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10 Leadership Tips for First-Time Managers
10 Things Your Business Should Be Tweeting About Everyday
The FDA Quality Assurance System - Documented Review Of Dentists Requirements
A Satisfied Customer Is A Loyal Customer
Keeping Credit And Collection Manageable
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Know The Score:

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The Ultimate Guide to Scoring Customers & Prospects  


From predicting political election outcomes to analyzing athletic performance to searching for cancer cures, numbers, data, formulas and algorithms are playing a bigger role than ever in modern society.


The business world is not exception, with marketers scrambling to get their heads around customer and prospect data.


For many savvy marketers, a key component of understanding this data involves implementing scoring models to help identify, evaluate and communicate with contacts.


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Business Dictionary

What is Proxy?       


Written authorization from an absent member (or a shareholder, called the 'principal') that confers a limited power of attorney on another person, member, or management of the firm (called 'agent' or 'proxy') to vote on behalf of, and in accordance with the directions of, the principal. 
Hints & Tips




What Money Can and Can't Bring    


Money may be the husk of many things but not the kernel.

It brings you food, 
but not appetite; medicine, 
but not health; acquaintance, 
but not friends; 
but not loyalty; 
days of joy, 
but not peace or happiness.


Nicolas Azar
Nick Azar is Managing Director/Partner of Azar and Associates, a full service business consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in the dental industry. Visit our website, or E-mail Nick.


The Dental Post's

Managing People - 10 Leadership Tips for First-Time Managers. 


When the time comes to promote strong, capable individual contributors into their first role as a manager, how do you prepare them? Although their performance has been good and you've assessed that they are a fit for the job, leading others will be an adjustment for most. Don't assume that an effective worker will automatically become

an effective manager - especially if he's to manage a group of his peers. 


Here are 10 leadership tips to help your first-time managers succeed and avoid failure:


1. Accept that you still have much to learn. You will have worked hard for your promotion and have ample expertise in your chosen field, but you may find that you lack self-confidence in your ability to lead. Be prepared to learn from others-including your new team. Read more.

Marketing Tactics - 10 Things Your Business Should Be Tweeting About Everyday

Engaging your customers over social media is a must. According to Salesforce Insight 2011: 

  • 42% of social media users contacted brands via social networks (Tweet thisstat!)
  • 61% were willing to give feedback to a brand on their social profile (Tweet thisstat!)  

Furthermore, the conversion rate for generating sales over Twitter is 2.7% - 6% greater than referral traffic, 10% greater than paid search, and 50% greater than organic search. Read more. 


Regulatory & Compliance - The FDA Quality Assurance System - Documented Review Of Dentists Requirements    


A cornerstone of the Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit System (DAMAS) is the control of documents. While not a particularly glamorous activity, document control is an essential preventive measure ensuring that only approved, current documentation is used throughout the organization. Inadvertent use of out-of-date documents can have significant negative consequences on quality, costs and customer satisfaction.




Dental Laboratories depends on their customers and therefore should understand their needs, should meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.


A Simple documented system or procedure should be established specifying how reviews of dentist requirements (Rx) will be controlled. This may consist of subsystems or procedures that address the requirements under DAMAS Management System Specifications. Read full article.

Sales & Customer Relation -  A Satisfied Customer Is A Loyal Customer


If you are a marketer, you are always looking for new and effective ways to reach your customers. But as most marketers, you may never stop and ask "How do my customers want to communicate with me and my company." The answer is critical.




A recent study conducted by inContact and Harris Interactive found that 56% of all U.S. adults are willing to consider switching companies if they are not happy about how they can contact you. The same study found that if you don't offer options for communication other that the 

1-800 number, you are outdated.


Furthermore, the study found that more than 86% of all U.S. adults expect companies to offer flexible timing and multiple options to interact with customer service. After all, it is customer service! Read more.

Accounting & Finance - Keeping Credit And Collection Manageable


As an integral part of the overall accounts receivable program, credit and collections must be handled efficiently and promptly. Because the collection of open invoices is the primary source of cash that provides the necessary cash flow for a business, it is imperative that a business not lose control of this potentially unwieldy piece of the accounts receivable program. A successful accounts receivable program identifies and adopts strict credit and collection policies and uses set procedures to ensure the timely and accurate collection of any debt. 


The following outline establishes simple guidelines

that can be implemented to keep your credit and collection efforts manageable.




Establishing Accounts for New Customers

1. Get a credit application on file. Ask specifically for two references whom the new customer has done regular business. Include a question of "Expected Monthly Purchases" on the credit application to help set credit limits. Use your professional contacts to verify credit references. Read more.

If you are looking to improve your laboratory's efficiency, reduce waste, improve customer service, provide a competitive edge, reduce risk, increase profitability, and most importantly provide a formal process to help meet FDA QS/GMP requirements, then
call us today at  (661) 810-2446 
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Nicolas Azar - Coach & Consultant
Azar & Associates