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We take special care to ensure the information we provide you in "The Leeeyzawn" is the latest and most current information available. In this edition, we have addressed how to find computer users who are compromising your client's business and how to provide the information needed to win your case using computer and cell forensics.

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 Protecting Your Client's Business with Computer and Cell Forensics

Computers and mobile devices streamline our businesses in many ways. Your clients can probably cite several specific examples of how they use computer and mobile device technology to improve their daily operations. Unfortunately, some people seek to use that same technology to harm your clients and their businesses.


Case Study


When two employees failed to show for work, business owners became concerned. They checked the offices and found that the desks had obviously been cleaned out and personal effects removed. Suspicious, they checked the office computers and found that the accounting and invoicing system had been altered and many documents were missing. When they contacted us to help, we examined the computer systems and established the dates the files were accessed and deleted, which coincided with the last night the employees 'worked late.' Armed with our findings, the business owners confronted the then-employees. When threatened with a civil suit, the now-former employees admitted to stealing invoices, client lists, order history and other proprietary data with the intent of opening their own business and approaching the existing clients. Result: disaster avoided and reputation saved.


Current estimates are that at least 90% of American adults have a cell phone and 58% are smartphones. A third of American adults own an e-reader, and 42% own a tablet computer. Like the business owners in the case study, your clients may not know how every employee is using technology at work. Do your clients have... Read More


 Providing Information Needed to Win Your Case with Computer and Cell Forensics

Imagine using a client's computer, cell phone, or other mobile device to prove he or she was not at the scene of an incident. We can! The professional investigative team at Arkansas Investigations offers a full suite of computer forensic services. We are uniquely trained and qualified to leverage the information buried in your client's electronic equipment to uncover the undeniable facts you need to build your case.  


Current estimates are that at least 90% of American adults have a cell phone and 58% of those are smartphones. Smartphones and other "smart" mobile devices record and retain a vast amount of detailed information about the user's whereabouts, routes of travel, appointments, purchases, contacts, communications, and online activities. Most of this information is time-stamped, and much of it can be used as evidence of when your client was where, who else was there, and in some cases, what was going on at the time.  


Our computer forensic services include:

  • Forensic imaging and analysis of digital media
  • Data Recovery from digital media (i.e. accidentally deleted photo's, overwritten files, etc.)
  • Obtaining and recording of witness statements
  • Vulnerability studies and analysis
  • Identification of investigative deficiencies
  • Analysis of investigative plans
  • Evaluation of police findings
  • Appraisal of investigator credentials
  • Rendering opinion of investigative sufficiency
We combine exceptional attention to detail with proven computer forensics techniques to determine the origin, destination, and length of text messages and phone calls, what information was deleted or changed, and who manipulated the data. Our professional examination of... Read More
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