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Don't Lose Valuable Time on Your Criminal Defense Case
Further Investigate Your Crime Scene

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"The best way to fill time is to waste it."

-  Marguerite Duras  


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September 26, 2014 - AR Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers, CLE, Little Rock, AR


August - How to Utilize a PI in Your Practice, Springdale


June - Locating Hidden Assets - Meet the Experts, ATLA CLE - Rogers, AR 



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 Don't Lose Valuable Time on Your Criminal Defense Case

As an attorney, your time is a valuable commodity. It is also an essential, non-renewable professional resource that is always in limited supply. Bottom line - you can't afford to waste time. You need all the time you can get to develop your cases. Arkansas Investigations can "give back" some of your time. Our professional investigative services enable you to spend more time where you need to and less time gathering and reviewing evidence, so you net more time without compromising your case. If you're not sure how our investigative services can help you, consider this case study.


Case Study:


A Hot Springs man was accused of capital murder in the shooting death of another local man in a Hot Springs apartment. Fortunately for him, his attorney contacted Arkansas Investigations. After reviewing the available evidence, our investigators gathered facts that proved the evidence presented by police was not sufficient to convict him. We visited witnesses in prisons, interviewed dozens of people, obtained statements, analyzed and compared evidence, found witnesses that had not initially come forward, drove hundreds of miles and spent untold hours on the investigation. Eighteen months of working with his counsel finally paid off when the jury acquitted him after only 25 minutes of deliberation. The superb team of attorneys made the case a particularly memorable one and a case that demonstrates that we will put 100% effort into it even when the odds say otherwise.


Why did we take on the Hot Springs case? Because we know that police reports are subject to legitimate errors as well as intentional distortion by non-objective or biased officers and witnesses. According to the... Read More
Further Investigate Your Crime Scene     

Crime scene investigations and reenactments are not just the stuff of T.V. crime dramas. At least, they shouldn't be. They should be a regular part of your professional repertoire. Thoroughly investigating your crime scene and creating reenactments of it can help your case significantly and even win your case.


Case Study:


When our client was arrested for two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, we went right to work. Even though the police report was poorly written, we were able to glean enough information to determine that even a rudimentary investigation would have demonstrated his innocence. We took our client back to the scene and conducted a very detailed reenactment using a firearm and then another reenactment using a different object (a small notebook). When the victim viewed the photographs of the reenactment he admitted he could not positively say that our client had used a handgun. Result: the charges were dismissed.


An initial crime scene investigation should be considered just that - an initial investigation. It is a starting point; not an ending. It is a disservice to your client to simply accept the initial investigation run with it. An additional in-depth investigation, and sometimes reenactment, is necessary to confirm or deny circumstances or situations.


You may not have the time or specialized skills to perform the investigation as thoroughly as you would like. Most attorneys don't. Crime Scene Investigations take time and require specific knowledge about the proper way to handle and preserve evidence.


As long-term legal investigators, we recognize that many lawyers have not experienced this facet of investigative work under true field conditions and would greatly benefit from an experienced advocate. Arkansas Investigations has the skills and experience to conduct your crime scene investigations and reenactments for you.


Our services give you confidence that a law enforcement investigation was properly conducted. After all, when is the... Read More 


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