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Issue 11
October, 2014  
Ward Beaudry
G. Ward Beaudry 
Before You Say "Yes," Be Aware of Your Legal Responsibilities 


It can be flattering to have a family member or good friend request that you act as a trustee, executor of their will, healthcare proxy or even grant you their durable power of attorney. Before you blindly yield to flattery and say "yes," some serious conversations and fact-finding need to occur.

All of these titles bring with them some weighty obligations, duties and potential liabilities. While assuming those responsibilities can be necessary, honorable and worthwhile, you should enter into the agreements armed with knowledge and clarity.

For example, being named a health care proxy gives you the power and responsibility to make medical care decisions and possibly even end-of-life decisions.  Before you do so, here are a few guidelines:
  • Be able to say "no." While you want to help someone you care about, make sure you have the emotional strength to cope in such a taxing situation. If you know you can't, it might be best for all involved if you decline.
  • Talk it over. By definition, a "proxy" should make decisions based on the wishes explained in the legal documents establishing the proxy. Discuss religious and moral beliefs, and don't be afraid to ask the tough questions.
  • Get access to medical records. You should have a clear understanding of the loved one's condition and what treatment options are available. A HIPPA form should be included.
While not as emotionally charged as the health care proxy, other legal assignments such as Attorney-in-Fact under a Durable Power of Attorney, Trustee or Executor are accompanied by serious responsibilities. Before you assume the responsibility, you need to review the documents. There are obligations, duties and potential liabilities. The goal is to avoid problems upfront.

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Essential Estate Plan Documents 

Make life easier for those you leave behind with these essential documents. If you are missing any or they need updating, let's talk. 
Will Document 
The Time is Now to Get Your Estate Documents in Order
  • Last Will and Testament - Avoid court-controlled administration. Update as life changes occur. Don't forget your digital assets.
  • Revocable Living Trust - A tool to pass on assets. It might provide tax savings and creditor protection. It can also be an alternative to a prenuptial agreement and used to preclude Ancillary Administration to cover out of Texas real estate.
  • Power of Attorney - Assigns someone to act on your behalf, with respect to financial affairs, if you are unable.
  • Durable Health Care Power of Attorney - Enables someone to make medical decisions for you with guidance by you in advance.
  • Letter of Intent - For information or items not in your will. It might include wishes for your funeral.
  • List of Documents - Make it easy for your executor to find everything you have prepared. It should include user names, passwords and the contact information for those who have represented you with legal and financial services and advice.

5 Estate Planning  Don't image  

Mistakes to Avoid 

  1. Choose the wrong individuals to give your power of attorney, or as executors or trustees.
  2. Leaving your IRA to your Estate. This makes it subject to claims from creditors.
  3. Neglecting to Revise Beneficiaries. If life situations change, you need to update these.
  4. Foregoing a healthcare directive. Save your family from the guilt of guessing your wishes at a difficult time.
  5. Leaving a trust unfunded. Do this, and the creation of the trust was pointless.


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