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CBS Tour,,,was fun!
Chihuly Garden
Letter from the President

Greetings Glass Aficionados,
August already!  Where did the year go?
As many of you know, I have been building a studio in Barrio Logan.  The hot shop portion is complete and open for rental, small group classes, and private instruction. The cold working and lampworking areas are very close to completion.  I promise to put together a "start-to-finish" photo narrative for the next newsletter...NOT that I recommend the process for the faint-of-heart!  We will have the next General Membership meeting in my home away from home.
In the meantime, the Board and all the Committee Chairs have been meeting regularly and putting together fantastic show opportunities, educational adventures, and THIS fabulous newsletter.  My heartfelt thanks go out to:
Jack Wade, Vice President
Jennie Brennan, Secretary
Jon Simpson, Treasurer
Marti Blair, Education Chair
Susan Hirsch, PR Chair
Gayle Tunney-Richardson, Show Chiar
Doug Dailard, Show Co-Chair
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"
 Helen Keller
I hope to see you ALL in October.

Kathleen Mitchell, President AGASC


Art Pulse TV interviews!
              AGASC members featured! 
Rob Morey has an exhibit currently at Pulse Gallery and was interviewed about his glass art.

Kathleen Mitchell has officially opened her own hot shop and has been interviewed by Pulse Art TV! For a quick tour click on the link below!

"Terry tries it" at Kathleen's Studio!
and Announcements

AGASC members website updates! 
We would like to update our members page: 
As a AGASC member you can choose have your name and your website or contact information listed with a hotlink. We need for you to let us know if you are interested as we will not post names or links without your request. This is a service so people who visit our site can find our artists.

AGASC Hubbell Tour of Ilan-Liel  
Thursday Sept 5
Our Foundation provides the space to inspire and explore our humanity through art, nature, beauty, and our relationship with friends,  so that we may be a catalyst that helps foster a vision of a peaceful, respectful, humane, and harmonious world.

This is a very special  
private tour for AGASC
 members. The cost is
$50.00 and is
limited to
20 persons. There are just
a few openings  
left so if you are
interested please email:

CBS Coatings by Sandberg Sale
One Day Sale: Sunday Oct 20, 2013 8 AM-Noon
628 N Eckhoff St Orange, CA 92868

Pacific Art Glass Open House 
Two Day Event!! October 5th and 6th  
Huge Sale, Vendor Demonstrations, glass blowing, Flameworking. Drawing for lots of prizes including a kiln! Lunch and snacks provided. 
Juried Art Competition with Cash Prizes 
Deadline Thursday October 3rd.  
Tickets in advance are 5.00 or 7.00 at the door 

AGASC 32nd Annual Members Show is just around the corner! 
If you are a new member (Welcome!) you may not know that all entries are accepted (It is a judged show, not Juried) and we have a novice category for those who have not shown professionally and worked in glass for less than 2 years.
Plus we have one new category! Glassline is sponsoring a first and second place award for work using an obvious amount of glassline inks or chalk... details to come in the application! 


Show Dates: October 25 to November 4th 
Artist Reception: Oct 27 
Entry deadline Oct 9
*We will send out the application to all and also post it on our website with a paypal link for your convenience. 




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and Classes 


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phone (800) 354-5277

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Pat's 1502


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Olympic Kilns
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The finest hardware for the hanging and displaying of
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  Our Sponsor Pacific Art Glass throws a Great Party!
                 "Spirit of 96" was a fun event!

If you have not attended one of the great events at Pacific Art Glass you are really missing out!
Not only do they have wonderful demos, good food and a FABULOUS Raffle and super sales... They have a ton of people who all love glass to meet and share a fun time with. This event was also featuring System 96 glass. Patty Grey had been teaching a five day class and this last day included Seattle Artist Ryan Staub and his team doing roll-ups for the class. The raffle was a fundraiser for a 10 year old boy who needs a diabetic dog.

If you missed this one you can attend the BIGGEST event of the year
Pacific Art Glass Open House. Two full days! October 5th and 6th...
See details above in upcoming events!

"Expressions in Glass"  
AGASC show at Front Porch Gallery 

                   Show dates are July 31st to September 15

Thanks to the work of Marti Blair and Gayle Tunney Richardson, working with the Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad our members had an additional opportunity to show and sell their work in a great location. The gallery provided postcards and advertised on  KPBS  local radio and hosted a very nice artist reception. (Pics below)  It is open until September 15th if you have not had an opportunity to see it, try to get up there, it is really a nice presentation of glass. Front Porch Gallery is located at 2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008    (760) 795-6120 Retail Store and Gallery open Wednesdays through Fridays from Noon - 6 pm * Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am - 5 pm

Thanks to Dana Baldwin, our hostess at their dichroic glass facility in Orange, CA, who greeted our eager faces and showed us around their Museum of Dichroic Art. Here they have an amazing variety of art forms that have used their glass or have been treated with dichroic colors at their facility. They handle a lot of custom orders and it shows in the MODA. They also sponsor an annual contest for artists who use their dichroic glass.  Dichroic by Design Contest 2013! It's not too late to enter (deadline November 15, 2013) and there are some valuable prizes to win!   

 Though we arrived earlier than expected, Dana graciously allowed us into the back rooms to shop for treasure: One room for 96 COE, and another for 90. We drooled as we sifted through all the beautiful textures and colors available in round 19" sheets, stringers, frits, and multitude of prefabricated pieces in shapes all kinds of fun objects. We waited until after the presentation to find out about the dichroic extract, a new product that can be used like paint on the glass surface. It isn't cheap, but it goes a long way. Here you see Tom Marosz jaw dropped when he hears the price of this magic fairy dust!!

Jim Dunham's lecture started with showing us the system for displaying the many glass colors and textures to help us decide which might be our next project enhancer. He then explained the importance of how they clean and re-clean the disks they are coating to be sure NO particles stay on the surface. He also showed us the steel forms they use as a resist to create the various patterns on the surface of the dichroic colors. (Dichroic=Two Color). They coat glass from Bullseye, Uroboros, Spectrum, Float and just about any glass, tile, or ceramic material!  [photo of the room and display]

We all got to take a peek inside the vacuum chambers that house the system for applying the dichroic materials to the glass. The glasses are arranged on a spider armature of 6 or more circular sheets of glass in the upper area of the chamber. The materials used to coat them are applied almost as a gaseous material in a very fine layer. The glass rondels spin in a circular motion as they rotate around a central spindle. Some pretty good photos came from Ann Mitchell's prying camera eye, and a video as well! You can see the color of the interior in a warm glow from the heat application. Very mysterious stuff! Of course, it was originally developed by the founder Howard Sandberg, who had worked in the space programs in Pasadena when he made this discovery of how to coat glass with a dichroic surface.  

Finally, we had a great class by John with demonstration of how the dichro light rays split when light passes through the glass, what the various materials are that are used to make the coatings on the glass, and samples of using the various colors, as well as a new system of adding dichro to copper foil....Very awesome. John teaches at CBS and at studios around the country. Check the schedule on their website, and don't miss the new Video they have up now.  It is almost as good as our tour, but not quite. There is no substitute for being there and meeting the folks who are around this every day. Many thanks to Dana for arranging for our visit, to John for the lecture and tour, and to CBS for supporting our Art Glass Association with their continuing Sponsorship as Patron Members and the prizes they offer in our shows. Hope to see lots of their dichro in our show this year!!


cbs tour  

Ms Blair Goes to BeCon 2013: Chroma-Culture!

My BeCon 2013 Experience was amazing! Besides the opportunity to see the Bullseye Gallery in person, I was very curious to visit the Factory...the hotel they arranged was uber cool, with a tagline of "Stay Inspired". How could you go wrong? I signed up as soon as it was announced. I wanted to get caught up on 30 years of missed information and developments. Kind of reliving my childhood?? Okay, I was 35 when I closed Outrageous Glass, the R and D Fusing/Teaching facility that Boyce Lundstrom had envisioned as a way to test the market for glass fusing. I learned at BeCon that the experiment was costly to Bullseye before it put them on the road to greater success with the development of fused glass! So it was not quite 30 years yet... Whatever! And I learned that Dan Schwoerer met Lani McGregor in San Diego at the 1983 Portcon held here. Some of you were there I know because AGASC hosted an exhibit of the art glass at Sea World in conjunction with the conference. It was called PortCon for Portland Conference once it left Portland, just as BeCon is for Bullseye Conference. The conference is held every 2 years, so plan ahead for 2015 if you want to catch up on the happenings with Bullseye too! 
There was a pre-conference class for one day with Judy Tuwaletsitsa, a wonderful teacher with early educational experience at UC Berkeley and Harvard. The title of the workshop was "Making Breath Visible" and was about process. We got to play with clay and sand and share stories of ourselves and express our vision in forms created from paper mache, crayons, string, file folder paper, and a variety of other materials. It was personal and revealing for each of us. Our friend, Michelle Kurtis Cole was in the workshop as well and was my first friend when I arrived in Portland. There were 12 of us in the class, and I was amazed to learn later about the artists in the group, about their work and their place in the Bullseye experience. Since it was held upstairs at the Bullseye Gallery (within walking distance of the hotel), it was easy to enjoy the surroundings: exhibiting at this time were Klaus Moje, Richard Marquis, Steve Klein and artists new to me: Ted Sawyer, Tanja Pak, Stacy Smith and Silvia Aditi Levenson Love their work!! Other presenters of note were Rudi Gritsch and Clifford Rainey. I know I am leaving someone out, but there was so much. 
A big draw for me was that Narcissus Quagliata and Richard Marquis were presenters. Narcissus I had known from Dan Fenton back in the 70's and Dick Marquis when he worked with others as Noble Effort in the early 1980s. I was at Palomar College to watch Dick make one of his now iconic murrini teapots! I have a rocket piece and a couple of his earrings from the way back! As the first American to really learn the murrini technique at Venini in Murano in the late 60's and early 70's he continues to make outrageous work with murrini today. And he is so entertaining with a quirky sense of humor. Narcissus just completed the world's largest stained glass ceiling in Taiwan last year. He has published a book on the project, gave a presentation on the process, and offered 2 workshops following the conference. Both artists have collaborated with Bullseye for many years, and a good portion of Marquis' gallery work and Narcissus monumental work in Taiwan were made using Bullseye Glass. Both artists are shown in major museums around the world.  
It was especially great to make new friends and renew some old acquaintances. Catharine Newell is offering a residency called "The Familiar" at Oatka Glass in New York State August 18-25 which I am fortunate to be attending. Look forward to more shared stories when I return from there....

bullseye becon  

A visit to Chihuly Garden in Seattle! 
by Carol Korfin

After a recent cruise to Alaska that departed from and returned to Seattle, I took time to go to Seattle Center to see the Space Needle and the Chihuly  Exhibiton Hall, Garden and Glass House. The view from the Needle was great, but the viewing of so many of Dale Chihuly's art all in one place was SPECTACULAR and jaw-dropping. 
After being invited by the Wright family to exhibit at Seattle Center, Chihuly started working with Center on a plan for the 1.5-acre plot. They decided to repurpose the existing building from the World's Fair for the Exhibition Hall, add garden space and design a glass house as the centerpiece of the project. Chihuly chose specific artworks from his career and started to envision new sculptures for the site. 
Intended to function as a community gathering place, Chihuly Garden and Glass broke ground in August 2011. The installation of artworks in the Gardens started March 2012, and then moved into the Glasshouse and Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition includes a mix of new and previously exhibited artworks. Chihuly had the opportunity not only to choose where to install the artworks but also design the galleries, so the context for this exhibition is unique. As his installations interact with light and space in a way unlike paintings or sculpture, he meant for his visitors who may have seen some of these pieces before to have a new experience. This was definitely the case, because I had seen some of the pieces at the Scripps exhibit a few years ago, which was totally outdoors. The ones that were indoors now, in darkened and unusually lit rooms had a totally different look than the first time I saw them. Even the pieces in the gardens looked different because they chose  plant colors and shapes that worked stunningly with the exhibited pieces.


click for all of the great pics at our picassa site

    by Jolinda Marshall


I have thought for a while now that this newsletter would be a great forum for sharing all our mutual

studio tips!  So to start the ball rolling, I wanted to share with you my favorite pens for glass work.  Since I am known as the "Grinder Queen", these pens are invaluable to my stpensyle.  I do quite a bit of work over a lightbox (2'x4' built into my cutting table) where I am able to look down directly and trace the pattern or the adjacent lines of the previous pieces.  But my transferred lines are only as good as their durability on my Grinder or Ring Saw or Tile Saw, through the challenges of water.  

I have used the Staedtler black marker pens since I first found them at Alpine Glass.  They run about $3 there, I believe and I use them to make final pattern markings as well as to draw on the glass itself.  I also got introduced to the well-loved, lint-free yellow towels (in the background of the picture) at Alpine,  and I more recently invested in a very large pack of them at Costco so I can now feel free to use them with wild abandon.  One word of caution, the black marks from the Staedtler pens don't wash out from the towel, so you might want paper towel for heavy markings.  I like both the Fine tip of the Statdler pen (good for exact positioning) and the Medium tip (more for pattern use).  ALL marks from the Statdler pens have fired off for me, but I am careful to remove definitive markings such as numbering pieces and I mostly use rubbing alcohol and paper towel for this purpose. The silver pen in the picture below is just a silver permanent Sharpie, which is very useful in marking black glass, but needs to be removed with Acetone (which I keep in an eyedropper bottle near my sink) or it will leave marks on your fired pieces.  Susan Hirsch recently introduced me to the well adored Deco Color markers,

and I did a fired test to insure that they will not leave ANY residue on glass after firing.  They hold up to the most intense challenge of the Ring Saw and I now own several in many colors.

Marvy Uchida DecoColor Opaque Paint Marker Broad Line, 200S   5 Black for $18 on eBay, 1 Silver fine line for $4.80, free shipping.  I have only found these on the internet.

Staedtler Lumocolor Permanent Marker  Alpine has both sizes for $2.15 and eBay has 4 for $7.98 free shipping.  I believe Blue Dolphin carries them as well, but call first.

So, I hope this is useful information for you and I welcome your ideas, 'however so humble', in any format, for future articles on Tips and Techniques.  My email is and you can text or call (619) 246-3532


Welcome New Members!    


Laura Borschel 
Anne Jackson Hefti 
Edward Hulseman 
Devora Safran 
Kathleen Wasserman 
Brenda Williams 



JULY 21 -              AGASC Juried Show at Front Porch Gallery 
SEPT 15                2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008

SEPT 5                  AGASC James Hubbel tour of Ilan Lael

SEPT 8-                16th Annual Galaxy of Glass at the Fallbrook Art Center
OCT 20                 Opening Reception Sep 7 | 5-7 pm
                              Show Open Daily Sep 8 - Oct 20 Mon-Sat 10am-4pm | Sun 12-3pm
                              103 South Main Street, Fallbrook, California 92028

OCT 5-6                 Pacific Art Glass Open House, Sale and Art Competition
                               125 W 157th St, Gardena, CA 90248  (310) 516-7828  


OCT 12-13             Art Glass Guild Show & Patio Sale  

                               Spanish Village Art Center  

                              1770 Village Place, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101  

                              10am -5pm  


OCT 20                 CBS Coatings by Sandberg Sale 
                              One Day Sale: Sunday Oct 20, 2013 8 AM-Noon
                              628 N Eckhoff St Orange, CA 92868
OCT 23- NOV 4      2013 AGASC Annual Members Show
                               Spanish Village, Balboa Park  
                               1770 Village Place, Studio 21  
                                San Diego, CA  92101

NOV 15                   Deadline for CBS Coatings by Sandberg 'Dichroic by Design' Contest  

                                For more info on this contest click link CBS contest info 

To submit events that may be of interest to our members contact 

our AGA Newsletter Editor Carol Korfin  



Share your experiences at a workshop, show or event with all of us at AGASC!

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