Coloradans for Nebraska
Call for Volunteers

Coloradans for Nebraska has had members asking if there will be volunteers at specific watch partner locations for the 2016/2017 football season.  


This year, we needed volunteers to state that they would be at a location at least 6 of the 12 regularly scheduled games before items were dropped off to be used by the volunteers.  


We were able to have volunteers for 3 of our watch partner locations state they could be available for at least 6 games, though we could still use extra hands at Noonans, Swingers, and Benders for the season.  


We would love to have volunteers for the location in Colorado Springs as well as one in Ft Collins or Loveland.  


So if you could look at your schedule and commit to volunteer at one, two, three, or more games, we may be able to add locations with volunteers as well as ensure the other 3 locations are staffed for the entire football season.  


To volunteer to help at a watch site location, please email Wendy by clicking on her name, replying to this email, or email to


Future Football Schedule
Below is the football schedule as it stands now.  You can also bookmark to stay up-to-date. 

For games, we ask that you are at the site you volunteered to man, at least one hour prior to game start time.  

* Saturday, September 17 - vs. Oregon - Memorial Stadium - 1:30 ABC
* Saturday, September 24 - vs. Northwestern - at Evanston, IL - 5:30 BTN
* Saturday, October 1 - vs Illinois - Memorial Stadium - 1:30
* Saturday, October 15 - vs Indiana - at Bloomington, IN - 1:30
* Saturday, October 22 - vs Purdue - Memorial Stadium - TBA
* Saturday, October 29 - vs Wisconsin - at Madison, WI - 5:00 ABC/ESPN
* Saturday, November 5 - vs Ohio State - at Columbus, OH - 6:00 ABC/ESPN
* Saturday, November 12 - vs Minnesota - Memorial Stadium - 5:30 BTN
* Saturday, November 19 - vs Maryland - Memorial Stadium - TBA
* Friday, November 25 - vs Iowa - at Iowa City, IA - TBA

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