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By Claudia N.

I loved the story! The characters and descriptions were so rich and I could not put the book down.


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I loved this book~ What an awesome read!

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June 22, 2015 

I recently visited my first Little Free Library.  Have you heard about this? It is a free book exchange where anyone can take a book, return it at your leisure, or leave a book to share with others. Well I simply LOVE this idea! This particular Library was started because of one smart little girl. She loves, loves, loves books, and while visiting the library one day, asked her Mother, 

"Who is that person who knows where everything is? The one who knows what books to share with me every time we come in?"  

To which her Mother replied, 

"That is the Librarian. The keeper of all of the stories in all of the books in the whole library!" 

This idea amazed her! A Librarian? The Keeper of ALL of the stories in ALL OF THE BOOKS in the WHOLE LIBRARY? 

Using her smarts, her determination, and possibly a smidgeon of parental guidance, mere months later, she has amazed us all and opened her first Little Free Library! She is clearly unstoppable, and is most definitely my all-time, inspirational, Favorite Librarian in all the land! 

Visiting my Favorite Librarian at my local
Little Free Library!

Why is this so important? Who should care? YOU should care! It is because of ignorance, the lack of understanding others from different places, the lack of education, and especially the lack of reading that so many are mistrustful, intolerant, and even downright hateful; which, by the way, I HATE . .  I mean, err, ummm, meant to say . . . DISLIKE ENTIRELY!

By promoting literacy and by reading books we are building connections that will last a lifetime. Here is the link, because I think you should consider making a donation, or consider sharing this idea with others who might want to start their own Little Free Library and become one of the over 20,000 Little Free Libraries around the world! 

Sometimes, all it takes an unstoppable, not-yet-grown-person to remind us that the world is a vast place, full of adventure, full of possibilities, and full of hope . . so "check it out!



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