APRIL/MAY 2013 Newsletter 

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New Juried Show!!!
Pattern Bar Workshops
Viejas Glass Installation
Las Vegas Glass Show
BECon at Bullseye Glass
Letter from the President

Dear Glass Enthusiasts,

Spring has certainly sprung and we have many events planned over the next few months.  

I encourage those wishing to explore the possibilities of adding pattern bar work to your repertoire, to take Carolyn's workshop on April 20th. Carolyn taught me how to make these dynamic elements and I just LOVE the process... and the results!

May is chock-full of glass with the Art Glass Guild Patio sale May
11th and 12th, our quarterly AGASC Members meeting May 25 along with a cold-working demo by Gryphon and the deadline to enter the juried AGASC Member show at the Front Porch Gallery May 25th.  

For those of you curious about the difference between a "juried" show and a "judged" show, let me explain...

A juried show is one in which an artist submits work for consideration to a jury (one or more jurors), usually in digital image format. The jury selects the work that will be shown and the gallerist (sometimes the same person) oversees the hanging/staging of the show.  Please follow submission guidelines carefully and be sure your images accurately represent your work and are of high quality.

A judged show, such as the AGASC Annual Show in Spanish Village Gallery 21, is one in which all entries are accepted as long as they meet safety and display requirements.  A judge, or group of judges (we like to have 3) reviews the work and selects pieces for recognition and honor.  Because of the wide range of technique and skill level in our group, we create categories to assist the judges in evaluating the work.  The AGASC strongly encourages novice glass artists to participate in the Annual Show as this is a good entrée into the gallery world.

Last but not least...

Summer is almost upon us.  If you attend one of the Summer Program courses at Pilchuck, Penland, Corning, or any of the other myriad of intensive programs, please take lots of pictures and submit an article to our Newsletter!  I know I will when I take my class with Maestro PINO SIGNORETTO at Pilchuck this year!

Cheers to you all,

Kathleen Mitchell
President, AGASC


Call for Artists: AGASC
Juried show at Front Porch Gallery  
Show Dates: July 21 - Sept 15, 2013

(This is an additional Show Juried by the Gallery)

This show is for AGASC Members only
(Membership must be current by April 30 for submission to this show!)

Front Porch Gallery, a non-profit gallery in Carlsbad will be holding a juried exhibition for Members of the AGASC
Gallery Director Steven Nossan and Assistant Director Julie Weaverling will be jurors.  Front Porch Gallery provides an artist's reception, printed and emailed announcements as well as a press release.  Front Porch Gallery will retain a 40% commission on all sales.  However, artwork does not have to be for sale.  Artwork must remain for the entire exhibit period unless sold at the exhibit.  Artist commissions are paid within 30 days of sale.

Submissions to be received by May 25, 2013
Entries by jpeg may be emailed to jweaverling@frontporch.net or mailed on CD and must arrive by 6 pm by May 25, 2013.  Please submit information on entry form and high resolution images 300dpi @ 5x7 or minimum 1 MB.  If by mail, to:  Front Porch Gallery, 2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008. 

Please provide a self-addressed postage paid envelope if you would like your materials returned. Please use PayPal (credit card) on our blog FrontPorchGalleryCA.blogspot.com to pay entry fee or call to pay fee by credit card before mailing or emailing entries. Entries by mail may send a check.  Entries received without payment will not be considered. Entry fees are non-refundable. 

There are no entry fees for this show

Artists will be notified of what piece is accepted by June 1, 2013


May 25, 2013          DEADLINE for entry either by mail or email
June 1, 2013           NOTIFICATION of acceptance or        
                                non-acceptance by email
                                List of Accepted Artists will be posted on our   
                                blog:   FrontPorchGalleryCA.blogspot.com
July 7-July14, 2013 DELIVERY of accepted artwork
                                                     (W-F noon-6, S-S 11-5)
July 21, 2013           OPENING RECEPTION noon-2pm
July 14, 2013           Exhibit closes
Sept 15-Sept 21      Pick-up of unsold exhibited work Sept 15
                                After 4pm or during gallery hours Wed through
                                Friday noon-6 or Sat-Sun 11-5

link to application




 Art Glass, Supplies

and Classes 


125 West 157th Street
Gardena, CA 90248

phone (800) 354-5277

or (310) 516-7828  






 3610 SE 21st Ave

Portland OR 97202

(503) 232-8887



805 Early Street, Bldg E

Santa Fe, NM 87505

(505) 467-8951



4514 Hollis Street
Emeryville CA 94608
(510) 595-1318



2139 N. Kerby Ave.

Portland, OR 97227 USA

Phone 503-284-4900

FAX 503-284-7584




toyo logo  


 A new generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters  




Pat's 1502


Stain Glass & Repair  



2176 Chatsworth Blvd

San Diego, Ca 92107

619-223-1895 or 619-224-4622  




Olympic Kilns
 4225 Thurmon Tanner Parkway, Flowery Branch, GA 30542






Division of Clay Art Center, Inc.

2636 Pioneer Way East

Tacoma, WA 98404 United States

800-952-8030 or 253-922-5342 

Fax 253 922-5349 




The finest hardware for the hanging and displaying of
glass art available!  
Phone: 650-353-4642



856 N. Commerce Street  
Orange, CA  92867  USA 
PHONE: 714-538-0888 
Mon. - Fri. 8am TO 5pm PST 

Two Part Pattern Bar Workshop: April 20 & May 25 
                                                          Taught by Carolyn Moore 

Part I - Saturday April 20th  10:00 to 1:00 
Location: Susan Hirsch's Studio 
968 E Rancheros Drive Suite S
San Marcos Ca 92069 
Cost to AGASC Members $25.00     limit 15 
Class description Part I: 
A pattern bar is a special method of producing glass patterns that can then be incorporated into your glass art in a variety of ways. In this workshop you will learn how to make a pattern bar block, fuse it, and then cut it up producing segments that will add dimensional, organic patterning to your art pieces. The first day of the workshop will cover designing, cutting, & assembling the pattern bar.  Bring cutting tools (cutter, breaking pliers, and running pliers), a straight edge, & a minimum of 4 sheets of glass 6"x12" (your choice of color/transparency). ring cutting tools (cutter, breaking pliers, and running pliers), a straight edge, & a minimum of 4 sheets of glass 6"x12" (your choice of color/transparency). 
Part II - Saturday May 25th 
Location: Susan Hirsch's Studio
Prior to General Meeting  
Cost to AGASC Members $25.00 limit 15 
Class description Part II: 
The second workshop will cover dressing the fused glass slab and cutting it into usable design elements.


       This Weekend!!!
                                 Sat. & Sun. April 13 & 14, 2013

         During the Ramona Open Studios Tour, artists in Ramona, CA will open their studios to curious visitors, inviting them to talk, check out how they work, and buy artwork if they're interested.
Some of our AGASC members are on the tour!

Come join us !!!  Tickets are $10 per person and include a full-color brochure with map. 
The self-guided tour may be viewed in any order and at your own pace.

Order by phone from the Ramona Chamber of Commerce at (760) 789-1311 Tuesday through Saturday.

Purchase tickets in Ramona at:
  •     Ramona Chamber of Commerce (960 Main St.) Tues-Fri 8am-4:30pm and Sat 9am- 2pm.      Call (760) 789-1311 to order by phone.  
  •     Daniel's Express (1350 Main St.) - 24 hours daily  
  •     Daniel's West (17718 Hwy. 67)
  •     The Java Hut (23658 San Vicente Road in San Diego Country Estates)
  •     The artists' studios on the days of the event
Proceeds benefit the Ramona Chamber of Commerce to be used for community events. 

For more information contact Judy Nachazel at (760) 789-7131 or the chamber at (760) 789-1311 or  www.ramonachamber.com. 

Great Workshop!  Glass Heart Paperweights
                                                                           by Lyn Feudner 

AGASC had another hot glass workshop February 9th.  Members were each able to make a heart shaped paperweight just in time for Valentines day.  Directed by Kathleen Mitchell with help from Jennifer Brennan and Taryn Bertolino.
 Taryn first demonstrated gathering the hot glass from the furnace onto the punty rod. (about 2300 degrees F)  After a second gather she added colored frit on the marvering table and balanced the glass by rolling on the table. At this point the glass goes into the glory hole (about 2100 degrees F) to be heated again so it can be formed.   Keeping the rod or blowpipe rolling is very important as the hot glass is like thick honey and would drip off the rod if it is not turning.  She then took a spatula like steel tagliot to make the crease in the top of the heart, giant tweezers were used to pull the
bottom point of the heart last step is squeezing the back of the heart where it joins the rod with a jack and then tapping the rod to break the heart away from the rod.  From here it goes into an annealing kiln (about 1000 degrees F)
The exciting part is when everyone goes through all these steps and comes up with a glowing heart.  It was a great workshop!
Taryn with Kathleen helping, took time at the end of the workshop to create a beautiful Pitcher that will be part of our next raffle
Thanks Kathleen, Jennifer and Taryn

click to see all of the great pics 

 Viejas Casino Hotel Installation... 'Travels'

by Tom Morosz


Inspired by the Viejas Indians and there journey through time and the area of the southwestern part of North America that they have called home for some 10,000 years is the art piece
"Travels" by Tom Marosz.

As though seeing a frozen slice through time, "Travels" depicts the trials, tribulation and travels  

of the Kumeyaay Indians as they were and are today.

When first viewing "travels" you immediately get a sense of the magnitude of the space. This reveals the all encompassing relationships that the Kumeyaay have had with their land and people for centuries. The number and sizes of the different individual panels of glass are
representative of the different Bands of Kumeyaay of which Viejas is one of the larger.  

The viewer can decide what panel is the most representative of Viejas. It may take a bit to experience the time, but the representation is deep in the texturing of the underling shapes.  

Like a slice through a mountain side as it reveals its history from bottom to top.
Even the colors are part of the history of the Kumeyaay.  From the blue of the ocean to the earth and through to the sky illustrating the sometimes seasonal travels of the tribe to maintain their "green" approach to land use, framing and animal husbandry. Most notably the violet/ruby that travels all the way through the piece is rather insignificant at the inception and completion but  

very intense and almost overpowering in the center of the sculpture signifying the attempted extinction of the tribe by, you guessed it, the white man. But as time will tell and the sun will rise over the mountains the Kumeyaay will, we hope, continue to grow and prosper, as the
traditional basket pattern shows, around our sun.

Thank You Viejas    

Tom Marosz, The Artist  



Click here to see all of the installation pics!     


             2013 Las Vegas Glass Show Report
                                        by Susan Hirsch

The annual Craft and Glass Show at the South Point Casino is a mecca of glass... Many of our members make the annual trip to Las Vegas to see, shop and learn! This year was no exception in the great opportunities for show specials and demonstrations by a multitude of glass vendors. This show is especially good for shopping and comparing equipment. All of the kiln companies and Glass Suppliers are there. New products are introduced and most booths offer show specials.

Connie Glovier, Jo Anne Pastori and I stayed together on the strip at the Jockey Club and took in a beautiful view of the Bellagio Fountains. We saw other AGASC members at the show; Carolyn Moore, Leslie Perlis and Tim Harlan. Our Sponsors Bullseye, Uroboros, Pacific Art Glass, Olympic Kilns, Hang Your Glass, Glassline, CBS all had booths.

I demonstrated "Images in Glass" at the Rayzist Photomask booth and promoted my classes using their photomask methods in fusing with enamels in layers. They also had Butch Young demonstrating her amazing skills in Sandblasting and Carving.

It was a great trip and if you have never gone, I encourage you to go next year!


           BECon 2013: CHROMA-CULTURE    

             Take on the challenge of color at Bullseye glass.


As an artist, the mystery of color is fundamental to you and your work: sometimes you control it, sometimes it controls you. While this is true in many media, nowhere is the balance as delicate - and as exciting - as it is in contemporary kiln-glass.
Bullseye Glass invites you to tackle this challenge June 20-22 at BECon 2013: CHROMA-CULTURE, a conference exploring the intersections of color, kiln-glass, and the human experience. Held every two years on the campus of Portland State University, BECon attracts artists, designers, fabricators, instructors and students from around the globe who gather to network, compare notes, and expand their horizons.
This year's conference kicks off with an opening night reception at Bullseye Gallery, and features presentations and workshops by leading practitioners in the worlds of glass, color, art, and beyond. Speakers include Beverly Fishman, Rudy Gritsch, Richard Marquis, and Clifford Rainey. There's also a technical display with more than a dozen manufacturers and suppliers eager to answer questions.
As always the event concludes with a festive Lehr-B-Q held Saturday evening at the Bullseye factory.
Act soon, the early registration rate of $450 ends April 30! To register, go to www.bullseyeglass.com/becon. If you've got questions about BECon, email conference@bullseyeglass.com. 



Welcome New Members!    

Patti Gray

Carol Hibshman

Warren Norgaard

Richard Pierson

Suzanne Ross 

Donovan Ward  

Diana Wondergem

CBS Coatings by Sandberg  Inc 







To submit events that may be of interest to our members contact

our AGA Newsletter Editor Carol Korfin  



Share your experiences at a workshop, show or event with all of us at AGASC!

              This is your newsletter...  We would love to hear from you!  


           Deadline for Articles and Events for June/July Issue is May 15   




APRIL 20             Pattern Bars taught by Carolyn Moore 
                             Two Part (two dates) Workshop 
                             Part I - Saturday 10:00 to 1:00 
                             Location: Susan Hirsch's Studio 
                             968 E Rancheros Drive Suite S San Marcos Ca 92069 
                             Cost to AGASC Members $25.00 limit 15  
MAY 11-12          Art Glass Guild Show & Patio Sale at Spanish Village                                                             10:00am to 5:00pm  Spanish Village Art Center in Balboa Park
                            1770 Village Place. For more information visit www.artglassguild.org

MAY 25                Pattern Bars taught by Carolyn Moore  
                             Part lI - Saturday 10:00 to 1:00
                             Location: Susan Hirsch's Studio
                             968 E Rancheros Drive Suite S San Marcos Ca 92069
                             Cost to AGASC Members $25.00 limit 15 
MAY 25               GENERAL MEETING and Coldworking Demo by Gryphon 
                             Saturday 1:00 to 3:00 FREE to members
                             Location: Susan Hirsch's Studio
                             968 E Rancheros Drive Suite S San Marcos Ca 92069

                             See their new saw and other equipment in action!
                             The demo equipment will be available to purchase at reduced rates!!!   
JUNE 12-15          (CANCELLED) Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference  

                              Boston, MA  



JUNE 20-22          BECon 2013: Chroma-Culture.   
                              Bullseye Glass  

                              3722 SE 21st Ave Portland, OR 97202

JULY 21 -             AGASC Juried Show at Front Porch Gallery 
SEPT 15               2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008


OCT 12-13            Art Glass Guild Show & Patio Sale  

                              Spanish Village Art Center  

                              1770 Village Place, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 92101  

                              10am -5pm  


OCT 23- NOV 4    2013 AGASC Annual Members Show
                              Spanish Village, Balboa Park  
                              1770 Village Place, Studio 21  
                              San Diego, CA  92101


Carol Korfin Newletter Editor and Susan Hirsch Designer/Layout
Art Glass Association of Southern California