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Congratulations, 2014 graduates!
Faces of DEHPDestiny McLain (Sprayberry High, '14), Donevon Howard
(TNT Academy, '15) and Chiara Grady (Cartersville High, '14) have all been active in the DEHP Ambassadors, a student group which promotes KSU's Dual Enrollment Honors Program to prospective students.  They will be featured in a new DEHP brochure and postcard.

Chiara Grady to Address Board of Regents
about Dual Enrollment


Chiara Grady (Cartersville High '14) has been invited to address the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia about her experience as a Move on When Ready student in KSU's Dual Enrollment Honors Program.  Chiara will be part of a small group of students representing several Georgia colleges and universities who will address the Regents at their May 21st board meeting.  The students will share the benefits they've gained from participating in dual enrollment under the Accel, Move on When Ready, and the technical colleges' HOPE Grant   

Chiara Grady has completed two years of full-time college coursework under the Move on When Ready program, earning 51 credits.

programs.  The Regents are the governing body of the University System of Georgia.

  Chiara is the only KSU student to participate in Move on When Ready for two full years, starting with her junior year in highschool.  Through the program, she will have completed 17 college classes and earned 51 college credits. 

  "Starting dual enrollment as a

high school junior has allowed me to basically have a two-year scholarship.  My parents have saved thousands of dollars which I can put towards my education, and this will allow me to start earning advanced degrees earlier than if I would have stayed in high school."

  Although Chiara was a full-time KSU student, she stayed connected to her high school  through clubs and social events, and attended its homecoming, prom, and football games. She also became involved at KSU, joining a national service sorority, serving as a Relay for Life team captain to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, and joining the equestrian team for a semester. 

  Chiara plans to continue at KSU and pursue a double major in marketing and management.    

Student Profile:
DEHP Sudent Gains Experience in Medicine While Still in High School


      From an early age, King's Academy senior Phillip Williams was unusually focused on a career goal. "I wanted to be a surgeon in the first grade," Phillip said. "I love taking things apart and fixing them and other hands-on work, which is an interest a lot of surgeons typically share." 
Phillip Williams' preparations for a medical career include more than two years of shadowing a general surgeon and participating in a medical mission trip to Guatemala.

While many high school students falsely believe that they cannot gain experience in their field of interest before they receive a college degree, Phillip wasted no time in finding opportunities in the medical field.  As a high school senior, Phillip already has over two years of experience in shadowing a general surgeon.  "I've always looked for opportunities to get into the hospital and experience that environment from a doctor's point of view.  It has been a great experience to be in the operating room and see everything that goes on, and I've learned a lot about that career path."

     Phillip found out about the Healthcare Explorer program through visiting hospital websites. He participated in programs through several hospitals including Northside Hospital, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and St. Joseph's Hospital. These competitive programs, open to high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, offer students classes and hands-on experience in a variety of concentrations, including robotic surgery, cardiology, radiology, and sports medicine. "Some programs take place over the summer, and some during the school year," Phillip explained.

     Phillip did not limit his search for opportunities for medical experience to the United States, however. "Probably the most exciting medical experience I have had is a medical mission trip to Guatemala last year," Phillip recalled. "We provided free medical clinics to people in rural villages while working with a Christian medical ministry there." Not only was this an excellent experience for Phillip, but it also played well into his ultimate goal of working as a surgeon overseas.

     Following his graduation from high school this May, Phillip plans to continue his education at Kennesaw State University with a major in biology. "While taking KSU classes, I also plan to complete my Emergency Medical Services certification," Phillip added, explaining that this would provide more job options in the future. After graduating from KSU, Phillip will continue on to medical school.

     Phillip credits the Dual Enrollment Honors Program for helping him achieve his goals by allowing him to get ahead in his college credits and preparing him for his future years of schooling. He will have completed 23 credit hours, including Chemistry and Calculus, with a near perfect GPA.  He added that "Taking high school and college classes simultaneously forces you to develop better time management and responsibility.  Most careers in the medical field require years of serious schooling, and without time management, you won't make it."

     In addition to his academics, he has been involved in a number of extra-curricular activities including three years of cross country, two years of JROTC, BETA club and Eta Sigma Alpha honors society. Phillip has also served for three years on the journalism staff for the King's Academy school newspaper, The Verve, and is currently the editor-in-chief. "Being involved at your school is something everyone should do," Phillip commented. "It's good to have a balance of different things that you do."

     Phillip continues to pursue this career path with the hope of ultimately joining a practice or starting his own. "I also plan on being involved in medical missions and using my talents to help others, whether it is local or overseas volunteer work."

     For students seeking similar opportunities, Phillip encourages students to find someone in their career of interest and talk to them about their experience. "See if they will let you shadow them at work." For the medical field, Phillip added that this is "also a great way to meet physicians in other specialties who you could shadow." For those yet unsure of what career to pursue, Phillip encourages students to look into a lot of different fields and gain experience in each so they can begin to narrow down their interests.  Liza Stepat
Alumni Update:
DEHP Alum Named Fulbright Scholar 
Zack Carter will pursue a masters degree in Fusion Energy at York University in England.  
     Former Dual Enrollment student Zack Carter (Sequoyah High '10, KSU '14) has been named a Fulbright Scholar. Zack will graduate from KSU in May with a double major in Mathematics and Modern Language and Culture. He will attend graduate school at the University of York in England on the prestigious Fulbright U.S. Postgraduate Fellowship.

     "I'm incredibly excited to live and study in York, England in the Masters of Science in Fusion Energy program," Zack told KSU. "Clean energy is something I'm very passionate about, and I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to study the subject that I love and to experience a new country and culture."
    Zack began his KSU experience as a Dual Enrollment Honors student in 2009-10. He took five classes each semester of his senior year, earning 30 credit hours.  "I really think dual enrollment gave me an advantage because it allowed me to explore the possibilities in college at an early age.  Although I did change my major to mathematics from economics midway through college, which set me back a little, I feel like having that college experience as a high school student was something that helped me to get a sense of direction in my college career that I would not have had otherwise."

     After his Fulbright experience, Zack plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering. "Eventually I'd like to become a researcher in plasma physics at a national laboratory or other research institution.  I'm also considering the possibility of starting a business after my Ph.D."

     Zack describes the Fulbright application process as a three-stage process which starts with an initial application.  "First you must choose the country to which you are going to apply - I chose the UK because of the Master's in Fusion Energy that is offered at the University of York." The application includes a two-page academic statement, a 1-2 page personal statement, and three letters of recommendation.

     He believes his double major in Mathematics and Spanish helped in the selection process, because it showed that he was well-rounded.  "The Fulbright is not just looking for people who are good at what they do, but they are looking for people who show the potential to be cultural ambassadors, no matter what field they come from," Zack said.  He also had a 3.8 GPA , had studied abroad in Spain for a summer, and had participated in undergraduate research activities at KSU and at the University of Michigan.

     "I am very proud to have had the opportunity to study at Kennesaw State as an undergraduate," Zack told KSU. "I know that I could not have done it without the help of the wonderful professors, staff and fellow students at KSU."

Alumni Update:
Noah Solomon Wins Top Georgia Tech Student Award
     Former DEHP student Noah Solomon (Homeschooled, '08) has been named the Outstanding Master's Graduate Student in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech.  Noah is a second year master's student in International Affairs. 

      Noah began dual enrollment at KSU in Fall 2007 as a homeschooled student, taking a full load of college courses during his senior year. He continued in the Honors Program at KSU after high school graduation and graduated as an Honors Scholar in Political Science in 2011.


As a Georgia Tech graduate teaching assistant, Noah Solomon helped to coordinate a European study abroad trip for International Affairs students.  He is shown at La Grande-Place in Brussels, Belgium.


     At Georgia Tech, Noah's primary focus is on international security, energy security, and energy policy issues. He is president of the International Affairs Graduate Organization and serves as an INTA Graduate Ambassador, one of the liaisons between the School and outside individuals and organizations. As a graduate teaching assistant, he helped to coordinate Georgia Tech study abroad visits to sites in Belgium, France and Germany. As an intern, he has conducted research and analysis for Senator Saxby Chambliss's office, Herman Cain's presidential campaign, and the Carter Center in Atlanta. Noah is also active in his local church, serving as a youth leader for high school students and serving on mission trips to the Czech Republic and disaster relief and recovery trips to New Orleans, Louisiana and San Isidro, Texas. 

     Noah has presented his research on the United States Navy's biofuels program at the Georgia Tech Research and Innovation Conference, and was an invited presenter at Georgetown University's 16th Annual Transatlantic Policy Symposium to present his research on the Ukraine crisis and Russia-EU relations. This summer, he will be working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), focusing on the effect of power grid reliability in the United States and Caribbean on adoption of solar-and-battery electric generation systems for electricity consumers. Noah graduates in December 2014 and hopes to work as an analyst for a private or public firm dealing with alternative energy and energy security.  He is the son of DEHP Academic Advisor Stacey Solomon and Michael Solomon.

 Proud to be Owls!
Etowah High School seniors Lucy Boettcher and Shauna Clausen will continue their college journeys at KSU.  Both will have completed 26 credit hours of coursework in DEHP.  The best friends were able to carpool together, take many of the same classes, and study together.  Now they will look forward to entering the KSU nursing major together!
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Liza Stepat
, KSU sophomore honors student, student writer


Natalie Tikhonovsky
Tikhonovsky, homeschooled DEHP junior, who did the newsletter layout and compiled student lists

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Adairsville HS:
Victoria Grubbs,
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Rebecca McCord,
Georgia Tech, Zell Miller Scholarship
Saori Sakuragi,
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Kalai Willis,
University of Georgia, $1,500 in scholarships
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Stephanie Weisenburger,
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Texas A&M University, $73,504 in scholarships
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Sydney Sims,
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Etowah HS:
Lucy Boettcher,
Kennesaw State University 
Shauna Clausen,
Kennesaw State University

Taylor Fendley,

University of Alabama Honors College, Presidential Scholarship


Harrison HS:
Chessa Birrell,
University of Georgia, Scholarships from AIO Wireless, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Gold Award, and Harrison High School PTSA.
Alexis Calvert
Georgia Tech
Eleanor Hellriegel
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Alexander Kiwus,
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Nicole Adamson,
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Harrison Reddy
University of Georgia, Zell Miller Scholarship

Samuel Beloin,
Vanderbilt University
Tiffany Palmer,
Kennesaw State University
Ben Woodson,
The University of Georgia, Zell Miller Scholarship
Lassiter HS:
Brandon Ailion,
Georgia State University
Charlie Gilliam, 
Georgia Tech, Zell Miller Scholarship
Jake Montalbano,
University of Alabama, School of Engineering, Presidential Scholarship for full tuition for four years and School of Engineering Scholarship for $10,000

North Co
bb HS:
Kyreia Crudup,
Kennesaw State University

Pope HS:
Michelle Igori,
University of Georgia
Regina Caeli Academy:
Keegan McGarry,
Georgia Tech

River Ridge HS:
Amanda Omorogbe,
accepted to both West Virginia and Boston College - will go to West Virginia, $52,000 in scholarships (received offer of $180,000 in scholarships from Boston College)

Sequoyah HS:
Alexander Keller,
Georgia Tech
Elara Ruszkowski,
Georgia State University, Excellence Scholarship for $4,000
Sprayberry HS:
Brandon Gacuzana,
University of Georgia
Kathryn Heib,
Freed-Hardeman University, $38,000 scholarship

The King's Academy:
Anna Carroll
Auburn University, Auburn True Blue Scholarship for $14,000 and Auburn Spirit Foundation Scholarship for $6,000
Lauren Shearman, Carson-Newman University, $48,000 scholarships

Shannon Parker
Southern Polytechnic State University
Mariam Turner,
University of Georgia, Zell Miller, $4,000 National Merit scholarships

Walton HS:
Kyle Hess,
Georgia Southern University Honors Program, Cone Scholarship and full housing scholarship

Wheeler HS:
Alexander Keeling,
Kennesaw State University

Woodland HS:
Lara Burton,
Shorter University,
Full tuition, room and board scholarship for 8 semesters
Jake Darnell,
The Juilliard School,  Percussion, Juilliard Alumni Scholarship totalling $112,000

Woodstock HS:

Jessica Smith,

accepted to both Purdue University and Sweetbriar College 

Nicole Agner,

University of Georgia,  Zell Miller Scholarship

Rachel Zinney

The University of Georgia


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