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Letter from the President

Dear Fellow Glass Enthusiasts,

After a whirlwind summer, chock-full of personal and professional growth, I (we) are reminded that change is constant, and our ability to adapt to those changes defines who we are.  


The sudden closure of the Crafts Center at UCSD, along with the suspension of the glassblowing program at the Fallbrook School of the Arts (ironically both on Wednesday, September 26th) shook our community to its core.  Both facilities are integral parts of San Diego's art world, and it saddens me that financial considerations, once again, trump arts education.  Sigh...


On the bright side, the 15th annual Galaxy of Glass show is in full swing at the Fallbrook Art Center (neighbor to the School of the Arts) and the AGASC annual member exhibition is right around the corner at Gallery 21 in Spanish Village.  I know you all have put forth your best efforts and we anticipate a dynamic show of stellar work!  In addition, the Art Glass Guild's Patio sale will be another opportunity to share our love of glass with the public October 13th and 14th.


Last but not least....PLEASE remember that nominations for the 2013-14 Board are due in November.  Please send all nominations to AGASC30@gmail.com during the month of November for President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  You may nominate yourself and all current Board members are available to share information regarding the responsibilities of each position.  We would love to see the momentum of the past two years carried forward!


My very best to each and every one of you

Kathleen Mitchell
President, AGASC


The Third Annual Southern California

      Black & White Juried Exhibition 

                  September10 to October 7 
Glass Noir by Jack Wade 


The Third Annual Southern California Black & White Juried Exhibition opened September 10th, with AGASC member Jack Wade being juried into the show. His piece "Glass Noir" can be seen at the La Jolla Art Association Gallery, 8100 Paseo del Ocaso #B, La Jolla until October 7th. Jack was one of 35 artists to be chosen from some 140 entries, and his is the only glass entry in the show. The Juror for the show was Angelika Villagrana, who grew up in Northern Germany, studied and worked in Germany, Denmark and France, and has lived in California since 1970. The exhibition is sponsored by the La Jolla Art Association and is held every year. Information for entry is on the La Jolla Art Association's website. All works must be devoid of any color, other than black, white, or shades of gray. 


Jack's piece, "Glass Noir" is a fused piece which is formed from alternating layers of black and white glass. After the first firing, Jack cold worked the edges and then using a tile saw cut diagonal gouges out of both the front and back of the piece, to create a column that is finished on all sides. Because of the layering of the black and white, the lower layers are exposed, forming stratifications. After the cutting, Jack did a high temp slump on the column, creating the undulating form and fire polished edges. The sculpture was mounted with glue onto a base composed of several layers of black glass, fused together and polished. The piece is 17" tall and 8" wide at the base, and is for sale for $575.


La Jolla Art Association
8100 Paseo del Ocaso, Suite B, La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 459-1196



   Fall Art Glass Show and Patio Sale
October 13 &14 
Saturday and Sunday
10:00 to 5:00 
All forms of art glass including blown, fused torch worked, stained glass, cast, etched mosaic and more! Over 30 Juried glass artists

    Art Glass Guild (619) 702-8006 
  Spanish Village, Balboa Park  1770 Village Place, Studio 25 San Diego, California 92101

We invite children and adults
to participate in our hands
on mosaic projects and
this show/sale will highlight
various demonstrations including glass cutting.

for directions and more info 




 Art Glass, Supplies

and Classes 


125 West 157th Street
Gardena, CA 90248

phone (800) 354-5277

or (310) 516-7828  







 3610 SE 21st Ave

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805 Early Street, Bldg E

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4514 Hollis Street
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2139 N. Kerby Ave.

Portland, OR 97227 USA

Phone 503-284-4900

FAX 503-284-7584





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 A new generation of self-oiling professional glass cutters  





Pat's 1502


Stain Glass & Repair  



2176 Chatsworth Blvd

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619-223-1895 or 619-224-4622  






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email - info@redhotmetal.net   






4225 Thurmon Tanner Parkway, Flowery Branch, GA 30542






Division of Clay Art Center, Inc.

2636 Pioneer Way East

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The finest hardware for the hanging and displaying of
glass art available!  
Phone: 650-353-4642



                  Annual AGASC Members Show  

The application is now online at AGASC.org and the deadline for entries is October 10th!

The art does not have to be finished at the time of application but needs to fit the size and description on your application! You can fill out the application, email it and you can pay
your entry fees online via Paypal!.


Lets make this the best show ever to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Studio Glass!  


And don't forget... Last years winners need to provide a raffle item for each win! Thanks!

Show postcard  

                                      Once in a lifetime...

            14th Annual Fallbrook Galaxy of Glass

       Celebrating 50 years of the American Studio Glass Movement



How many times in your lifetime can you hope to find yourself listed as an artist on the same invitation as such glass greats as Dale Chihuly and Lino Tagliapietria.  Well the following AGASC members made that list and are part of the 14th Galaxy of Glass, currently on show at the Fallbrook Art Center. The exhibition and sale showcase a broad spectrum of fine art glass sculptures, vessels, functional ware, and jewelry created by local artists.  In addition, the show features a section of significant historic works, courtesy of private collections.
This is an absolutely outstanding collection of glass in all its glory!


Marti Blair  -  Joel Bloomberg  - Jennifer Brennan  - Dick Ditore  -  Michael Hermann  

Carol Korfin  - Vicki Leon  - Boyce Lundstrom  Gina Lunn  - Marty Marshall   - Kathleen Mitchell Rob Morey  - Teresa Soito  - Cynthia Ann Swan  - Lea de Wit


And most of them, along with Sandy Levin, Ilanit Shalev and Marvin Miles were there at the opening reception to enjoy the festivities. (See the picture gallery for many of the pieces and some of the people.)  After the reception, Danny Fratarcangeli hosted an excellent and highly skilled glass demonstration at the Fallbrook School of the Arts.


Through the efforts of a dedicated number of people, including Vince Ross, Jerri Patchett, and Brigitte Schlemmer Fallbrook has become known as one of the "Art Capitals" in the United States, attracting famous artists in all fields to demonstrate their skills.  Fallbrook also has a School of the Arts, offering classes and workshops to the public in sculpture, hot glass, ceramics, printmaking, jewelry making, photography, classical drawing, fiber arts, oil/acrylic/water media/pastel painting, paper arts, life drawing, stone carving and welding for the sculpture artist.


Try to take a few hours to make to see this outstanding show!  It is open daily and runs through October 16th.  Monday - Saturday 10-4PM, Sunday 12-3 PM.  Admission is $10 and Fallbrook Art Center members get in free.
More information about this show can be found here:

Click to see the Fallbrook Art Center site



                 Lecture at ASID Heike Brachlow

                                          by Jon  Simpson   



On September 1st the AGASC brought glass
artist Heike Brachlow to San Diego as part

of the  Professional Artist Lheikeecture Series, which was held at SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist.  Heike's lecture was primarily focused on her Ph.D research in the color in glass.  Some highlighted subjects of the lecture included: form and movement in glass, colors and hues in transparent glass, and how lighting can change the color and appearance of glass.


Kathleen Mitchell began the lecture by welcoming the attendees and Ilanit Shalev introduced Heike to the group.  Ilanit was instrumental in bringing Heike to San Diego, because she had taken a class at Corning Glass earlier in the year, where Heike was teaching mixing oxides to make color tints.  Heike's lecture was injected with humor, and contained a compelling slide show which was all encompassing of her worldwide journey with glass.


The lecture and slide show was both informative and interesting.  And her work in mixing minute gradients of oxides in glass to achieve the different tints and hues has been the cornerstone of her Ph.D research.  She emphasized that her research aims to develop a simple process for studio-based glassmakers to create kiln colored glass.  This is something that AGASC members are sure to benefit from in the future as most of us have dreamed of colors not yet available from commercial sources. Heike's research develops a greater understanding of perception and optics.  It also includes developing a range of alternative glass colors, including subtle variations and polychromatic color (colors which appear different under different light sources) and exploring a way to calculate the amount of color needed to achieve the desired results.


The final slides contained pieces she created for the current show at Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon.  The pieces for this show illustrate how she includes the form and movement of glass with the gradient colors on which she has based her research.  The slides included how she developed the ideas through models and molds to the finished products, which required huge shipping crates for transporting them safely to Portland, Oregon from England.  Her dedication to developing a greater understanding of the nature of color and light is both commendable and significant in the future of glass as an art form.  And we are grateful for her time in sharing this informative research with us.           Click for more pics of the lecture 


For additional pictures of her work go to:  



The Mentor Program through Art Pulse 

By Rob Morey


The last fiscal year has been a time a great changes for me due in large part to my involvement with the mentor program through Art Pulse. Art Pulse is a non-profit arts organization here in San Diego and is headed up by April Game. The mentor this year was A. McLean Emenegger from Santa Monica who is smart, funny, engaging and articulate. I don't think that there was anyone in the group who wouldn't say that we were extremely fortunate to have her as our mentor.


The program was made up of ten artists, mostly painters. During the process,  we would meet once a week at someone's studio, with the hosting artist showing their latest work and talking about what they were working on in the program. The group would spend some time discussing the art and asking questions. These weekly meetings usually lasted a couple of hours and you were required to attend. Then once a month, on a weekend, McLean would travel down from Santa Monica to meet with us. She and April would spend the entire weekend driving around to each artist's studio where we were given advice and assignments aimed at our personal and professional growth.


So what did the mentor program mean to me? Well, it changed my life. I'm making art that I'd never thought that I could make. The work done during the program forced me to really dig deep and find out who I am as an artist. I'm now making work that I find exciting, challenging and inspiring. The business side of my work has never been better and I've never had so many commissions to do. I totally committed myself to the program and for six to eight months, it was the priority of my life. As the saying goes, "You reap what you sow." I don't just make art now, I live it. I have a renewed passion for what I do and I count myself among the luckiest of people.

 Robs Mentor Group   click her for pictures of Rob's work  


Pilchuck Summer Workshop

by Sandy Levin 


I've heard a lot of members talk about their Pilchuck experience the past few years.  Statements like "it changed my way of working with glass", "it was amazing", and "You've got to go," were just a few.  Okay, so I bit the hook and signed up for a class called "Free Geometry," taught by Gyorgy Gaspar, head of the glass department in Budapest, Hungry.  We learned a variety of techniques in kiln casting, laminating, and cold working.  Gyorgy is known for his use of mirrors, deconstruction and reconstruction.


The first few days were spent designing and making molds.  I focused on a pyramid form.  While the kilns were firing, we proceeded to the second phase of the project, lamination.  Using quarter-inch glass, we cut and laminated alternating layers of gray and clear glass then it was off to the cold shop to grind and polish.  This was my first experience with many pieces of equipment and I became intimate friends with the flatbed grinder, the lathe, and sandblaster.  Oh, and how can I leave out my hours and hours of hand grinding to my favorite tunes while I wore noise -cancelling earphones to tune out the wet saws and grinders all around me.  After the laminated sections of the piece were polished and sandblasted, they went back into the kiln to loosen the glue.  Finally, after several more hours of cleaning and laminating the base in a different configuration, the piece was finished.


The experience at Pilchuck was intense, exhilarating, fun and I would absolutely go again.  The fellow students and professionals were warm and welcoming, and I met and talked with such "Glass Greats" as Klaus Moje, an internationally known artist who pioneered studio glass in Europe and later in Australia.  Not least of all, I am very pleased with the piece I finished (see Reflection picture).  The experience at Pilchuck was so inspirational that it prompted me to add a sink and pull more electrical wires into the garage where I work and I bought a larger kiln so I can continue casting and a hand-held grinder for grinding and polishing.  As much as I gained technical information, the value in the experience was equally powerful in artistic vision and the manner in which it expanded my sense of what is possible for me in working with glass. The pictures really tell the story.  Now I get to add my comment about the Pilchuck experience - "Glass heaven in the middle of a pine tree forest overlooking Puget Sound.  Oh, and the food was delicious!"



      Sappho Plate by Judy Chicago and Vicki Leon 

                     From The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago


From 1997-2001 Judy Chicago and Vicki Leon worked together to reinterpret three of Judy Chicago's historic images from the 1970's into glass and to create new work. In total, six projects were completed. Peeling Back


is now in the permanent collection of the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Art. Arcanum in Shades of Gray is in the permanent collection of the Canadian Museum of Clay and Glass. Weaving the Outside In is a permanent installation in the studio doors of Audrey Cowan (weaver from Judy Chicago's Birth Project). The maquette for a Tribute to Clara Shortridge Foltz is in negotiation for permanent housing. Sappho Plate (edition of 45) and Through the Flower (edition of 25) are available for order (first third sold out, second edition production in March 2013).


The techniques and processes used to create the Sappho Plate include mirroring, sand carving and laminating colored glass. Chromatic ErosionTM is a process developed by Vicki Leon whereby an image is rendered in lights and darks by carving away the colored glass to reveal the lighter shades.


The Dinner Party is an installation artwork by feminist artist Judy Chicago depicting place settings for 39 mythical and historical famous women. It was produced from 1974 to 1979 as a collaboration and was first exhibited in 1979. Subsequently, despite art world resistance, it toured to 16 venues in 6 countries on 3 continents to a viewing audience of 15 million. Since 2007 it has been on permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, New York City. (Wikipedia)






          Commission for Downtown Marriott Hotel

                                        by Susan Hirsch 

I am very excited to share my first public installation. Most of my commissions are in Businesses or private homes. "Symmetry" a suspension, was installed in September in the south passage to the retail corridor just off the main lobby. If you plan on going to starbucks or one of the restaurants you can't miss it!  There were several other pieces by San Diego artists and the Agency (out of Atlanta) was looking for one more local piece to round out the "gallery".  They will be installing name plates soon on all.


For pics of the process click here

revised marriott  


Welcome New Members!  


Daniele Fratarcangeli and Dalia El Tawy  





 OCT 13-14        Semi Annual Art Glass Show and Patio Sale

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                           Art Glass Guild (619) 702-8006

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OCT 26-NOV 5  Annual Members Show- Studio 21 AGASC

                           Spanish Village, Balboa Park

                           1770 Village Place, San Diego, California 92101


OCT 28               Reception - Annual Members Show

                           4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


NOV EVENT       Ornament workshop- Details to come!


DEC EVENT      AGASC Holiday Pary- Details to come!   





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