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One Nation Indivisible 
Susan Eaton, June 2012 
 "Have We Learned Our Language Lesson?" (PDF) 

National Immigrant Integration Conference
Miami, October 23-25, 2013
Hosted by National Partnership for New Americans, the Florida Immigrant Coalition & the Knight Foundation

Latining America: Black-Brown Passages and the Coloring of Latino/a Studies
Milian, C. (2013)

U.S. Immigration and Education: Cultural and Policy Issues Across the Lifespan
Grigorenko, E. L. (2012) 
Springer Publishing Co.

Migration and Economic Growth 

Czaika, M. &  

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Regarding Educaction: Mexican-American Schooling, Immigration and Binational Improvement

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Immigration Reform is in "full boil." Given the speed the President hopes for -just 10 weeks- in getting a vote, the details and their implications must be of concern to all practitioners, policy makers and experts. Thanks to effective advocacy, the White House Domestic Policy Council staff has made immigrant integration the last (but still included) element in the President's Immigration Reform bill (IR). Will the Senate and House include integration as they take the lead? Smart policy makers should think about the day after any IR bill becomes law and contemplate the realities:


*  40 million foreign born people will need information 

*  22 million will need assistance as they become eligible to

    adjust their status

*  8 million people who are currently eligible continue to need
to naturalize
*  Hundreds of thousands who are excluded will need to address
    their situation 


These are huge numbers, and IRCA '86 taught us that ground forces have to be mobilized, equipped, trained and financed to meet the need.  Immigrant Integration will become the essential challenge. Obsession with admission and border security blinds policy makers. It has resulted in a border control budget larger than the FBI, DEA, and Secret Service combined but does not spend a dollar on naturalization, none on international professional recertification, and too little on English language training. Integration and related services will need support. A hundred other investments might be mentioned that would have significant benefit to an economy that thrives on immigrant entrepreneurship and flexible agricultural labor.  


All this month the voice of the 16% foreign born in our workforce NEEDS to be heard. Immigration Reform is about those 13 million with Green Cards, those seeking papers, their children and the global talent we need to educate, recruit and retain.

Welcome to the IIL Commentary!  We hope to connect practitioners and researchers with the contribution of academics working across multiple disciplines - our focus being the role social policy and social work can play in promoting the full integration of the foreign born.

The Research and Books columns serve as a bulletin board, posting recent work from a wide variety of submissions and sources meant to encourage scholarship, use of evidence-based research and create a richer vibrant national place for dialogue.

       Westy Egmont, Director 
       BCGSSW Immigrant Integration Lab

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Five leading-edge organizations in the emerging field of professional immigrant integration joined forces two years ago as IMPRINT with a shared vision: to promote "a United States which actively welcomes internationally educated skilled workers, and recognizes these talented individuals as vital colleagues, neighbors and fellow citizens."


IMPRINT members draw on specialized knowledge to guide work-authorized immigrants in applying their international postsecondary education and professional experience to careers in the US. Member organizations include the Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education, the Welcome Back Initiative, The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, World Education Services, and Upwardly Global.


Each agency provides a wide range of services to immigrant professionals, including:

*   Credential evaluation
*   Soft-skills and specialized technical training
*   Educational advising
*   English language instruction
*   Professional acculturation
*   Employment placement

*   Networking skills  

In particular, IMPRINT works to streamline complex professional licensing and re-credentialing processes, and advocate for the adoption of policies and best practices that facilitate the rapid integration of these skilled workers.


Suzette Brooks Masters of the JM Kaplan Fund, one of IMPRINT's major funders, sees IMPRINT as essential to focus attention on the nearly two million underemployed skilled immigrants who already call the US home. "With appropriate interventions, many of these accountants, engineers, doctors, nurses, dentists and teachers can fill our current and future labor market needs without the need for Congressional action on visa reform or temporary worker programs. This population is an asset to our country and should not be overlooked."  More about IMPRINT>> 

  Read more here > >
Sylvia Xiaohua Chen, Veronica Benet Martinez, Wesley C.H.Wu, Ben C.P. Lam, Michael Harris Bond
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The Latina/o Racial and Citizenship Divide on Perceptions of the Influence of Immigrant Mobilizations Read more here > >
Maria Cristina Morales, Aurelia Lorena Murga, Marisa E. Sanchez
Sociological Inquiry, Volume 83, Issue 1 (February 2013)  

Estimating Self-Selecting of Immigrants: Comparing Earnings Differentials Between Natives and Immigrants in the US and Israel Read more here (PDF) > >
Yitchak Haberfeld
International Migration, Volume 51, Issue 1 (February 2013)

Effects of US Citizenship on Wages of Asian Immigrant Women Read more here > >
Huiquan Zhou, Sungkyu Lee
International Journal of Social Welfare, (January 2013)

Residential Segregation, Nativity Status and Hispanic Living Arrangements in Later Life
Read more here > >
Jeffrey A. Burr, Jan E. Mutchler, Kerstin Gerst-Emerson
Population Research and Policy Review, Volume 32, Issue 1 (February 2013)

Exploring Parent-Child Communication in the Context of Threat: Immigrant Families Facing Detention and Deportation in Post-9/11 USA Read more here > >
M. Briton Lykes, Kalina M. Brabeck, Cristina J. Hunter
Community, Work and Family, (January, 2013)

Muslim Women's Workplace Experiences: Implications for Strategic Diversity Initiatives
Read more here > >
Terrie C. Reeves, Arlise P. McKinney, Laila Azam
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, (January, 2013)

Beyond Good Grades: School Composition and Immigrant Youth Participation in Extracurricular Activities Read more here > >
Dina G. Okamoto, Daniel Herda, Cassie Hartzog
Social Science Research, Volume 42, Issue 1 (January 2013)

Public and Subsidized Housing as a Platform for Becoming a United States Citizen
Read more here > >
John I. Carruthers, Natasha T. Duncan, Brigitte S. Waldorf
Journal of Regional Science,  Volume 53, Issue 1 (February 2013)