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Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Swim Velocity's Early Achiever Program
8-weeks to improved swimming, 5:30am-6:30am
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How many times have you said to yourself, "I wish I could swim better.  I wish I were faster."
Join Swim Velocity's Early Achiever Program! This 8-week program is the most valuable investment you'll make to improve your swimming.  Never again will you leave your solitary pool workout wishing you had maximized your time better. We know how you feel! Join our group to keep you focused and motivated.

Top 5 reasons to join Swim Velocity's Early Achiever Program:

  1. Small program with personalized instruction
  2. Professional coaches with years of experience specializing in adult swimmers/triathletes
  3. Structured training sessions designed to improve form, speed and endurance
  4. Fun with friends! (You know you'll never swim as good alone... you won't!)
  5. COMPLETION OF YOUR TRAINING BY 6:30AM!! Reclaim your nights!

Be an early achiever!  Join Swim Velocity today!

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Swim Velocity's Early Achiever Program Summary
$99 for 8 weeks of coached, group pool trainings at Santa Margarita
Catholic High School in RSM eachTuesday and Thursday from 5:30am - 6:30am.  We have swimmers from all over OC!  It's worth the drive. Register now for triathlete friendly, co-ed, superior training! 
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Additional triathlon swim programs for adults at our Laguna Hills Location.
6am, 10am, 7:15pm weekly
Open Water Swim Clinics, Swim Lessons and Personal Swim Coaching Available
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Swim Velocity was founded to meet the needs of adult swimmers who want to learn to swim well or compete in a triathlon.  I learned to swim as an adult and could barely make it across the pool.  With good coaching along the way, I completed all distances of triathlon including Ironman.  My favorite swim competition is the Alcatraz Shark Fest - an unlikely goal for me when I started swimming!  Swim Velocity encompasses quality programs to realize your dreams.  I assembled a team of coaches to share the love of quality swimming with "unlikely swimmers!"
One of the most common statements I hear is, "I'd love to do a triathlon, but I can't swim."  I understand!  Let Swim Velocity guide you to good technique, endurance and speed. Our coaches are passionate about YOUR success.
Martha Szufnarowski
Founder and Head Coach
TriLaVie & Swim Velocity