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December 30, 2014


Hey Folks!


As I review the year 2014 I am amazed! And I have YOU to thank!! 


Some milestones:


Over 10,000 views on two of our youtube videos

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Over 60,000 views on our videos overall


Over 450 likes on our Facebook page

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Average of 2000 visits per week on our Websites and

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But the best part was hearing from you. You touched me so much with how much you have helped your children, students, and clients. It makes me know that the work I do is so important, and that there is so much more to be done!!






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Here are some of the best emails I got (some details have been removed to protect the children)


Reflex integration has really made a huge difference in my son's life. Since beginning to integrate his reflexes, he has become less anxious, (much) less prone to catch colds, and seemed to rapidly mature before our eyes (Moro reflex). He doesn't fall off his chair at dinnertime any more and can run faster than before (TLR). He used to absolutely hate to have to write, crying and begging me to be his scribe for even the smallest homework assignment; yet after correcting his ATNR, he hasn't complained once, and his writing is smaller and neater. (He even said, "Mom, I can see differently!" It felt like a miracle in our household.) He can also catch a ball very competently, instead of fumbling around in frustration as before. His running gait became less floppy after we did the Spinal Galant. Right now we're working on the STNR--I can't wait to see those changes soon!


My daughter's teacher has already seen improvements in handwriting. At home I have seen behavior changes in Anna due to the Starfish. She speaks out more when she disagrees with my husband and I...we just have to make sure she can remember to show respect during these moments.


"I started implementing some exercises immediately with my daughter who struggles with dyslexia. The changes we have seen in her are incredible. Thank you soooo much! A teacher married to a psychologist in Austin, MN" 

I did attend one of your workshops for dyslexia and learned so much! I've already been helping clients by testing and identifying retained primitive reflexes and showing them the exercises for integration. The progress shown in just the simplest activities is amazing!! Thank you for sharing all of this information! Best Regards, RK, Occupational Therapist

Currently, we are integrating processing speed activities into all of our Tier II and III interventions.  We are starting an after-school program; as part of that, primitive reflex and brain-gym exercises will be built into the curriculum (this program targets our most struggling learners).  Also, I will continue my work as a trainer after school.  All in all, we will increase our program in some way, shape, or form from affecting six students to almost 100 students.  We are also hoping to have monthly in-services on brain research's affect on education... but I'm not quite sure how that is going to play out just yet.

Our second group is completed, and we have spoken to the board.  The second group came back with a mixed bag of results, but overall, it was very positive.  In the attached spreadsheet, you can see the pre and post scores for all of our participants.  The first candidate, AH, did not score well at all during the post test, despite improving dramatically on the activities in the program; however, I have attached her fluency report, and where she began the program is noted.  Although her Gibson tests were not conclusive, the transfer to her academic scores was clear. Also, the RTI committee has agreed to make metronome work with math facts or blending/segmenting part of the daily routine for students with Tier II and Tier III interventions.


I also got a chance to check out the Equipping Minds  site.  Carol told us about meclazine so Alex took it yesterday.  He NEVER fell, slipped, stumbled or was unstable on his feet once!  Today,  I split a 12.5 gram pill into 2.  Half before school and half when he got off the bus.  Then about 7 he tells me he needs another one because "it's wearing off" as he slipped to his feet.  So I gave him the full 12.5 and he was very happily jumping,  running and walking W/O completely stable.  In fact,  he told his friends at school he is stable now LOL.  Many, many thanks for all your help :-D


I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the information you provided me last week at the PESI seminar. I am so excited to be able to connect my ideas and thoughts now as I feel the work with the reflexes was the missing piece. I do want to work on creating my own cognitive development plan and would love your guidance with the project. I plan to start working on it over the summer and hopefully will have everything together by the fall in time for back to school. I know you have a lot scheduled over the next couple of weeks as well so hopefully the summer will be better for you too. I have been talking about your seminar non-stop since last Thursday and tell everyone its the best one I have ever been to. You definitely have a phenomenal program and technique that needs to be shared more. 

Just a quick note from California.  I have a student that a year ago was basically a selective mute on the Autistic Spectrum.  I have put a lot of work in class working in the Moro and can report that she changed like a light switch coming on.  She is speaking in class, she will transition independently, is reading basic readers, and is exhibiting significantly fewer behaviors to the point that we may be removing the 1:1 behavioral specialist from her IEP.  

As promised, I wanted to give you an update on how our program has progressed at Lakewood Elementary School.  Our team of three trainers began by working for six weeks with a pilot group of two 3rd graders.  We concentrated on the moro and palmar primitive reflexes and the working memory and processing speed cognitive skills.   Here are the results of our neediest student after just six short weeks:

Skill: Pretest > Post

  • Processing Speed: 5 > 7.9
  • Working Memory: 6.3 > 7.5
  • Long Term Memory: 5.5 > 6.8
  • Visual Processing: 5 > 5.2
  • Auditory Processing: 7 > 8.5
  • Logic & Reasoning: 5 > 9
  • Word Attack: 7 > 11.8

We have done the first of your apps with my young pupil Mitchell, and there are definite improvements in many aspects of his behaviour. He is much calmer and cooperative and seems to be interacting better with his classmates.


I want to thank you for making the suggestion to have our daughter Grace tested for food allergies.  No one was more surprised than me to find out that she is severely allergic to both gluten and cow's milk.  Our dietician put Grace on what is called a reparative diet for 6 weeks.  The diet was very hard for the first the week, but then got much easier as she began to feel better.  Saying she is feeling better is such an understatement!  I can see that she has more energy, her coordination seems to be improving & her thinking has become more clear.  We still have a ways to go, but there is no doubt in my mind that without addressing these allergies, all of the other things we are doing with your program would be so much more difficult to achieve.   I am hopeful that now that her brain and body do not have to be in a constant battle dealing with the allergies, she can get on to the next steps in the Pyramid and her potential will be able to blossom fully!  Because the reparative diet is so restrictive it became quite clear that in order to support our daughter our whole family needed  to embrace the diet as well!  I have to tell you, we all feel great! We have more energy & less aches and pains! I just had to share this with you Kathy because it has really changed everything!  Thanks again!

Payton is a new student with Autism.... non verbal. We started working Dec. 30. After 5 weeks on Thursday she said her first independent sentence.  Her mom is in all of the sessions.... we both teared up. She said, "I want to play Blink!"    She's never said a full sentence in her life....

Your training was excellent, and it will change how I assess children and advise parents about learning disabilities.  

I haven't written in so long and wanted to let you know that you were absolutely right - we saw big improvements in both spelling (although it is still amazingly bad!) and expressive writing following the lizard module.  Such a change for Steve.  It was actually a change that stuck only briefly after some reflex based body work he had done the previous year, but it did not stay.  And with the Lizard, I have noted only continued improvement. 


Woo! Hoo! I wish you could see Tim now that we have completed thirty days of the reflex exercises. He is now asking how and why questions (has never done that before), he is making decisions (never done before), he is making jokes (never done before), he is smiling and appears to be happy, he is becoming socially aware, his anxiety seems to be gone! It is UNBELIEVABLE. If I had not witnessed it myself, I would not believe it. Family, friends, neighbors and the psychiatrist have all asked "what's going on with Tim, he's different?" They have all noticed.


I have success with one and am continuing with the others.  The exciting thing is that the one who is finally following through is showing tremendous gains that even the school is noting it and wanting to do them too!





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