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April 25, 2015 

I would really like to go back to work.  Back to work, writing, and creating fictional nonsense for all to read.  I mean, Harper Lee only wrote ONE book. I said ONE BOOK! And now, she has this other book, which she didn't really intend to put out, that, of course I will buy and eat up like creamy spinach dip with toasty pita points, just because this is HARPER LEE for gosh sakes!  And to think she is eighty eight years old! It gives me hope, in that I am merely near the mid side of fifty, that maybe in my eighties, should I be blessed, or cursed, to live that long, that I will have an audience as wide and fanatical as she clearly continues to reign in. . . but, then again, it kind of reminds me of My Momma . . . or . . . Van Gogh. 

Does one have to seriously DIE before the greatness is upon them? And really, lets take a moment to talk about that last one, Van Gogh, as he was a bit disturbed, yes?  I mean who cuts off their own ear? For a loved one? He was obviously stalking her, and then built this whole fanatical obsessive behavioral system in his mind, and when she, rightly so, and without a court order, told him to "Bug Off!" he continued down his mad delusional journey, and then took off his ear. 

Guys. . .if you want to win your gal back, removing a body part other than, say, maybe, your disturbed brain, is simply unacceptable.  Does not reek of love, passion, nor give the idea that a lifelong partnership should be posthaste set in order.  My Momma would have set that straight.  

I am sure I hear My Momma calling to me, saying, hummmm, it is sooo fuzzy, that afterlife talking connection...kinda like T-Mobile on a barometrically pressurized day. OH! No, not it's not Momma, whom I love and adore! It's my mindfulness meditation messenger on my iphone, telling me to "Be At Peace"

So, don't kill mockingbirds, don't cut off body parts, love with purpose at all times, and clean behind your ears.


Please note that any typos or mistakes are completely intentional and used to serve the purpose of proving that I am mostly human.