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Letter from the President 

 Wow... can you believe summer is already here! We have had a number of great events this spring.
The Point Loma library show and "Allure" were just two of the opportunities our members had to show their work this Spring.  The Fallbrook Galaxy of Glass and our own Annual Members show are coming up soon, so get involved in some great opportunities  to show off your work!

Several of our members attended GAS in San Jose and BECon at the Bay Area Bullseye Center.  There were some great workshops there and several of our members attended. See the great pics and articles to show how much fun we had!

 We have some incredible opportunities  coming up soon here in San Diego. An amazing kiln formed workshop by Bullseye Artist Catherine Newell in September  and one in October with Carrie Iverson.

Be sure and review our calendar so you do not miss out!  
Susan Hirsch 
President, AGASC 

Spanish Village
at the San Diego Fair
by Connie Govier
I think this was the best San Diego Fair that I can remember since I was a kid.  The theme was San Diego Balboa Park, celebrating 100 years of history,  and as such, Spanish Village artisans were invited to display and demo (not sell) at the Fair in the Garden area.  Janet Nelson, Creative Stitching Studio #3, was largely responsible for our presence at the Fair and it appears we will be invited back again next year.  Janet's helpers painted the asphalt to replicate the look of Spanish Village and we were all there to inform the community of this great gift to San Diego. AGASC Art Glass Guild members who participated on at least one day at the display included:  Ann Mitchell, Marcy Stinton, Chris Stell, Alane Gray, Frank Havlicek, Jo Ann Pastori, Connie Govier, Sandy Levin, and Susan Hirsch.   Jo Ann, Frank and Ann brought kilns and helped fair goers create fused glass pieces to pick up after they were fired and cooled.  Some of those creations will go back to Studio 25, a clever way we had of getting people to the Village.  The opportunity to create their own glass art really drew the crowd.  It was so nice to have electricity and ready made spaces and tables for our use.

AGASC Annual Members Show

at Studio 21 in Balboa Park 

by Gayle Tunney Richardson  


Hello Members, We are off to a great start with 2015 and I'm looking forward to a wonderful Annual Show at Gallery 21 at Spanish Village. I am happy to be the Show Chair again and looking forward to see what every one has to enter this year for the September show. Congratulations to those who sold pieces and won ribbons. I want to make sure this year is as exciting and profitable for us.  


If you are a new member, you may not know that all entries are welcome!
(It is a judged show, not Juried) and we have a novice category for those who have not shown professionally and worked in glass for less than 2 years.    We have also added
Mixed Media category to the show.

Our sponsor Members, CBS Coatings by Sandberg and Uroboros each have a category with prizes. Glassline is sponsoring a first and second place award for work using an obvious amount of glassline inks or chalk... details to come in the application!  

Other categories include: Novice, Vessels, Sculpture, Wearable Art and Wall Art  We do need the title of the piece, dimensions, category, and the price. You must deliver the work on the afternoon of September 9th.  Art work must be delivered display ready - no assembly required! 

Important dates:


Entry deadline- Sept. 2nd

Show Dates- September 11th thru September 21st 

Art Intake September 9th, 3-6pm 

Painting and gallery prep September 9th at 10am

Hanging the Show: Thursday, September 10th 11- 5 

Judging: Friday, September 11th,  

Gallery will open after the judges are finished (usually 12 noon) 

Artists Reception: Sunday, September 13th, 4-8pm

Pick up and clean up is September 21st, 4-6pm 




 Art Glass, Supplies

and Classes 


125 West 157th Street
Gardena, CA 90248

phone (800) 354-5277

or (310) 516-7828  






 3610 SE 21st Ave

Portland OR 97202

(503) 232-8887



805 Early Street, Bldg E

Santa Fe, NM 87505

(505) 467-8951



4514 Hollis Street
Emeryville CA 94608
(510) 595-1318



2139 N. Kerby Ave.

Portland, OR 97227 USA

Phone 503-284-4900

FAX 503-284-7584




toyo logo  


 A new generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters  




Pat's 1502


Stained Glass & Repair 

2176 Chatsworth Blvd

San Diego, Ca 92107

619-223-1895 or 619-224-4622  







Division of Clay Art Center, Inc.

2636 Pioneer Way East

Tacoma, WA 98404 United States

800-952-8030 or 253-922-5342 

Fax 253 922-5349 




The finest hardware for the hanging and displaying of
glass art available!  
Phone: 650-353-4642

955 Park Center Drive 
Vista, Ca 92081  
Monday-Friday, 7:30 - 4:30 p.m.  
Phone: 800-729-9478  
Fax: 760-727-2986


856 N. Commerce Street  
Orange, CA  92867  USA 
PHONE: 714-538-0888 
Mon. - Fri. 8am TO 5pm PST 

2000 Riverside Drive, Suite 19 
Asheville, NC 28804 USA 
Monday through Friday,
8:00am to 4:00pm EST. 
Phone: 8828-254-2559 or 800-914-746328-254-2559 or 800-914-7463


6441 S.E. Johnson Creek Blvd.
Portland, OR 97206
United States
Office: (503) 774-6000
Fax: (503) 774-7833

("Glass Patterns" is Maureen at Glass Patterns Quarterly)

A Sanborn Corporation
15019 Madeira Way #86747
Madeira Beach, FL 33738
Phone: (727)- 397-3073

Toll Free: 877-793-6636
FAX: 909-793-7641
715 West Colton Avenue
Redlands, CA 92374
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
7:30AM - 4:00PM

Personal Injury Lawyers
200 W Santa Ana Blvd. #630
Santa Ana, CA  92701
Phone:  (714) 550-6000

Screen Printing for glass
1200 Harkness St.
Manhatten Beach, CA 90266

Show Requirements

-You must be a current member

-Pay fees at application deadline  

(The application and easy payment is posted on the AGASC show page  

 All pieces must be for sale.


$35.00 for the first entry and $15.00 for each additional entry)

-You must be available to sit (staff) one day of the show or arrange a sitter 

(If you are from out of town, you may request to work on the Intake day, pick up or reception day)

-You must volunteer for one tasks listed below

( It takes a village to put on a show )


Please send me an email if you see a position you'd like to help with, 


We need help to fill all the blank spots  

1) Show Chair Coordinator: Gayle Tunney 760-445-672   

Co-Chair: _____

2) Graphic Artist (Posters, postcards, email blast)  Jack Wade

3) P.R. Machine: a) Press Releases: Gayle Tunney and _____

b) Flyers will be available at the Glass Guild, Studio 25

4) Applications and Spread sheet for checking in and releasing all art pieces/

Name Tags for Exhibiting Artists -Jon Simpson 

5) Payment/Reimbursements: Connie Govier

6) Judges Coordinator: Gayle Tunney

7) Permits/Insurance for Raffle/Reception: Jon Simpson

8) Artist Reception/Hor D'eouvres/Tray Pass Wine:

* Coordinator: Gayle Tunney and Caterer James Johnson    

Servers: 1) _____ 2) _____3) _____ 4) _____

Bartender at Station: 1) _____ 2) _____3) _____ (One hour spots)

9) Reception Raffle Coordinator: Rosmary Stark Helpers 1) Sandy Levin 2)___ 3) ___

10) Artist Reception Entertainment Coordinator: Gayle Tunney___________

11) Fee Collection: Connie Govier Susan Hirsch and Jon Simpson (One hour spots)

12) Pre-show Studio touch up Wednesday, September 9th, 10:00am:

Coordinator: _____ 2)_____ 3) _____ 4) _____5) _____

13) Art Intake Wednesday, September 9th, 4pm-6pm: 1) : Jon Simpson 2) _____3) _____ 4) _____

14)Show Set Up Thursday, (This category is full.)

15) Show Representatives Schedule Coordinator: _____ (setting up sitting schedule)

16) Spread Sheet/Labels for Art Intake: Jon Simpson

17) Ribbon Coordinator: Leslie Perlis

18) Judges: 1) Catherine Newell 2) _____ 3) _____ - Gayle will send out letters

19) Show Photographer: _____

20) Sales Processing on Opening Night: Square via Susan Hirsch/ Connie Govier

21) Show Booklets, Artist Bio's: 1) Gayle Tunney

Program/Price List: will be the Take in Spreadsheet person - Jon Simpson

22) Name Tags for Exhibiting Artists: will be the Take in Spreadsheet person Jon Simpson

23) Art Pick Up Monday, September 21st, 3pm-5pm: 1) Gayle Tunney

2) Jon Simpson 2) _____  3) _____ 4) _____

AGASC Point Loma Library Exhibit Reception
 by Leslie Perlis
We have had a wonderful response to our exhibit at the Point Loma Library.
Viewers have said how creative and innovative our work is and didn't realize how many glass working techniques there are. Several of these viewers attended our Reception on May 30th, along with the artists, friends, family, clients, library patrons and one homeless person. The viewers also appreciated the technical and inspirational write-ups for each piece. Featured artists are Kathleen Mitchell, Marti Blair, Leslie Perlis, Cathy Coverley, Susan Hirsch, Jack Wade,
Jon Simpson, Rick Knight, Mariah Armstrong, Jennifer Brennan, Christine Bolger and, Joi Lakes. 
In addition to the wonderful glass art everyone enjoyed the music by Sue "Queen of Boogie Woogie" Palmer and her BrickTop Trio, featuring Sharon Shufelt and April West. They also were happy to practice their newly learned Swing Dance steps which were taught by Janette Kutchins in a lesson before the reception began. And much to my surprise along with Jack Wade's excellent glasswork, the man can swing dance!!! Mixing art forms such as fine art, music and dance makes for a nice cultural experience. A fun time was had by all.


Four AGASC Artists were accepted into the Front Porch Gallery Annual Juried Exhibition.


Christine Bolger, Elizabeth Haas, Gayle Tunney-Richardson  and Jack Wade.

Join us to celebrate!
Artists Reception July 19 Noon to 2 pm
Hors d'oeuvres and Live Music

Exhibit Dates
July 19 to September 12
2903 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, Ca 92008

Gallery Hours   

Wednesday through Friday Noon - 6 pm  

Saturday and Sunday  11 am - 5 pm 

AGASC Members and Alec Miller  
Make Beautiful Images Together
by Jennifer Brennan 
AGASC Members were excited to work with professional glass photographer, Alec Miller in May, 2015.   Through his photography, Miller captures "artistic creation, from the  process to the finished product."  Our members were able to take full advantage of Miller's specialty as an art glass photographer with private process photography sessions in Art Hell, a Glassblowing Studio as well as finished product photo sessions.  Alec Miller started blowing glass himself at the now closed Craft Center while he was a student at UCSD.  When he was invited to come to San Diego to work with AGASC members, Miller was just as excited to give back to the community where his own glass career started.

During the glassblowing photography sessions, Miller danced around the hot shop, getting the perfect angle, capturing the artist at work and then jumping in as an assistant, bringing a hot bit or paddling to set a bottom.  While shooting Russell White, Miller zoomed in on his hands turning the piece in the glory hole.  Miller expressed his interest in the artist's hands, as a tool of creating; the extension of the artist's energy into the work.  Miller's joy in the photographic process can be felt in the final images he created.

The final product photography sessions happened after the sun went down so that Miller could control all the light sources himself.  Kathleen Mitchell provided her gallery space, Purgatory, for the after hours photo sessions and Jennifer Brennan volunteered her time to be Miller's assistant.  At sunset, Miller turned on his favorite music playlist and got to work.  Photo sessions went late into the wee hours of the morning for several days to get each AGASC member beautiful images.  Alec Miller set up each piece, adjusted the lights and filters and moved around the camera to get "the shot" for each piece of art.  He found the dichroic fused glass challenging.  What color to highlight?  Kiln cast pieces were lit from directly overhead to get the glass to really glow from within, and vessels were arranged to produce beautiful cast shadows.  Brennan had a great time watching the entire process, cleaning each piece of glass, and stretching onto tiptoes to hold a light, reflector or filter in just the right spot.  

Miller began on post production before he even left for home.  The day after wrapping up the photo sessions, Brennan and Miller took a morning walk to the beach. Miller expressed his excitement to get to work editing his images.  He truly wanted every artist to be happy with their images, and he said that he hoped everyone will use his photography to support and elevate their own creative endeavors. 


 GAS Conference and BECON!
by Marti Blair  

What could be more fun than going to the Bullseye Conference (BeCon) in Emeryville, and follow it up with the Glass Art Society Conference in San Jose? Well, meeting and being with friends in the process of course!!

At BeCon, I was greeted by former AGASC Secretary and wonderful artist Lea DeWIt, along with other locals Connie Govier and JoAnn Pastori, Joi Lakes, and Cristine J...... The programs were in the Pecha Kucha format, with each presenter having 6 minutes and 6 seconds per slide for their presentation. It sounded like a risk and I wondered how we might get the information intended, BUT it worked great! There were 4 panels rotating throughout the day. One for Architectural Installations, one for Screen Printing and Powder Work on Glass, a panel on the Business of Glass, and one for Kids and Glass. The participants were top notch and their presentations were excellent. Once the presentations were complete there was an hour for question and answer. It made it all come together and everyone got their questions answered. It is a toss-up as to which of the panels I enjoyed the most. Find more on the Bullseye Glass website .

Then the really big conference....close to 1000 attendees from all over the world descended on San Jose. None more potent and inspired than our own group of many: Ilanit Shalev, Bill Matulich, Kathleen Mitchell (yes the one and only!), Carolyn Moore, Jennie Brennan, Joi Michelle Lakes, JoAnn Pastori, and Connie Govier. We managed to dance at the Tech Display night's disco, had a great dinner together along with other friends at Scott's Seafoods, and ran into each other at the various venues. There was way too much to do it all! Our only frustration was having to miss one demo to attend another...My favorites were Mark Abildgaard on his unique casting processes, would love to have been able to hear more of Mel Douglas's coldworking demos as well as Johnathon Turner (nee Schmuck). The hot shop from Corning was pulled up in the park and entertained audiences with incredible demos pretty much non-stop. Our local faves the De La Torre Bros put on at great show, but there were so many others.

A highlight of the weekend was the Gallery Crawl...artists from the California College of the Arts, from Oakland area, and other Bay area and San Jose State luminaries of glass arts had work represented in multiple galleries around San Jose. We walked and looked until our feet could walk no more and ended the evening in a delish spot for Vietnamese Pho. Great company there as well with the De La Torre brothers, my pals from Northern LA: Zoe Garcia, and Cathi Milligan. We met up with other glass artists we knew from workshops we had taken or met at the summer camp of Pilchuck, Oatka, and Bullseye. It was a great time. Next year Glass Art Society will hold its annual conference at Corning Glass in New York State, June 9-11. Mark your calendars NOW!!

 GAS Conference and BECON!
It's my first time at GAS!  
By Jennifer Brennan

How exciting, to have GAS in California this year!  I made it a priority to attend the conference and my goal was to get the most out of my first GAS experience.  Mission accomplished!  I started out the week by attending a pre-conference class with fellow AGASC members, Carolyn Moore and Joi Lakes.  We took an intense three day class in beginning pate de verre at Infuse Glass Studio.  This relatively new San Jose glass studio is run by three wonderful women, and lead instructor Tracie Galbraith Nakagawa kept us moving at a brisk pace with demos, and one-on-one support during the creative process.  We learned the beginning principles of pate de verre, starting from plaster silica molds formed around clay positives, followed by packing the glass frit into the molds.  Tracie provided excellent handouts and explained her development of kiln firing schedules.  On our final day, we divested our glass from the molds and cold worked our finished pieces. By the time the official GAS conference started, I had made 2 art objects, learned a new kiln forming technique, eaten fantastic meals in local restaurants and made new friends.

I had no idea GAS was going to be as exhausting as a session at Pilchuck, but the "all glass, all the time" atmosphere made it hard for me to carve out downtime.  I started each morning with coffee & hot glass demonstrations on the Corning Museum of Glass Roadshow stage at 8am, followed by cold working lecmos at San Jose State until lunch.   I was impressed by the world-class talent showcased in both the hot glass and cold working venues.  I was able to watch demonstrations from artists I have met over the years, as well as artists whose work I have found interesting in galleries and museums.

San Jose is a lovely area and even though the conference provided a shuttle bus between venues, I found it enjoyable to walk with other conference attendees and talk glass with people.  I spent afternoons shopping and talking with vendors in the tech display hall.  Some of the tech display highlights for me included designing a custom hand tool with Jim Moore, learning how to care for my used flat lap from the owner of His Glass Works and learning about the newest blowing color from the good folks at Olympic Color Rods and Gaffer Glass.  

With all that the conference programming had to offer, I actually believe the hidden value at GAS was the abundance of networking opportunities.  I was glad to reconnect with artists I only see when I travel as well as meet new people from around the world.  There were glass artists everywhere; at the hotel pool, in line for coffee, on the dance floor, during the gallery crawl and in the restaurants around the conference venues.  I also greatly enjoyed getting to know my fellow AGASC members better while at GAS.  I am looking forward to growing as an artist through the knowledge and friendships I gained at GAS, 2015.

Allure, selected works from  

the Art Glass Association of Southern California


The Allure Show was held May 17 - 31, 2015 at the Mainspace Gallery, in The Glashaus. Around 15 artists participated. A well attended reception was held on May 23.


Congratulations to artist member Christine Bolger whose work "Reaction" was selected as Juror's Choice.


The juror was Tom Noel who has worked for many years operating highly successful galleries in La Jolla. Tom and his partner Larry Baza ran Noel-Baza Fine Art in Little Italy for the past 7 years.


We want to thank Kathleen Mitchell for coordinating this show.  



Join Bullseye Glass Co. for a new workshop:
Explore Santa Fe: Assembled Metaphors,
with Michael Rogers, October 20-24.

There is what we bring with us when we travel to a new place-and then there is what we meet when we get there. This intensive workshop explores the intersection between self and place and how it can culminate in visual poetry.

Spend five inspiring days immersed in Santa Fe's beautiful natural areas and built environments, and in the kilnforming studio with guidance from artist and teacher Michael Rogers.

Participants will first engage in an assignment that helps them make intuitive decisions and examine what they've brought with them, and then explore the inspirations to be found in and around Santa Fe. The goal is to create a visual diary that is personally significant to each participant. From there the work extends through an experimental group project, pulling together the individual kiln-cast glass works to form a glass rebus. In this way we contemplate self-expression, place, and the community we form.

Explore Santa Fe: Assembled Metaphors, with Michael Rogers is a unique opportunity for beginning to advanced kilnworkers, as well as artists working in other media.

Explore Santa Fe package also includes:

* Lodging, plus breakfast and lunch each day
* All glass and tools needed for studio work
* Field trips to local galleries, museums, and private collections
* Insider tips on interesting shops, galleries and other features many visitors miss
* Evening tour of the art collection at Casa de Asterion (private home of Bullseye Glass owners)

For more information, contact Bullseye Glass Resource Center Santa Fe at or 505.467.8951.

Upcoming Lecture and Workshop
with Catharine Newell

Renowned Bullseye Artist Catharine Newell
will be coming to San Diego in September and
is one of our Annual Members Show judges.

She is going to be speaking about her work
on Monday night September 14,
Time and details to come.

She will be doing a 3 day workshop at Susan Hirsch's studio on
Friday September 18 through Sunday September 20
Limited to 8 students $500
Sign up now!

Details and sign-up are on the website!

To see more of her work click on the link

Upcoming Lecture and Workshop
with Carrie Iverson

 Carrie Iverson will be doing a 4 day printmaking workshop
at Susan Hirsch's studio on
Friday October 23 through Monday October 26
Limited to 8 students $600

Details and sign-up will be on the website soon!

She will also be giving a lecture of her work
which will be free to our members and public
 Date and location come!

To see more of her work click on the link

Welcome New Members!    

Roberta Schannep "Screen it on"
Chrisinda Lyons
Krista Baroudi
Suzette Guzman
Karen Rose
Denise Nelson



JULY 19-        Front Porch Gallery 5th Annual Juried Exhibition  
SEPT 12         Reception July 19 Noon to 2pm
                       2903 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad Ca 92008

SEPT 14          Lecture - Catharine Newell  (Time and location to come!)

SEPT 9-21       AGASC 34th Annual Member's Exhibition
                         Studio 21 - Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park

SEPT 18-20     3 day workshop Creativity Workshop with Catharine Newell 
                         Susan Hirsch Studio  968 Rancheros Dr., San Marco's CA 92069 
SEPT 13-         Galaxy of Glass - Fallbrook Art Center
OCT 25           130 South Main, Fallbrook, CA 92028
                        Opening Reception is Saturday, Sept 12th

OCT 23-26       Four day  printmaking workshop with Carrie Iverson
                         Susan Hirsch Studio  968 Rancheros Dr., San Marco's CA 92069 

To submit events that may be of interest to our members contact us!


Share your experiences at a workshop, show or event with all of us at AGASC!

              This is your newsletter...  We would love to hear from you!  


           Deadline for Articles and Events for Quarter 3 is September 15

 Susan Hirsch  Newsletter Designer 
Art Glass Association of Southern California