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December 17, 2014


Hey Folks!


This is the last week until the Holiday season really starts to kick off. Here at Pyramid of Potential, are are giving you a present to celebrate. We are offering you all the information you will need for a 10 day plan to improve someones life. If you or someone you know would be interested, we would like for you to give it your best shot or pass it on to a loved one. Please check it out and see if this 10 day plan is for you. 





We Extended the Pyramid of Potential Series Sale for the Holidays, just in time to help with your Holiday Anxiety, take a look at the Starfish Module (Hypersensitivity and Anxiety)


Hypersensitivity and Anxiety

Are you anxious or nervous? Are you sensitive to light or sound? Would you like to live a calmer, easier life?

For Hypersensitivity and Anxiety click here  

We have done the first of your apps with my young pupil Mitchell, and there are definite improvements in many aspects of his behaviour. He is much calmer and cooperative and seems to be interacting better with his classmates.   


Organization and Time Management

 Are you disorganized? Are you frequently late but don't mean to be and mix up time? Do you find it hard to keep things in sequential order?

For Organization and Time Management click here  


ADD-ADHD, Memory & Bed wetting

Do you have trouble paying attention, are fidgety and impulsive? Do you have trouble with short term memory or with things that are said? Perhaps someone you know has had trouble with bed wetting?

 For ADD/ADHD, Memory and Bedwetting click here


Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

Do you or someone you know have a hard time reading, especially with reversing letters and numbers at an older age? Do you have poor handwriting? Do you have a hard time getting your thoughts down on paper?

For Dyslexia and Dysgraphia click here


Vision, Co-ordination & Attention

Do you know someone who struggles with vision - getting headaches when reading, eyes jump over words and lines, or who can read but doesn't like to? Or who had trouble learning to swim or is a messy eater? Who has problems concentrating, but not necessarily hyperactive? 

For Vision, Coordination and Attention click here



10 Day Plan to Improve Memory, Attention, Reading and Writing!



Follow this plan for 10 days and you will see real improvement! It follows the basics of the Pyramid of Potential, which when using all of it, you will see amazing changes, no matter what age. Remember, it is only for 10 days, so do everything as well as you can. Children are off from school for more than 10 days so you can be in charge of every aspect of the plan. Adults may be off work for the week between Christmas and New Year's - use this period of time to make a fresh start for 2015!!


  • Journal
    • Write down the improvements you want to see 
    • Write down the plan you are following
    • Daily write what you ate (including cheats - no judgment)
    • Write what exercises you completed
    • Write any challenges and plans on how to improve tomorrow
    • Write any improvements you feel (or see in your child)
  • Diet
    • Drink water every day. Reduce tea, coffee and soda (even decaf).
    • Eat some of the following brain foods:
      • Omega 3 supplements (Most important)
      • Almonds or walnuts
      • Blueberries or strawberries
      • Turmeric 
      • Flax seed
      • Protein at every meal
      • Complex sugars at every meal found in fruits and vegetables (not candy or pastries)
    • Reduce or eliminate the following foods that are harmful for the brain:
      • Trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils
      • Simple sugars found in sugar, candy and pastries
      • Many people do not realize that they are gluten-intolerant. Try eliminating all bread and pasta for this period of time
      • Many people do not realize that they are dairy-intolerant. Try eliminating all milk, cheese and yogurt for this period of time
      • At the end of the 10 days, you can see if any of these foods made a difference by over-eating these foods. Your body will let you know!
    • So what do I eat?
      • Meat and eggs
      • Fruits and vegetables
      • Rice and quinoa
      • Spices
  • Exercise for 30 minutes. It can be broken up. Walk briskly, run or play racket ball. Exercise has been proven to increase memory and reduce ADHD in all ages
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Deep breathing for 5 minutes
    • Meditate for 20 minutes
  • Integrate primitive reflexes
    • This is one of the MOST important parts of the plan if you want to make real changes in the brain!
    • Pick one of the Pyramid of Potential Modules that is on sale this month. Start with the first on the list that applies. If you start too high, you might not get appropriate results
      • Anxiety and Depression
      • Organization and Time Management
      • ADD/ADHD, Memory and Bedwetting
      • Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
      • Vision, Coordination and Attention
    • You might also want to pick up the rest of the modules this month that you will do after this 10 days while they are still on sale
    • Do these exercises including the additional cognitive exercises in the download three times a day:
      • First thing in the morning
      • Before dinner
      • Just before bed
      • Best if there is at least 3 hours between each time
      • This will take about 30 minutes
      • This is the foundation of the 10 day plan; doing them once a day is appropriate for a 30 day plan
  • Sensory processing
    • Do a listening program that is suited for the needs
      • If you do not know of one, you can use the same one we do:
        • (no www.)
        • Choose free trial
        • Move your options up and down
        • On the next page for the referral code, type in "ucanlistenup" so that you have a trained provider - someone we refer to as well.
        • Do this 2 times a day for 15 minutes to help with auditory processing and anxiety or stress
        • This costs $25 a month after the free trial
    • Visual processing
      • If the visual issues are minor, use the one we also use:
        • Do once a day for 7 minutes
        • This costs $12 a month 
  • Cognitive Skills
    • There are two cognitive skills for each module. One of them improves auditory processing and phonemic awareness for reading
    • The other cognitive skill improves visual processing, working memory, processing speed, logic, handwriting or other skills
  • After the 10 days
    • Evaluate how you improved
    • See where you want to see additional improvements
    • Cut back to once a day for exercises and continue for 10 more days if necessary
    • When you have seen sufficient changes, move on to next module
      • If the 10 days was too much of a challenge, do once a day for 30 days


I would love to hear about your results, so please feel free to email me!!

Best of luck,


Kathy Johnson






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