new space into a professional studio but it will still take the better part of the summer to get it all done.

We are excited about being able to provide two separately equipped studios to enhance our members' class experience. We also gain the ability to increase the number of class offerings of all types at BHC.

Pat Gilbrough
BHC Owner and General Manager