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February 2016
JAGER PRO Headquarters Building JAGER PRO™ is the most efficient hog control operator in the United States. Our goal is to improve kill & capture efficiency across the nation by testing and developing new technology, products and methods. This video newsletter is the best way to share monthly information and updates.

Please forward this Integrated Wild Pig Control™ (IWPC) newsletter to others who will benefit from our technology, research and experience.
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The Management Advantage

Watch T-Bone and Micheal Pitts of Realtree Outdoors try to "up their pig stats this week" with JAGER PRO.
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JAGER PRO-MINE Control box
We are now upgrading the JAGER M.I.N.E.™ control box which will allow 60-90 days of M.I.N.E.™ Gate operation on a single charge. The upgrade consists of a new lockable control box, 7.5 Amp/Hour battery, component inspection/testing and new mounting hardware.
The upgrade cost is $200 plus any additional repair parts (if needed). Customer will pay for shipping to our office and JAGER PRO will pay the return shipping.
Procedures for shipping and upgrade:
1. Remove old 2.9 Amp/Hour battery from control box (DO NOT SHIP)
2. Remove actuator connecting rod and tape to inside control box lid
3. Provide return shipping information (see below) inside control box
4. Package old control box and mail to:
Attn: Control Box Upgrade
2900-A Smith Road
Fortson, GA 31808
Provide the following invoice information inside the control box:
  • Customer Name
  • Phone Number
  • Return Shipping Address
  • Credit Card Billing Address (DO NOT send credit card number)
Upgrades will be performed within five working days of receipt. Control box will be shipped after credit card is processed.
JAGER PRO-Verizon ICE Camera AT&T SERVICE: As of January 11th, AT&T no longer has the 10 cents per minute voice add-on unlimited texting plan for $19.99. They now offer a 25 cents per minute voice add-on unlimited texting plan for $19.99. What does this mean for our dealers and your customers?
Customers on the old plan "should" be grandfathered to keep it. However, some customers on the 10 cents per minute plan have been receiving a "Failed 26" code from the 3G camera or "3941 Network Busy" signal on the 2G cameras. To fix this problem, a customer may switch to the 25 cents per minute voice plan. Since our cameras do not use voice, the plan price will remain $19.99 for the add on feature with unlimited texting.
We have all experienced AT&T's constant service interruptions while using the $19.99 plan. In order to provide better service to our customers, JAGER PRO has developed a data plan for our current 3G cameras. The data plan is NOT available for 2G cameras. The data package allows use of JAGER PRO's wireless website and mobile app to control the camera remotely. The only reason a user will need to visit the camera is to change batteries and/or kill pigs at the trap site.
JAGER PRO will provide the data SIM cards along with the appropriate firmware to upgrade your customer's camera to data. The goal is to provide an AT&T data SIM card to every customer purchasing a new 3G camera. Customers must Activate Data Plan via our website with their camera IMEI number and SIM card ICCID number. Dealers should be marketing a fully functioning AT&T camera for the best customer service. Request the appropriate number of data SIM cards from your Authorized Dealer.
VERIZON: All Verizon cameras must be activated through JAGER PRO to function. We have spent 2 years certifying our cameras through Verizon and building our server. Customers and government agencies must Activate Data Plan via our website with their camera MEID number. Our Verizon cameras are manufactured to operate on our JAGER PRO server so we may provide customer support and firmware upgrades. Verizon stores are not authorized distributors of our cameras or our service.
Both AT&T and Verizon data plans are $25 per month with no monthly or annual contract. Users may cancel their service at any time without penalty as long as the data plan was activated through our website and the camera is registered on our server. 
The APEX XD50A is designed for use on hunting rifles in both daytime and nighttime operations, during inclement weather conditions (fog, smoke, rain). It is 100% dust proof and water proof (submergible to 1m for 1 hour).
The APEX XD50A has a long eye relief of 67mm and a optical magnification from 2x to 8x. It was built to perform under extreme sporting conditions with the max recoil power on the rifled weapon of 6000 Joules (600 ft lbs.).
This thermal sight can be used with various mount types such as the Weaver and Picatinny Rail making this a very accurate and flat shooting thermal rifle scope.
The APEX XD 50A has a three year warranty.
Congratulations to the Warner group from Ohio. 
They had a great night in February and set the bar pretty high
for the rest of the year with 29 hogs on the ground. 
Would you like to be a gunner on a thermal hog control mission at night?
Our guides are retired Soldiers - each with over 20 years of military service.
2016 shoot dates are posted on the CALENDAR for booking.
TRAPPER OF THE MONTH - 18/18 Pigs in a M.I.N.E.™ Trap
Chris Monhof caught this group of 18 pigs in Ft. Mitchell, Alabama using his JAGER PRO M.I.N.E. ™ Trapping System while he was located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 100% success from 850 miles away is outstanding! Congratulations Chris.
3 MARCH 2016
New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
900 Convention Center Blvd.
New Orleans, LA 70130
BOOTH #3309

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