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July 2016
JAGER PRO Corporate Headquarters
JAGER PRO™ is the most efficient Hog Control Operator™ in the United States. Our goal is to improve kill & capture efficiency across the United States by researching, developing and testing new technology, products and methods. This video newsletter is the best way to share monthly information and updates.
Please forward this Integrated Wild Pig Control™ (IWPC) newsletter to others who will benefit from our innovative technology, research,experience and demonstrated whole-sounder success.

We will demonstrate how to assemble, program and erect the 30-gallon Tripod Feeder with Dinner Bell™ to JAGER PRO standards. This feeder is our only recommendation for implementing the Integrated Wild Pig Control™ model as the quick-locking design easily assembles in less than 10 minutes with no required tools or drilling.
Below are a few common mistakes we observe when customers receive their new 6V battery box. The first step should be to test the battery voltage with a multi-meter. Any reading below 6.30 volts requires a 3-hour charge on the constant current charger provided with the battery box. The second step is to connect the red lead to the positive battery terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal. Per UPS and FEDEX regulations, batteries must be shipped with plastic safety tabs on terminals and wires disconnected.
We still recommend the use of twelve (12) AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries for camera operation even though the camera only requires four batteries to power up and connect to the network. Check the external 6V battery box voltage every two weeks and charge battery when voltage approaches 6.00 volts. The 12 AA Lithium batteries will operate the camera overnight while the 6V/12AH battery is fully recharged within 8-12 hours.
When operating multiple 6V battery boxes in the field, we recommend purchasing a spare 6V/12AH battery (without box) to rotate into daily use. We replace a discharged 6V battery with a fully charged one and then charge it overnight for replacing the next low reading in the field. This rotational method is very cost effective and time efficient.
Pulsar Apex XD50A
The Pulsar Apex™ 2-8x42 XD50A Thermal Riflescope is a very user friendly scope with exceptional picture quality. This very durable piece of equipment comes standard with 384x288 resolution and 50hz fast frame rate.
Its one-shot zeroing and freeze function takes an image of the target to quickly zero the crosshairs to the firearm's point of impact.
Users can choose from the automatic, manual or semi-automatic calibration modes, which calibrates the lens in just 1 to 2 seconds.  
Shelby Lavendar
Shelby took three nasty boars beside a duck pond in South West Georgia this month. It is not everyday you see a city girl turn into a hog slaying machine.

Would you like to be a gunner on a thermal hog control mission at night?
Our guides are retired Soldiers - each with over 20 years of military service.
Visit our CALENDER for open September & October hunt dates.
We will be engaging targets in freshly harvested corn fields and overturned peanuts.
TRAPPER OF THE MONTH - 37 Pigs in a M.I.N.E.™ Trap (Two Nights)
30 Pigs in a JAGER PRO M.I.N.E. Trap
7 Pigs in a JAGER PRO M.I.N.E. Trap
HOG CONTROL OPERATOR™ OF THE MONTH - 16 pigs in one night
Southern Hog Control
Chris Monhof and his team at SHC trapped thirteen hogs out of a customer's duck pond and shot three additional boars on the property. Contact a JAGER PRO Authorized Dealer in your area to provide the same advice, service and results.
28-31 JULY 2016
44th Annual Commodity Producers Conference
64 S Water St, Mobile, AL 36602
Event Website
19-21 AUGUST 2016
Perry Buckarama
Georgia National Fair Grounds
401 Golden Isles Pkwy, Perry, GA 31069
Event Website


20 AUGUST 2016

Columbus, GA Wildlife Property Management Seminar

(See below and call 888-917-4637 to reserve your seat)


Columbus, GA Wildlife Seminar
Rod Pinkston & Sophie
Understanding the Wild Hog Problem
There are four specific challenges which make wild hog control different from conventional wildlife management. The key to controlling future wild hog populations in the United States is to overcome these distinctive conditions.  [Read more...]
Clint Housel
Evolution of JAGER PRO™ Cameras
From a 2G camera system on the GSM network using SMS to the latest 3G camera technology on the CDMA network sending photos via data on our mobile app. This article will demonstrate the evolution of JAGER PRO™ cameras during the past decade. [Read more...]
Brian Monhof
Armasight ZEUS PRO 50mm Thermal Scope Test

Shelby kills her first pig while I test the Armasight ZEUS PRO 50mm thermal scope in both 336 and 640 resolution. The ZEUS PRO line comes in 50mm or 100mm Lens and has some great updated options against the standard ZEUS thermal scope. [Read more...]
Call or visit us on the web today. Talk to our wildlife control experts who make their living controlling feral pig and coyote populations. We are committed to researching, developing and testing new technology, products and methods needed to better control these invasive species.


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