December 2014

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Financial Termites in Your Business
Be Diligent About Due Diligence

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Financial Termites in Your Business

They operate for extended periods of time entirely unseen. They begin with what is most easily accessible and progress through more sophisticated layers of destruction. They are able to weaken an infrastructure to the point that it is unsafe. By the time they are discovered, they have caused widespread, sometimes irrevocable, damage. "They" are employees who perpetrate internal fraud. These employees work like termites, feeding relentlessly on the fruits of your labor, concerned only with acquiring more for themselves without regard for the welfare of their "host."


If you are a small business owner or principle, you cannot afford to ignore the very real and ever-present threat of financial termites. According to the ACFE 2014 Report to the Nations, misappropriation fraud is by far the most common internal fraud scheme, causing a median loss of $130,000. Within this study, check tampering occurred in 22% of small businesses and represented the highest median loss ($120,000) of any type of internal fraud reported. Payroll and cash larceny schemes were found to occur twice as often in small businesses as in larger businesses. Skimming and non-cash misappropriation were other significant causes of fraud.  


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Be Diligent About Due Diligence


We investigate a lot of things in our business, and we see and hear all kinds of people in all kinds of situations react in all kinds of ways, so it takes a lot to surprise us. But there is one thing I have never gotten used to. That is, business owners who fail to conduct due diligence. I just don't understand why people who exhaust themselves and their resources to build the business of their dreams aren't willing to take basic steps to protect that dream business from those with malicious intent. It's like spending years lovingly restoring a classic car and then leaving it in a public parking lot overnight with the doors unlocked and the keys on the front seat.


Some people struggle with the psychology of due diligence, not wanting to appear paranoid or unduly suspicious. That's a valid concern, especially when you're trying to build relationships. So let's reframe it. Rather than conduct due diligence because you are suspicious or fearful, do it because you want to proactively identify any points of potential confusion or misunderstanding, which is mutually beneficial for you and other parties involved. Yes, due diligence is essential to protect yourself and your business from predators, but it can also help prevent honest mistakes.


Arkansas Investigations has the experience you need to conduct thorough due diligence investigations. We put our professional investigative skills to use to conduct background investigations, covert surveillance, witness interviews, archival research, and credit report reviews. We document all of our research for your reference and records.


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