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"This book is a fantastic insight to a young girls heart who has lost everything! We are resilient creatures and this is a wonderful example of our hearts desire to survive."

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January 31, 2015 

Well I have just burned through the days of January without even noticing that it is already almost February! How do I even justify this total time warp - this lapse, this void, this total abyss in the calendar? Clearly I have been drugged, kidnapped, wrapped in a cryovac cocoon, and secret agents from the Warren Buffet brigade have taken me, and have poked through my brain, in an attempt to discover what happens in the minds of such talented and spectacular authors such as myself. HA! Bet I stumped them good! What they didn't know was that I was merely the decoy - the real brainiac author, whose name shall NEVER be revealed by me, even at the risk of being water-boarded with Veuve Cliquot Champagne, is being held safely at a closely guarded remote facility - where he/she will soon find out that our own government is attempting to do the same thing to them! So, I have dispatched the flying drones disguised as monkeys, who, by merely singing, "It's A Small World After All," over and over, ad nauseam, until said author, who, as I stated above, shall remain nameless, will be safely escorted back - delivered back, back to the keyboard - back where the magic really happens. Where no one dare penetrate.  
Am I crazy? (Totally rhetorical, please don't answer.)
Or, maybe, I've been watching just a tad bit too much crime-drama this month?  It's not like I didn't clear everything for Sunday, the Big Day, when the excitement of learning the outcome of an event that I have speculated about, placed bets on, and reviewed previous clips of, just to be READY for it, will become reality!  Yes, The BLACKLIST is ON! Or, The SuperBlacklist, as I astutely renamed the entire series. Here is a link to help you catch up - but HURRY!  The SuperBlacklist!
I am sure that the SuperBowl will prove interesting too, what with the cute puppies, the magnificent Clydesdales, and the under inflated ball syndrome, whose concept has kept us enthralled for many weeks now. And don't get me wrong, I actually do like football, but seriously, back to real entertainment, The SuperBlacklist. 
Have A Super Sunday!

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