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APRIL 2015
JAGER PRO Headquarters Building JAGER PRO™ is the most efficient hog control operator in the United States. Our goal is to improve kill & capture efficiency across the nation by testing and developing new technology, products and methods. This video newsletter is the best way to share monthly information and updates.

Please forward this Integrated Wild Pig Control™ (IWPC) newsletter to others who will benefit from our technology, research and experience.
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The Management Advantage

Urban Capture
Watch as our JAGER PRO Team dispatches 10 of 10 feral pigs destroying an urban neighborhood. It is important to capture quickly and quietly when trapping residential areas. 

Check out our website, watch our videos or give us a call for additional Integrated Wild Pig Control™ tips and information. We want all our viewers to experience the same success and efficiency demonstrated here. 
Phone: 706-718-9789

SCOPE OF THE MONTH: ZEUS PRO 640 50MM           
The Armasight ZEUS PRO 50mm is a very impressive Scope. New Software updates enhanced the already outstanding picture quality and makes the ZEUS PRO one of the best shooting scopes on the market. Since the Pro Models are MIL-SPEC, You can go for a swim or drop it on the ground and still feel confident your scope will perform.

Check the specs from the JAGER PRO store and give us a call to find out our special for the month.
Phone: 706-457-9119                    JAGER PRO STORE
The 3G M.I.N.E. Camera has an internal transmitter on the circuit board and must be located within 50 meters of the M.I.N.E.™ Gate to operate correctly. Users must manually calibrate the camera transmitter signal to each control box receiver the first time they are paired together. One camera will operate multiple control box receivers to trigger multiple gates simultaneously at a trap enclosure.MINE Cam Setup

STEP 1. Move camera selector switch from OFF to SETUP.

MINE Trap Receiver

STEP 2. Open control box housing and press the receiver button. The receiver red light will only emit for 10 to 15 seconds.

MINE Cam ButtonsSTEP 3. While the receiver red light is "ON", press the camera left arrow button and release. Then press the camera right arrow button and release to send a manual RF signal to the control box. (You should see the words "RF Trigger" appear in the bottom center of the camera LSD display.)
The receiver light should flash three times and shut off if performed correctly. Conduct a test by repeating this step and the latch should activate.
Repeat these steps on other control box receivers if multiple gates are used at the trap enclosure. Move camera selector switch from SETUP to ON and send SMS text command *777# or use the "Drop Gate" button on our JAGER PRO™ Mobile App to final test the transmitter/receiver calibration and gate operation.
View your camera OPERATIONS MANUAL & VIDEO for more detailed instructions or contact your local Authorized Dealer for additional assistance.

They still have their game faces on after a great night of thermal hunting. There is nothing like getting a big Georgia Boar followed by five nice sows.


Would you like to be a gunner on a thermal hog control mission at night?

Our guides are retired Soldiers - each with over 20 years of military service.

2016 shoot dates are posted on the CALENDAR for booking.

TRAPPER OF THE MONTH - 13 Pigs in a M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System
Mr. Mullis has demonstrated great success eliminating feral pigs from his property. He has been using the M.I.N.E.™ Trapping System along with Thermal Shooting Operations, including an Armasight Zeus 336 42mm.
Speaker- Rod Pinkston 29 APRIL 2016
Fall Line Forestry & Wildlife Field Day
8:30 AM- 4:30 PM
Location: Chattahoochee Fall Line Wildlife Management Area
Fort Perry Tract near Buena Vista, GA
19-22 MAY 2016
145th NRA Annual Meetings
Location: Kentucky Exposition Center
937 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209

 Request a Hog Control Workshop or Speaker in your local area. 

Call or visit us on the web today. Talk to our wildlife control experts who make their living controlling feral pig and coyote populations. We are committed to researching, developing and testing new technology, products and methods needed to better control these invasive species.



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